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Best food bars and food stations with luxurious decor style


All these yummy best food bars and ideas make me want to party all day long. Whether it’s a brunchathon, a wedding, a sleep over, a birthday party or a movie night. These best party food bars and food stations are great for backyard party, garden party, boat/ ship party, indoor/ hall party and even […]

Malai tikka coriander chutney chicken recipe


Lately crafting has become a challenge with the situation at home. I love crafting and usual my weekday mornings are my getaway to do some crafts. With homeschooling become a new norm for a few weeks or months (honestly, I am clueless), I am sharing an instant recipe. Malai tikka coriander chutney chicken is mildly […]

CAPPUCCINO COFFEE RECIPE – 3 way frothy instant coffee


CAPPUCCINO COFFEE RECIPE – 3 way frothy instant coffee
Frothy cappuccino coffee instant coffee you can make at home or work using 3 ways. Homemade coffee without cream with cappuccino recipe without machine.

The best corn recipe | 3 ingredient corn salad with nachos


The best corn recipe, 3 ingredient corn salad with nachos. Ready to serve where there is fun! Vegan corn recipe This corn recipe with only 3 ingredients is perfect for vegans. It has carbs, vegetables and daily. Perfect source of nutrients. Corn recipe for busy moms This corn salad recipe is a very simple and […]

15 Homemade trail mix recipes for Fall/ Autumn


Homemade trail mix recipes with ingredients full of energy for Fall Autumn. These healthy snacks are great as Halloween treats and gift ideas. Homemade trail mix recipes are so much fun to try. These recipes are great for Fall snacks. Kids and adults are sure to love trail mix as treat for Halloween as well. […]

20 Mouthwatering Oreo Cookie Recipes for New Year

Oreo cookie recipes at craftionary.net

Oreo cookies are loved by kids and adults alike. Today I am sharing the best oreo cookie recipes that will make your New Year Eve special. These recipes are great for parties as snacks and oreo desserts as well as make perfect homemade gifts and party favors that scream special and on budget. These homemade oreos include […]

Superhero Power Drink (Healthy Recipes)

superhero power drink

Superhero power drink (Healthy Recipes). In the hopes of making my little one eat veggies, we have tried many different varieties of food. So, far the picky eater only touches a few vegetables. And hardly one or two green ones. The best we can do to make him eat his veggies is a pizza. Which […]

15 Peppermint baked recipes and TWC {1/2}

peppermint baked recipes

Great peppermint baked recipes that are delicious and easy to make for this holiday season on Christmas and New Years Eve. These peppermint recipes include tray baked recipes, fresh peppermint ingredients like peppermint candy, herb and plant. Good for making peppermint desserts as well.   15 Peppermint Baked Recipes       1.  Peppermint patty […]

15 Flu/ Cold fighting recipes (Immunity boost)

flu cold fighting recipes

It is Flu Season. Whether you are looking for homemade remedies and recipes to fight Flu and Cold. Or you are looking for ways to boost your immunity. You are sure to like these delicious recipes. Some ingredients like ginger, honey and specific spices are pretty helpful for flu relief fast. You can read more […]

Healthy Dates Pudding (3 Ingredients Recipe)

healthy dates pudding recipe

Today I am sharing a family favorite recipe. A healthy recipe that involves only 3 ingredients. Is very easy to make. And is a great source of dairy, protein and iron. / There is no extra sugar added to this pudding. All you need is this recipe, a blender and a pan to bake in. […]