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Perfect Gingerbread houses recipes and designs

How to make gingerbread houses? If you are looking to try something new this season then you have come to the right place. Try making traditional gingerbread houses with a twist in recipes and designs. Stylish and modern ideas to make gingerbread recipes and crafts with tutorials and instructions to help to construct perfect gingerbread house.




Perfect gingerbread houses recipes at craftionary.net


Traditional Gingerbread House Recipes and Designs



gingerbread house recipe

 Gingerbread House Recipe by Wedding Flowers and Reception Ideas:-

Celebrate! Christmas with Wilton, shows you the exact recipe for making the ginger bread from scratch. The link contains detailed recipe plus free pattern.

easy graham cracker gingerbread house

 Easy Graham Cracker Gingerbread House by Meet Penny:-

Hassle free fun time idea to make gingerbread houses with your family. The basic thing you require are graham crackers and a lot of decorating items.



building the best gingerbread house

 Building the Best Gingerbread House by the-thud.com:-

If you’re a royal icing lover than this technique for designing gingerbread houses will be one of the best icing moments of your Christmas days. Building creative gingerbread house design can bring out the Christmas joy in your house.


Modern gingerbread houses

Build a better gingerbread house by red book mag:-

Make a modern, sweet and stylish gingerbread house because your gingerbread house doesn’t have to look like it’s out of Hensel and Gretel’s fairy tale. Instructions and blueprints to assist you in creating the same house included.


Modern Gingerbread House Designs

Original Heather Baird victorian gingerbread house

Original Heather Baird Victorian Gingerbread House by hgtv.com:-

Heather Baird has improvised pretty wisely to create a Victorian look in a traditionally designed gingerbread house. The secret is the use of royal icing. The link also comes with a printable template of this beautiful design.

modern gingerbread house

Modern Gingerbread House by Oh Happy Day:-

If you wish to display your 21st century ideology this Christmas than make sure to use the free template from this link to create modern style gingerbread houses. For e.g, instead of those old pointy roof tops use a flat base for the roof.

Gingerbread Retro Camper house

 Gingerbread Retro Camper House by Sugar and Cloth:-

This Christmas give your gingerbread house making skills a turn towards the crazy side. Learn and implement with the detailed recipe and a template of this coolest idea for a gingerbread house and create your own retro camping themed decoration.


Miniature Gingerbread Houses

judy moore's mini ginger bread house

Judy Moore’s Mini Ginger Bread House by Kelly Moore Bag.

Another over the top graham cracker gingerbread house with lots of creative ideas to decorate and pictorial instructions on building these mini gingerbread houses so that you can fill your table with tons of different gingerbread houses.


mini ginger bread houses

 Mini Gingerbread Houses by Cake Time:-

This Christmas eve serve up a delicious assortment of cookies and hot coco with these cute miniature gingerbread house, or if you’re in mood for a giveaway than make a set of these and pack them up in a container and wrap a nice bow around it.

snow globe ginger bread house

 Snow Globe Gingerbread House by Blog Lovin’:-

This Christmas make these cute little gingerbread house in a snow globe for your table center piece decoration. You could also gift this beautiful piece of art  for Christmas this year.


Gingerbread House Gift Ideas

ginger bread house making kit

 Gingerbread House Making Kit by Tatertots and Jellos:-

Throw a gingerbread house making party at your place for kids this year and give these gingerbread house making kits as a party favor.

Gingerbread Boxes Mason Jars

Gingerbread Boxes and Mason Jars by Recipe Tin eats.

Wish a merry Christmas to your loved ones this year in style with these simple and easy to make gingerbread boxes and mason jars. All you need is a tin can or a cardboard box for the shape, everything else is a matter of imagination.


New take on gingerbread houses

Gingerbread cookie sticks

Gingerbread cookie sticks by muchkin munchies:-

Use your favourite recipe to make these easy to eat gingerbread sticks and decorate them as gingerbread man or gingerbread house. Your choice!


Gingerbread house cake recipe

Gingerbread house cake recipe by the kate tin:-

I love this idea to turn any cake into a gingerbread house cake by creating a surrounding around the cake.


Gingerbread house snow globe city

Gingerbread house snow globe city by bhg:-

A simple idea to display your gingerbread house cookies in a jar with a bow on top.


Gingerbread wreath

Gingerbread wreath by bbc food network:-

A cute idea to create a gingerbread houses wreath using a circular cookie. You can make houses and stick to the wreath and make this creative treat in varying sizes.


Non Edible Gingerbread House Crafts

build a ginger bread house

Build a Life Size Ginger Bread House by Instructables:-

Find out how to make this life size gingerbread house with step by step instructions and pictures. Recycle old paper plates and cardboard box into playhouse, and have kids decorate it.

recycled village of ginger bread house

 Recycled Village of Gingerbread Houses by Crafts by Amanda:-

This is a great idea for a classroom project, using empty milk cartons and loads of buttons, create a scenic view in classroom to teach the kids about Christmas joy.


Handmade fabric gingerbread house

Fabric gingerbread house via unknown source

Beautiful hand sewn fabric gingerbread house letter holder makes an extraordinary gift for your friend or family member who loves to decorate home.


Gingerbread house paper bag gift wrap

Gingerbread house paper bag gift wrap by craftberry bush:-

Bakers twine, puffy paint and paper punch are enough to create these beautiful gift bags this Holidays.


Gingerbread house gift box tutorial for Holidays

DIY gingerbread house box by the house that lars built:-

Painters markers, cardboard boxes and glue gun will do the trick for these wonderful gift boxes the whole family will love.


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Perfect gingerbread houses recipes


I hope you enjoyed these ideas that help to create perfect gingerbread houses.

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    The miniature gingerbread houses look adorable! I think it takes some time to do all of these so congratulations for your patience 🙂 I am adding the recipe to my to-do-list for this winter.

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Perfect Gingerbread houses recipes and designs

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