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15 Flu/ Cold fighting recipes (Immunity boost)

It is Flu Season. Whether you are looking for homemade remedies and recipes to fight Flu and Cold. Or you are looking for ways to boost your immunity. You are sure to like these delicious recipes. Some ingredients like ginger, honey and specific spices are pretty helpful for flu relief fast. You can read more about these instant remedies HERE.


Flu and Cold Fighting Recipes


These are very healthy recipes, filled with nutrients to give you energy.

The flu and cold fighting recipes include soups (they had to be at the top), drinks, rice and pudding that can serve as a complete meal. You will also love the tea and milk remedies.

Let’s start the roundup:


Immunity Boost Foods


flu cold fighting recipes


Delicious and Healthy Recipes for Flu Season.


Asian noodle soup
at home flu shots

At home flu shots

5 delicious blends of fruits and vegetables.


carrot ginger soup flu cure
healthy dates pudding

Healthy dates pudding

Just blend the three ingredients, bake and eat.


chicken wonton soup
clove garlic soup
easy chicken noodle soup
flu cough drink
flu cure grapefruit smoothie
flu cure pea soup
flu fighter cookies

Flu fighter cookies

These will be great with a cup of hot chocolate, coffee or tea.


green ginger celery juice

Immunity boost green juice

A green tonic made with celery, apple, lemon and ginger.


immunity boosting soup

Fully loaded meso soup

All those yummy colors! Helps build a strong immune system.


kimchi fried rice
turmeric milk

Turmeric milk

An Indian home remedy, that works for me.


You will also like:

flu season remedies

Flu season remedies for faster relief.

It comes with a free printable Flu Season Checklist.

You can print it and keep it. It helps to make sure you have the flu fighter ingredients available at home.

Flu season remedies


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