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Best food bars and food stations with luxurious decor style

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All these yummy best food bars and ideas make me want to party all day long. Whether it’s a brunchathon, a wedding, a sleep over, a birthday party or a movie night. These best party food bars and food stations are great for backyard party, garden party, boat/ ship party, indoor/ hall party and even beach party. There are a variety of ideas for a party food bar to serve your guests in the best possible way. Find high-tea, brunch, lunch, dinner and more party ideas with breakfast bars, dessert bars, candy bars, drink stations, cocktail bars, and snack stations with wholesome food bar ideas as well. This post is enough to keep your ideas flowing and brainstorm you into elite styled luxurious food bars (food stations) decor.


Food bars and Food stations




Breakfast Food Bars

These include:

  • Build your own pancake bar
  • Parfait bar
  • Crostini bar
  • Oatmeal bar
  • Crepe station



 DIY Pancake Bar by Buzz Feed

Make a pancake bar where the guests have choice of fruits, syrups and pancakes. You can also include choice of cream and butter to go with it.



 Build Your Own Breakfast Parfaits by Oh Sweet Basil

Include strawberries, blueberries, bananas or any other choice of fruit. Some varieties of custard, cookies and nuts.



 Build Your Own Crostini Bar by Celebrations at Home Blog.

Choices of nuts, cheese, bread and jam to make crostini.



 Oatmeal Breakfast Bar by Echoes of Laughter

Build your own food stations

These include:

  • Burrito station or burrito bar
  • Grilled cheese station
  • Pizza bar or pizza station



 Easy summer entertaining build your own burrito bar by Kojo-Designs.

Build your own burrito bar with choice of veggies, beans, sauces, tortillas and meat flavors or spices.


Sweet Food Bars and Dessert Stations

  • Ice cream bar or ice cream station
  • Ice cream sandwich station
  • Caramel apple bar
  • Ice cream sundae bar
  • Banana split bar
  • Make your own dessert bar
  • Fruit pizza bar



 Quick easy ice cream bar by A Night Owl Blog

This is going to be an adult and kids favorite hands down. Give your guests a choice of ice cream flavors and toppings. There are millions of choices here. Some include chocolates, candies, nuts, fruits and even drizzles. Here you can also give choice of cone, waffle and cup.



 DIY Ice cream Sandwich Bar by The Blondie Locks



 DIY Ice cream Sundae Bar by Hello Little Home




 Tastes of the seasons caramel apple bar by Craft Berry Bush



 Build Your Own Banana Split Dessert Bar by Celebrations at Home Blog


Bakery bars and bakery stations

  • Cake bar
  • Bundt cake station
  • Make your own pie bar or pie station
  • Crepe bar
  • Donut bar



 Bundt cake bar free party printables by Living Locurto

Choices of fruits, candies, marshmallows and more with bundt cake or any slice cake.



 Make Your Own Mini Pie Bar by Play Party Plan

For the love of pie. Make your own mini pie with choices in the baking bar and baking station.



 Easy party idea crepes with fruity toppings by The Kitchn

Crepes are an all time favorite for breakfast, brunch and even high tea.


Beverages bars and beverages stations

  • Hot chocolate bar
  • Coffee station
  • Make your own tea bar or tea station
  • Bloody Mary bar
  • Build your own drink bar or drink station


Hot-chocolate-bar-best-food-bars Hot-chocolate-bar

Hot chocolate bar or coffee bar

Hot chocolate bar by hawthorne and main

Make a hot beverages bar for hot chocolate, coffee or tea lovers.


Donut bar


 Decorate donut halloween party by Your Home Based Mom


Pizza bar and pizza station


Fruit pizza with cream cheese frosting by thriving home blog

You can introduce a pizza bar to make fruit pizzas or even a fresh out of oven pizzas bar. The idea would be to bake cheese pizzas and give the guests choice of toppings and then warm it for a minute or two and serve.


Fast Food Party Bars

  • Popcorn station
  • Mashed potato food bar
  • Build your own nacho bar
  • French fries bar
  • New York Style fries station
  • Make your own poutine bar or poutine station



 Movie Night Popcorn Bar by Play Party Plan



 Mashed potato Food Bar by City Mom



 Build your own nacho bar by Your Home Based Mom


Wholesome Food Stations

  • Salad bar or salad station
  • Noodles bar
  • Build your own taco bar
  • Sandwich station or sandwich bar
  • Hot dog bar



 Build a salad bar for kids by Simple Bites



Salad bar and salad station

 Build your own soba noodle bowls by Camille Styles



 Taco bar party table tents free by Building Our Story



 Grilled Cheese Food Bar by Oh Happy Day



The best bloody mary recipe bar by Foodie Crush



DIY party sandwich bar by cupcake and cashmere



Hot dog food bar by unknown source


Appetizer Food Bars

  • Build your own cheese bar
  • S’mores bar



Grilled cheese food bar by unknown source



Rustic s’mores food station by unknown source


Drink bars and drink stations

  • Lemonade bar
  • Fresh juice station
  • Juice bar or juice station
  • Smoothie bar
  • Build you own cocktail bar
  • Hot beverages station



Cocktail bar, Mimosa bar, lemonade bar, fresh juice bar, coffee and tea bar. So many choices and various ways to display your bars and stations.


I hope you enjoyed these ideas. Which ideas you like the most? Let us know in the comments.

Some links are no longer available. If you know the original source please let me know.


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