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DIY White pearl necklace

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DIY White pearl necklace {pearl necklace} made from pearl balls chained together.

DIY White pearl necklace

This beautiful pearl necklace {DIY White pearl necklace} made me want one so bad, I think I will have to try my hand at making one for myself soon! I always adore delicate and cute jewelry and this DIY necklace made with pearls is just the right type!

DIY White pearl necklace

Making a pearl necklace at home is cheap and fun at the same time. Emily started by making pearl balls by gluing 12 pearls together with E-6000 and then with the help of a needle passed them through the chain and secured the ends.This J-Crew inspired pearl necklace comes with an easy tutorial to guide you to make your own.

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  1. april says:

    What is a E60000

    1. Hani Shabbir says:

      It’s a very strong glue, you can use it to stick various items together for a perfect project.

  2. Ana says:

    She didn’t glue the pearls together. If you actually read it, you’d know she strung them into a cube shape with fishing line. The only place glue is mentioned is in the supplies section. Having done this type of work before, I bet she forgot to mention the part where she glues the fishing line knot so it doesn’t come undone.

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