Oil Glass Painting on a picture frame

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Glass painting is inspired by the ancient stained glass ideas that not only look spectacular but are a long lasting craft project.

We are using vitrail glass painting and gilding the final product. For more information on gilding glass with gold leaf sheets follow this tutorial.



You will need:

  • Vitrail glass paints for best quality – There are two types, water-based and oil-based transparent stained glass effect paints. I highly recommend oil-based paints. Both are washable.


The difference between the two is simply that oil-based glass paints takes longer to dry but you can let it air dry. It produces more shiny results. While water-based glass paints require baking in the oven as per instructions and produce matte results.


Glass Painting Tutorial using oil-based glass paints

For the purpose of this tutorial I am using these paints to produce stained glass painting on a picture frame.

You can use it on a mug, bowl, or anything made of glass or ceramic.

Outline your motif

I print my design on a paper and use tape to stick it on the backside of my glass. For an opaque surface use glass marker to draw your design.


Use outliner to draw your pattern. We use outliner because glass paint is liquid and it needs boundaries to stay within else it will flow everywhere.


Keep a sturdy hand and apply even pressure on the tube to have a consistent outline.

You can fix a rough line by removing it with a q-tip. Start again and keep your hands flow free so that there is no dot in the start or an uneven line.

Start from the top of the page so your hand doesn’t come in your way to make the motif.

If you are new to this, I highly recommend you practice this on a plastic sleeve with your printable inserted inside.


It dries fast but allow it to dry for about 20 minutes just to be safe.


Vitrail Glass Paints

We are using oil based glass paints that gives a beautiful transparent final result.

Glass paints dry very fast when in contact with the air. Make sure to close them and do not use directly from the bottle. We work on each color one by one.

Shake the paint and take it out in a plate. You will need to work quick as they dry fast. So take out small quantity and work and pour more as needed.

When painting, use a paintbrush dipped in paint generously and drop it on the glass. Now move the paint around by dabbing it, don’t push the paint with your paintbrush like you brush around in acrylic paintings and watercolor paintings.

Use a toothpick to push the paint inside small corners and sides to make sure you have covered the space completely.


Once you are done with a color. Use a solution to clean your brush as these are oil based paints and water will not work for cleaning them. Now move to the next color.


Make sure that nothing touches the glass paints as it will take about a day to dry completely. It will be sticky and anything can easily stick to it and ruin your painting.

Gilding gold leaf sheets

If you are interested checkout the gilding tutorial to use gold leaf sheets in a variety of possibilities in your art.

I hope you enjoyed this project to paint flowers using vitrail glass painting!

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