16 Halloween cake pops decorating ideas

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Make Halloween cake pops with recipes to make scary cake pops. Learn how to make halloween cake pops with these cake pop recipes. Great for kids and office co-workers. Cake pops are so easy to make and great for your small business. All you need is a nice recipe and candy sprinkles. I am sharing 16 cake pop recipes today. Each of them is creative in there own way.

Halloween cake pops

Halloween cake pops cookie pops

Decorating cake pop

witch brew cake pops

1. Witch cake pops

A fun idea to place witch’s brew cake pops with a printable label.

Witch brew cake pops

skull cake pops

2. Skull cake pops

Skull cake pops made using cupcake molds.

pumpkin cake pops

3. Pumpkin cake pops

Available for order! Holiday pumpkin brownie favor pops. Dipped in cake batter and detailed with pipping.

oreo truffles cake pop cones

4. No bake cake pop cones

I am loving this recipe. Make no bake cake pops in cones with oreo truffles.

Halloween no bake cake pop cones

oreo bat truffles decorating ideas

5. Bat cake pops

Make cake pop with chocolate wings traced with chocolate sauce on a butter  parchment paper.

Bat oreo truffles

monster cake pops decorating idea

6. Monster cake pops

Make these fun monster inc. inspired cake pops with food markers.

Monster cake pops

kids eyeball cake pops

7. Monster eyeball cake pops

Easy fondant eyeball cake pops for kids Halloween party.

Halloween cookie pops

8. Mummies cake pops

Make mummies with cookie dough.

Halloween cookie pops

Halloween cake pops trick or treat ideas

Halloween cookie dough pops trick or treat

9. Cookie dough cake pops

I love these colorful sprinkle cake pops as Halloween treats.

Halloween cookie dough pops

Halloween cake pops

10. Ghost cake pops

Fun pumpkin, ghost and cat cake pops made with food markers.

Ghost cookie pops

eyeball cake pops

11. Eyeball cake pops

dangling spider cake pops

12. Spider cake pops

creepy crawly cake pops

13. Creepy crawly cake pops

Find the above three tutorials here:

Spider and eye ball cake pops

cookie monster pops

14. Cookie monster cake pops

Cute Kids Halloween treat.

Cookie monster cake pops

chocolate candy corn cake pops

15. Candy corn cake pops

Make chocolate candy corn cake pops. A very easy recipe to make these.

Image via Flickr

cupcake Halloween cake pops

16. Cupcake cake pops

Happy Halloween banner cupcake cookie pops, made with molds.

Cupcake pops

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