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75 Christmas Yard Decorations that make an impact

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These outdoor Christmas decoration ideas have DIY projects for yard Christmas decorations that are easy to make and have a huge impact!

The first thing that anyone notices about your residence is your home facade. Choosing a definite theme for Christmas yard decorations is important to depict your taste while aesthetically elevating a space. Therefore, one must spend adequate time on outdoor Christmas decorations as much as they do inside the house. While some of us start planning for Christmas tree decorations right after Halloween or Thanksgiving, some people wait till the right idea grabs their attention.

Psychologists believe that people associate Christmas decorations with childhood holiday season excitement and nostalgia. Decorating with lights and dedication helps them to feel reconnected with their distant or lost families.

If you are looking for the most amazing Christmas yard decoration ideas, this article is the right solution. We have gathered the work of the most creative mindsets behind contemporary Holiday door decorations, Glorious Christmas Centerpiece and even Holiday Doormats that aim to help you put up the finest, trendiest, and unique display in your entire neighborhood.

How to revamp old/vintage plastic Christmas yard decorations?

The demand for vintage yard decorations has been increasing over the last few years. Not only collectors but many decorators want their hands on vintage yard ornaments due to their festive and nostalgic reasons equal parts.

Revamping plastic Holiday yard decorations such as blow molds requires three major processes, i.e., cleaning, repairing, and repainting for final touches. It is important to gently clean these molds to avoid damaging the body of these decorations. Other steps included in revamping old yar decorations include:

  • Fixing cracks from the inside using plastic cutouts.
  • Patch holes using adhesives.
  • Changing old bulbs with the latest LEDs.
  • Apply a thin coat of paint to remove scratches.

One can also customize these decorations to match the selected theme.

How to make DIY Christmas yard decorations?

Christmas yard DIYs are one of the most anticipated global trends. The best part about these decorations is their vibrant colors, fine detailing, and the ability to use and reuse various materials to craft them easily. One can use wood, plywood, plastics, PVC, yarn, styrofoam, tires, natural materials such as dried flowers, pinecones, and various types of fabrics to achieve exceptional quality products.

How to replace light inside outdoor Christmas yard decorations?

Replacement of old lights inside outdoor Holiday yard decorations is integral to keeping your decorations lively; however, this process requires extensive input and great care. There are two basic requirements for replacing LED light strings, i.e., wire cutter and adjustable wrench. The method is simple: use the strings of old LED strips and the distance between bulbs to gain information regarding frame diameter. Then,

  • Plug in new light strings to check for issues. After confirmation, plug the new lights half string and test your work.
  • Observe how old the strings are attached and start with the male plug. Unclip old light strings and snap clips on the new ones by following the pattern. Repeat the process until the work is finished.

How do you put out electric Christmas decorations throughout the yard?

It is important to secure outdoor electric Christmas decorations throughout the yard to protect them from rain, snow, and rodents. The most suitable process to protect these decorations is to keep them above the ground by attaching them to walls, fences, or any other supporting structure. One can make a plastic dry box by using old containers to keep the cords safe. One can also use a zip-lock bag or tire tubes to secure them across the perimeter.

What kind of paint to use for wood for Christmas yard art decorations?

Acrylic crafts and spray paints are ideal for wooden decorations. One can increase the durability of the paint by applying an additional coat of clear acrylic paint or polyurethane for the finest finish.

How do you make Christmas cut-out yard decorations?

Decoration cut-outs are cheap alternatives to custom Christmas decorations. One can craft the desired decorations by following these steps:

  • Draw your desired pattern/ character on a piece of paper. One can also download patterns from online sources.
  • Complete the list of primers, paints, 3/4 thick plywood, paint brushes, meta stakes, screws, screwdrivers, and clear sealant.
  • Prime the cutout and draw the design.
  • Paint according to your desired color scheme.


Front Yard and Lawn DIY Outdoor Christmas Decorations:

Let’s get started with some cool decoration ideas for outdoor Holiday decor:

Large Christmas Yard decorations:

  1. Giant hot chocolate:

Hot chocolate is essential for the holiday season to feel warm. Luckily, Issac Alexander DIY has the perfect idea to incorporate this idea into your yard as well. This DIY includes an insulation foam board, expanding foam, sandpaper, and adhesives.


  1. DIY Giant gift box decoration:

Designing Life-size gift boxes for yard decoration are excellent to kick off your Christmas decorations. Check out how Holiday Lighting and Creations builds these giant boxes with perfect color combinations.


  1. Giant Stacked gifts display:

Who doesn’t love gives on Christmas Eve? Here is a descriptive DIY by Home.Made.Nation to elevate your lawn decor. One can craft this high-end project by using empty cardboard boxes and PVC pipes.


  1. DIY Giant Reindeer for yard decor:

In Christmas Chronicles, reindeer are known for bringing people home safely from a harsh winter landscape. Here is your ultimate guide by Glam Farmhouse to craft wooden reindeer from scratch.


  1. DIY Christmas tree using old tires:

Who says one can’t recycle things to make iconic Christmas decorations? Check out these magnificent Christmas trees crafted by Matthew and Tom, who use donated types for making yard decor.


  1. PVC Christmas tree:

PVC pipes take more than 450 years to degrade. Therefore, it’s important to recycle them in the form of reusable yard decorations. Here is a fun tutorial by Issac Alexander DIY to convert leftover and discarded PVC pipes into alluring 7-foot-tall Christmas trees.


  1. DIY Giant Silver Bells porch decor:

Add unique charm to your porches by crafting these super cool gigantic silver bells by mrs.jessicacole. Use plastic planters as the main body by spray painting them in silver. Drill a hole to suspend plastic ornaments to complete its look.


  1. Candy cane archway:

Christmas is incomplete without candy canes. According to a legend, Candy canes were designed in “J” for Jesus. Furthermore, the white stripes symbolize purity, whereas the red stripes indicate the blood that Jesus lost on the cross. Here is a complete DIY by Holiday Lighting and Creations to decorate your house entrance with gigantic candy canes.


  1. Giant lollipop DIY:

Personalize your Christmas decoration by crafting these easy, affordable, and fun lollipops for your front yard. Coast to Coast Home and Garden uses a pool noodle, cellophane, metallic tape, and adhesives to make these lollipops in no time.

Also, if you want to make different shapes of lollipops using party trays and bowls, then Life Sew Savory has the perfect solution for you from dollar tree supplies.


  1. DIY giant Christmas balls:

Turning ordinary rubber balls into magnificent and customized Christmas balls will surely spice up your easy DIY outdoor Christmas decorations. Check out how Decoist achieves this transformation with minimum supplies.


DIY Christmas decorations using lights:

  1. DIY Giant Christmas Ornaments:

Here is a simple yet creative way to use little supplies like chicken wire and string lights to make Christmas Lights. Transform LED lights into beautiful light balls for yard decor with hula hoops.

DIY Christmas light balls for outdoor decorating

  1. DIY Christmas glow gift boxes:

Create a magical snow sculpture look for your yards by crafting these delightful and glowing gift boxes to display. Use plastic boxes, battery-operated lights, waterproof fabric ribbon, and electrical tape for crafting these gift boxes.

Decorating with lights - glowing gift boxes

  1. Christmas solar yard decoration:

It’s fascinating how creativity can transform a 10m LED rope into an entire scenery with a nail gun! Magnificent display created by Nestihome, who revamps her poolside using solar-powered LED light strings.


DIY Wire frame ideas:

  1. Wire frame figures:

49cc Scoot shows a step-by-step tutorial for making wire frame figures using LEDs. The technique requires wire, LEDs, and a printed layout for inspiration.


  1. Wire frame words:

Wire frame is also an ideal method to display Christmas messages like “Merry Christmas,”” Ho, Ho, Ho, or”Jolly Holiday.” One can also write the name of Santa’s reindeer, such as Joy or Noel. Follow Great Home Ideas for a complete tutorial.


  1. Chicken Wire Christmas tree:

Make wire frame Christmas trees of different sizes and colors using the technique by Fresh Design Blog. You can place them separately across your yard or make a mini forest for a pleasing display.


  1. 3D Wire frame Winter Wonderland Scenery:

Create an aesthetic 3D display this year by using wire frames and string light arches to display illuminated trees, snowman, and deer. Unknown source


  1. Dollar Tree Snowman Door Hanging:

Crafting a snowman couldn’t be easier. Check out this minimalist wreath design by homegoodiys to learn the basic steps for making this cost-effective design.


  1. DIY dollar tree ornaments wreath:

Here is another captivating idea by who used hot glue gun to stick silver and gold ornaments to wire frame wreath to create an exceptional Christmas archway decor.


  1. Dried flowers Christmas wreath decor:

Make an all season festive wreath with Garsons step by step guide to dry flowers and use them for transforming grapevine wreath for Christmas decorations.


  1. DIY Authentic Santa Sleigh:

Wooden Santa sleigh yard decor can be the perfect ornament to finalize your yard decor. Use plywood for solid wood boards to create a flawless life-sized sleigh to complete your holiday seasonal decor. Follow Jay Bates for a complete tutorial.


  1. DIY Christmas Crate Train:

DIY from recycled material like pallets is fun as it helps to divert waste from landfills. Here is your chance to create sustainable decoration by reusing old crates, as done by Angie Lagrone Hudson. These trains can help to display various props, such as lollipops, candy canes, or floral decorations.

  1. Lighted Gingerbread man yard decoration:

Gingerbread man is the most famous Christmas treat since ancient times. Wonder Evy shows methods to incorporate budget-friendly Gingerbread man yard decoration from empty cardboard boxes, recycled cans, and LED lights.


  1. Wooden Peppermint Candy Decoration:

Symbolize sweetness in your yard decoration by crafting these easy-to-make peppermint candy decorations by Event Answer at your home! The project uses foam, wood, and handmade bow ties for accessorizing the ornament.


  1. Stacked Pots Christmas decor:

Pinecones and greenery are fantastic gifts of nature to adorn our winter decorations. Check out how Rachel River uses pinecones, leaves, dried flowers, and Christmas ornaments for an exclusive display for her front yard. Add a unique charm to this display by painting these plastic planters with cute snowman, gingerbread man, Grinch, penguin and Santa.


DIY Christmas welcome sign ideas:

  1. Joy welcome sign:

Fynes Designs uses a broken piano base to create a statement welcome sign for her porch. The color combination, use of accessories, and the placement of the wreath on the board elevate the overall look of this welcome sign.


  1. Holiday welcome sign:

StudioR12 Stencils shows a step-by-step guide to adorning a wooden board as a welcome sign. She demonstrates the right use of stencils and dome stencil brushes to master the loading technique that prevents bleeding under stencils.


  1. Snowman welcome sign:

You can use both sides of a sign board to create a reversible welcome board with Fall decor on one side and Winter decor on other to last a longer time. Here’s a cute sign from That Sweet Tea Life that shows a snowman with a dark base. Opt for a Pumpkin on the back side.


  1. North pole direction sign:

Incorporate polar express-themed decorations in your yard decor by following Burton Avenue. The designer uses a circuit board to create this project that can be used inside and outside the house.

  1. DIY Grinch yard sign:

Let your creativity run wild and craft a Grinch-style welcome sign for your yard. Use wooden planks to display different messages on the board using paints and stencils, as demonstrated by lucykiins.


  1. Christmas ball garland DIY:

This inspiration will add the finest details to your porch without straining your pockets. Use greenery and dried arrangements to make Christmas garland decoration with lights.


Unique Christmas yard decor ideas:

  1. Bird Seeds Christmas ornaments:

This thoughtful DIY is a win-win for decorators as well as for the environment. While people can explore tons of ideas to create aesthetically pleasing decorations, the birds in the adjacent areas can enjoy a healthy meal as well. Use bird seeds, gelatin, corn syrup, flour, water, and cookie cutters to craft these tasty bird seed wreath ornaments.

bird seed wreath

  1. Christmas Ornament Topiary:

Looking for fresh ideas to reuse your last year’s Christmas ornaments? How about converting them into beautiful topiary for your garden? This idea by Home Talks is simple, convenient, and helps to achieve a high-end product in no time. Stack three Christmas balls in tear shape on a stick and mount it on a planter base. Add faux plant detailing at the base to complete this look!


  1. Christmas paper wreath:

Paper crafts are engaging creative activities that help to achieve beautiful products using minimal supplies. Check out how Gotta Love DIY makes an outstanding Christmas wreath from paper!


  1. The gingerbread house yard decor:

Add frosting to your house’s roof, make ornament hangers, and suspend strands of outdoor lights to give a gingerbread house appearance to your house by using this unique DIY by Lavender Arts & Crafts.


  1. DIY nutcracker display:

Want a nutcracker to complete your yard decorations but don’t have a huge budget? Here is a perfect guide by Northwoods Nutcrackers to craft nutcrackers for indoor and outdoor decorations.


  1. Fun Christmas Gnome Yard decor:

This is one of the most interesting Christmas porch DIY. Make DIY gnome porch decor with evergreen potted plant. Add a pompom for nose, plaid fabric for hat and gloves. Stuff it with plastic bags and polyester pillow stuffing.


  1. Christmas yard Art:

Kick start your yard decorations by adding color pop in the form of a happy peeking Santa. Children would cherish crafting them with you as April Dawn Artworks does.


  1. Christmas decor from scrap wood:

Why limit yourself to traditional Christmas decor when one can create an exclusive wooden display by using natural elements? Here is a remarkable front yard Christmas decor by The Creek Line House.


  1. The Grinch yard decoration:

Create a head-turning life-sized Grinch frame using recycled PVC pipes and use spray foam, pool noodles, and trash bags to make its body. Check out the complete tutorial by Tero Designs for step-by-step instructions.


Porch Christmas Decoration Ideas:

  1. Christmas cone trees:

Revamp your outdoor space with these contemporary, shiny, and waterproof cone trees using duct tape and poster boards by The crafts Patch Blog. Just roll the poster boards in the shape of cones and hold them together using rubber bands. After securing the corners tightly, cover the entire cones with duct tape and voila!


  1. Easy Outdoor Sleigh Yard Decoration:

Sweet Bay Lane uses conventional Christmas decor items and wooden logs to create an outstanding yard decoration. This budget-friendly and time-saving DIY would help you create magic at your home using minimum supplies.


  1. DIY Gingerbread birdhouses:

If you have birdhouses in your yard, then it’s the perfect time to redecorate them! Here is a marvelous DIY to convert your tiny birdhouses into gingerbread houses using acrylic paint, white puffy paint, and glitters. Dream a Little Bigger uses a fantastic color scheme and symmetrical designs to complete its look.


  1. DIY Christmas Door Swag:

Let your door be the gateway to your magnificent decorative personality by designing this easy-to-make swag by joining three mini trees, a loop, and a homemade bowtie as demonstrated by First Day of Home.


  1. Wooden Christmas stars:

If you don’t want to make a classic wreath for your door, then try crafting these super cute Christmas stars using scrap wood. The Reformation Woodshop uses scrap wood and little ornaments to display the Christmas message in a sleek and contemporary design.


  1. Christmas porch winter planters:

Nothing can go wrong with natural touches. They blend with the decor well and complement every possible theme. Here is an easy-to-assemble DIY by Love Grows Wild using faux green plants, pines, stems, a planter, and soil.


Christmas Front Door Decorations

  1. DIY Doormat:

As we are looking into a lot of Christmas decor, let’s not forget about a festive DIY holiday doormat. Transforms a cheap coir mat into a fine product using this painted coir doormat tutorial.


  1. Gingerbread house wreath:

If you are looking to add a vintage charm to your front door, try DIY this vintage gingerbread house door hanger. Make this gingerbread house as a festive centerpiece for your dinner table as well.

Gingerbread wreath

  1. Colorful Vintage Christmas Trees wreath:

Create this old-school yet adorable toy car hoop wreath for your front doors this year. This scenic masterpiece by Lovely Indeed is charming to the core, nostalgic, and would help you to stand out in your neighborhood.


  1. DIY wooden tree with lights:

Transform your ordinary entrance into a magical pathway using DIY wooden trees, and lights only with this outdoor Christmas decoration!


  1. DIY Skis decor:

Give your old skies a second life by transforming them into a pretty display for your porch using spray paints, handmade bowtie, and faux green plants.


  1. Outdoor Christmas Decor Snowflakes:

Give your old staircase holders a second life by converting them into snowflakes using minimum supplies and steps. Use nails to hold each piece intact and spray paint to cover the main body. 1905 Farmhouse added metallic accessories to complete this look for her porch.


Beautiful Yard Christmas Decorations

  1. DIY Christmas Chandelier:

Impress your guests with this amazing use of macrame artwork by crafting this statement Christmas Chandelier for your porch as done by Knitcraft. The use of faux flowers and green leaves goes well with the neutral colors of macrame.


  1. DIY Ladder Christmas Tree:

What a unique way to craft your ladder Christmas tree by Cheri N Chris Tritt who used more than 200 bulbs to achieve this festive look for his yard. He completed this look by using faux garlands for the sides and a wooden star at the top.


  1. Photo Frame Reindeer Christmas Wreath:

This picturesque square Christmas wreath made with old picture frame by masterskaya lemonade is drop-dead gorgeous!


  1. DIY Christmas Garland:

It is always important to keep your budget under scrutiny while enjoying festivities.


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  1. Sola Wood flowers Christmas tree:

Looking for out-of-the-box Christmas tree inspirations? Here is a unique DIY of a 3D Wooden flower Christmas tree by Scrappy’s Rustics. You’ll love the attention-grabbing gold finish.


  1. DIY Tomato Cage Christmas Tree:

Place two tomato cages in opposite directions and adorn them with different handmade accessories as done by Fil_Am Crafty Corner.


  1. Dollar Tree mailbox:

Take your holiday decor to the curb by designing this super easy and cheap mailbox using supplies from a dollar tree.


Snowman Christmas Decor Ideas

  1. DIY reclaimed logs snowman:

Use reclaimed logs and wood slices to make this super easy snowman from recycled materials.


  1. DIY Light up melting snowman:

Another creative way to make a realistic melting snowman is to craft one using lights, a laundry basket, and bright white crafting foam. Thenavagepatch uses Styrofoam to craft its head.


  1. Dollar store Christmas Topiary ideas:

Make a budget-friendly giant Christmas topiary within minutes with Dollar Tree bowls and E6000 that will elevate the look of any corner of your yard. Add string lights to the bowls and light it up.


  1. DIY Snowman cutout:

Have endless fun with your children while making this cute cut-out snowman for your outdoor decor by Chalk it Up Fancy. The crafter uses plywood board, acrylic paints, and household items to complete the look.


  1. Wood spindle snowman:

Want a country-style wooden log snowman for your front yard? This type of decor will compliment your home, farmhouse, cabin, or log and requires minimum supplies to create an outstanding look.

DIY spindle snowman

Inflatable Christmas yard decorations:

  1. Santa inflatable display:

Another festive decoration to revamp your yard is inflatable Christmas decorations. These plastic decorations are easy to install and can be reused over the years. Here is a tutorial by Pirate Handyman to properly set up inflatable lawn decorations.


  1. Snowman and penguins:

Decorate your yard with this fantastic trio of a blow-up snowman and penguins with color-rotating LEDs. This set has the necessary skates and ropes to keep it steady and secure against harsh weather. In addition, the decoration is made up of high-quality polyester that makes it dust and waterproof.



  1. Santa Reindeer Christmas Blow-Up:

This 8 feet Santa and Reindeer blow-up decoration with bright white LED lights. This adorable waterproof decor will complete your decor and carry all the necessary items to hold it firm. Moreover, the exchange policy from the vendor is the cherry on top!


  1. Giant inflatable ornaments:

Accessories your gardens with these gigantic inflatable ornaments in nine exciting designs. These huge ornaments with eye-catching designs are weatherproof and would certainly elevate your outdoor decorations.


How to keep Christmas decorations up in the front yard against the wind?

Inflatable Christmas decorations take a lot of time and money to set up; therefore, protecting them against wearing, tearing, and blowing away is important. The following things should be kept in mind while choosing to blow up Christmas outdoor decorations:

  1. Choose the right location: An ideal choice for keeping inflatable decoration is near walls or fences.
  2. Secure them with ground stakes.
  3. Add weights: use sand/ gravel bags to add weight to inflatable decorations for added security.
  1. Christmas LED Lights:

Transform any corner of your yard with these dynamic LED light string garlands in no time. These unique 2.5M firecracker fairy lights are easy to install and can be reused around the year for various events with remote control.


Is there anyone who will recycle lighted yard Christmas decorations?

Recycling is a good habit that prevents a lot of valuable things from landing in landfills. While setting up the perfect Christmas decor is exigent, putting down those decorations and preserving them for later use is onerous! However, if these ornaments, such as Christmas lights, are recycled following in-person recycling or mail-in recycling or crafting new and unique decorations from it. For example, one can convert strings of LEDs or lights into a garland, fill them into a mason jar, a glass vase, a lantern, or a DIY painted bulb wreath for your house! The sky’s the limit!

Animated Christmas Yard Decorations

  1. Olaf the Snowman:

Christmas is incomplete without a snowman, and what would be better than welcoming Olaf to your garden? Download this template to draw an adorable figure on plywood, foam, or paper and accessorize it to compliment your decorations ‘ theme.


  1. Acrylic Penguin Lights:

Bring joy and festivity to your garden by purchasing these happy penguin lights for your yard. These acrylic penguins are waterproof, weather resistant, and can be used outdoors for longer periods.


  1. The Grinch:

Brighten up your front yard, porch, or backyard by installing this Grinch metallic stuck. This Grinch is made in a metallic finish and will surely add more character to your decor. Furthermore, a clear powder coat makes it weather-resistant and long-lasting.


  1. Peanuts yard art:

Lighten up your yard with cheerful Charlie Brown and Snoopy built with a durable metal frame covered in a soft fabric. This 2D Peanut decor will surely enhance your yard’s festive look and feel.


  1. Christmas welcome banner:

If you don’t have much time to make your Christmas decorations, here is your ultimate solution: install a warm, Christmas welcoming sign at your door. This front porch sign set comes with a black and buffalo red design on fabric and LED lights sewn on both sides.


  1. Vintage Christmas yard decoration:

Last but certainly not least on our list is this vintage Santa’s workshop with an elf sign. As cute as it seems, this vintage decoration will help you cherish your childhood memories!

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