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10 Sweet Baked Recipes for Summer

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Every week such delicious recipes get linked up at our party.  So today I wanted to share baked recipes that are sweet, and just perfect to try this summer.  Let’s have a look at these mouth-watering dessert and snack recipes.

Baked Recipes



carrot coconut bread baked recipes

Carrot coconut bread with cream cheese


chocolate sugar cookies

Chocolate sugar cookies recipe


chocolate covered strawberry cookies

Chocolate covered strawberry jello cookies


chocolate shortbread recipe baked recipes

Chocolate shortbread recipe


cookies cupcakes 4th of July

Red Blue and White cupcakes for 4th of July.

Sugar cookie cups


cranberries blondies

Cranberry blondies


dark chocolate sea salt cookies baked recipes

Dark chocolate sea salt cookies


homemade coffee creamers

I must try these creamers. The three flavors she created look yummy.

Maple Almond ~ Mocha ~ Cinnamon Vanilla.

Homemade coffee creamers


melt proof oreo ice cream cake

Melt proof oreo ice cream cake


no knead oven bread baked recipes

No knead dutch oven bread


smores ice cream cupcakes recipe

Smores ice cream cupcakes


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Oreo pudding pie with cream

Oreo pudding pie


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  1. Thank so much for featuring my Chocolate Covered Strawberry Jello Cookies!

  2. Hani, thanks so much for including my Melt Proof Oreo Ice Cream Cake! What a great round up. 😀

  3. thank you so much for featuring my cookies!!! hope you’re having a lovely weekend!!

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