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Cord and button bracelet (tutorial) Guest Post

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Christine is sharing a DIY jewelry tutorial with us today Button Bracelet {Cord and Button Bracelet} which is cute to give as a friendship band and can also look beautiful as a decorative accent wrapped around pillar candles, jars, vases and many more. Let check out her tutorial.

Hi there Craftionary readers! I’m Christine, the blogger behind The DIY Dreamer. I’m super EXCITED to be here today with a cute little tutorial for you. I’ll be showing you how to create a

Cord and Button Bracelet.

cord and button bracelet
Here how to make it:
Step 1: Take out some braiding cord and some buttons. Step 2: Cut two pieces of cord.  Both my pieces were 11”. It’s better to have long pieces, you can cut them down to the perfect size after. Step 3: Thread your button and make sure your loop is at the bottom of the button. Step 4: Pull out your loop a little to be able to insert your cord through it. Step 5:  Pull tightly.  Step 6: Repeat Steps 3 -5 on the other side of the button.
cord and button bracelet tutorial
Step 7:  Make a knot at both ends.  Step 8: Cross both your ends (making it look like a bracelet) into a circle.  Step 9: Cut a piece of cord about 10” and attach it to both cords by doing a knot.  Step 10: Do about 10 Square Knots.  It’s easier to see how to make square knots through a video rather than through photos.  You can see how to make Square Knots via this YouTube video. When you have made 10 or so square knots, you can make a final knot and cut the extra cord.
cord and button bracelet tutorial 2
So what do you think? They are actually quite fast to make, once you know how to make square knots.Obviously there are other ways of making the bracelet adjustable, however I like the look of the square knots.
cord and button knotted bracelet

I hope you enjoyed my tutorial! Feel free to stop by the DIY Dreamer Anytime!!
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Have a FABULOUS day!
Thanks for such a cute bracelet tutorial. Love the simple look and colors are just right for fall. These bracelets can also be used to decorate candles and vases.
Check out Christine for these great ideas and more:


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  1. Courtney says:

    My girls would LOVE these (not to mention how I would love to have some!)

  2. Amy Marie Wilkinson says:

    Thanks so much my kids will love these just got two jars that I’ve had since I was a kid full of all kinds of different buttons and I know that my girls wanted to do something with him so I wanted to find a simple project for them to do on their own thanks so much

  3. Unknown says:

    My mom LOVES these bracelets

    1. Hani says:


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