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20 Halloween Cupcakes (Fun ways to decorate)

I had so much fun looking for some fun ways to decorate Halloween cupcakes. I was looking for some cute monsters to decorate my son’s cupcakes for lunch. And these are super cool ideas for not so professional bakers. We have cupcakes with witches, ghosts, spiders and even scientist brains.


Let’s check them out one by one in no particular order.

I hope you enjoy these ideas. And may try some for your kids.

(p.s: they love scary and spooky just like my 3 year old).


Halloween cupcakes


Halloween cupcakes


Fun ways to decorate Halloween cupcakes.


witch hat cupcake topper

A very creative way to make witch cupcakes.

Cupcake liner witch hat


witch halloween cupcakes

Simple and quick witch stenciled on your favorite cupcake recipe.

Witch cupcakes


spooky spider cupcakes

Add some sprinkles and legs, here comes the spider!

Spooky spider cupcakes


spooky chocolate cupcakes

“Death by the chocolate”, chocolate cupcakes.

Scary Graveyard cupcakes


spider web cupcakes

Very cute and easy spider webs made with piping bags. Frozen and placed on top of the cupcakes.

Itsy bitsy spider web cupcakes


spiders cupcakes

Some creativity that interests kids to participate!

Kids spider cupcakes


ghost Halloween cupcakes

Yummy little skeletons, ready to be served!

Skeleton cupcakes


pumpkin cupcakes

Pumpkin Halloween Cupcakes


monster eyes cupcakes

A tutorial to make eyeballs to create different monsters.

Monster eyeball cupcakes


Halloween cupcake monsters

These are so cute, marshmallow cupcakes!

Mini Halloween Monster Cupcakes


Halloween brain cupcakes

I love the labels at the front the most.

Brain cupcakes recipe


Halloween graveyard cupcakes

Spooky graveyard Halloween cupcakes


Halloween cat cupcakes

Black cat cupcakes


ghost glowing cupcakes

Make ghoulishly glowing cupcakes. Recipes include white and green glows in the dark.

Glowing cupcakes


ghost cupcakes recipe

Make these adorable ghost cupcakes with fondant.

Ghost cupcakes


ghost spooky cupcakes

Some yummy creamy icing and a piping bag. Yes please!

Halloween ghosts


DIY scary cupcakes

Spooky eyeballs and jelly worms.

DIY Spooky Cupcakes


DIY insect cupcakes nasty

I am loving this girl’s cupcake experiments. She shares photo recipes of how to decorate cupcakes!

Insect Halloween Cupcakes


crashing witch cupcakes

This cracks me up. Fun idea!

Crashing witch cupcakes


candy corn cupcakes

Make candy corn cupcakes with filling in the cupcake’s center.

Candy corn cupcakes


Bat cupcakes

Spooky bat wings made with chocolate sauce. Love this idea!

Scary bat Cupcakes


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