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30 Stunning last minute DIY balloon ideas

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Easy last minute DIY balloon ideas that will rock your party. Most of these ideas involve cheap craft supplies, easily available at dollar store. Great way to decorate for a party while staying smart on the budget. These ideas are great for birthday parties, baby shower parties, weddings, seasonal parties, celebrations and events to just be happy for boys and girls alike. The ideas include pom poms, paint, pipe cleaners, confetti, glitter, sprinkles, paper tassels, glow sticks, tulle, fabric and more to decorate the balloon’s head and tail instantly. DIY balloons can simply spice up the decoration of any party. Specially birthday parties, bridal shower parties & summer parties etc. There are so many pretty ideas we can try with balloon decorations. Today I am going to share some interesting & creative Balloons decoration Ideas For Parties.

DIY Balloon ideas at


DIY Balloon Ideas

DIY balloon ideas


Creative Balloons Ideas For Parties

Creative Balloons Ideas For Parties

1. Balloon chandelier

Balloon Chandelier with pictures at Wedding Chicks.

creative ideas for balloons decoration

2. Pom pom balloons

Pom Pom Balloon idea at Craftionary.


3. DIY confetti balloons

DIY Confetti Balloons with paper polka dots.


4. Bendable Balloon

DIY Bendable Balloon Tails made with pipe cleaners.


5. Fabric Balloons

Simply wrap them the balloons with assorted fabric pieces.


6. Glitter party balloons

Glitter Party Balloons decoration with glitter and sequins.


7. Decal balloons

DIY Face Decal Balloons


8. Make Tulle Balloon


9. Sharpie balloons

DIY Balloon wishes for Bride To Be. Learn how to write interesting texts on balloons.

DIY Balloon ideas

 10. DIY Glow in the dark balloons

Add glow sticks into the air filled balloons.


11. Balloon pinata

Easy trick, how to make Balloon Pinata.


12. How to put a balloon inside a balloon?

Easy yet awesome DIY.

  1. Take two balloons.
  2. Roll and twist the second balloon into a tube as soon in the picture.
  3. Push the second balloon inside the first one.
  4. With the help of the straw blow air into the first balloon.
  5. Now use the straw to blow air into the second balloon. Tie them and you are done!


13. Double party balloons

Party decoration with Double balloon via catch my party.


14. LED balloons

Light up your balloons with LED lights.


15. Styrofoam balloons

A fun way to decorate balloons with painted Styrofoam balls.


16. Washi tape balloons

Decorate balloons with washi tape and paper polka dots.


17. DIY balloons

Festive Balloon Tails for balloon Party decor. Using paper, crepe paper & mini balloons.

confetti dipped balloons diy

18. Confetti balloons

Confetti Dipped DIY Balloon ideas at Studio DIY

confetti sprinkle balloons

19. Sprinkle balloons

Confetti Sprinkle Balloons DIY Idea at Pretty Prudent.

polka dots balloons

20. Polka dot Balloons

Decorated beautifully at A Subtle Revelry.

glitter hearts balloons

21. Glitter balloons

Glitter Hearts Balloons decorated by Creative Khadija by filling glitter inside balloons.

painted balloons

22. Painted balloons

Graphic Painted Balloons with markers by A Subtle Revelry.

confetti balloons diy

23. Party balloons

Use PVA glue and paintbrush to stick gold and paper confetti.

balloon party decore ideas

24. Balloon Party Placement Cards

balloon backdrop party

25. Balloons Backdrop

For Party Via Pop Sugar

balloons decoration

26. Decorative balloon ideas

Balloons Decoration Ideas shared at Brit+Co.

balloon party bags

27. Balloon party favors

Birthday Balloon Party Bags or treat bags Via Domestic Goddesque.

balloons garland DIY

28. Balloon garland

Balloons Party Garland Making at Oh Happy Day.

flower decorated balloons

29. Paper flower balloons

with sticking floral stickers on the balloon.

DIY painted balloon

30. Splatter painted balloons

DIY Painted Balloons using splatters of paint using paint brush.

pinata balloon diy

31. Pinata Balloons

using paper fringes.

rainbow balloons arch

32. Rainbow Balloons Arch

with colorful balloons. Find 60 more balloon decoration ideas for any party with video instructions.

birthday party wreath

33. How to make a Birthday Balloon wreath

Aren’t these last minute DIY Balloon ideas simply fabulous? These amazing ideas will take your party to the next level even when you were not prepared to decor for it, or lost time because life is simply busy. Have fun and use these last minute DIY balloon ideas to rock your party. Please note some original sources were missing. If you come across them please leave them in the comment.

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Best Balloon decoration ideas for any party

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  1. Balloons have always been associated with happiness, joyfulness and childhood . Nice ideas to decorate party place with balloon.

  2. Beautiful! All ideas are good enough to enhance the beauty of the party. Keep it up!

  3. Preeti Saha says:

    So many cute ideas here!! I absolutely love the glitter balloons, I need to try that!

  4. Laura. Ambrose says:

    Finally I can go to one page and all the ideas or fantastic… I can’t wait to start. The glitter dip balloons… I hope your ideas never run out!!!! Thanks Laura

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