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New jewelry organizers (DIY jewelry organization ideas)

Girls and women alike, we all love jewelry. No amount of jewelry is enough to keep us satisfied. But if you do not find the perfect spot to protect your jewelry than you might lose them to the wear and tear. Keep your jewelry organized with my collection of brilliant DIY Jewelry Organization Ideas.The new jewelry organizers are creative, showy and very simple to make. Jewelry is like a perfect spice, it always compliments what is already there.


DIY jewelry organizers at craftionary.net


New jewelry organizers



keep your jewelery organized

 Keep Your Jewelry Organized by Dream Models

This infograph contains a total of 36 different ideas for jewelry organizers. The web page is in a different language but some of the ideas have a similar DIY in the other links that follow.


Wall Hanging Jewelry Organization Ideas

diy hanging jewelery holder

 DIY Hanging Jewelry holder by Blog Lovin’

A simple trick to hang your jewelry on the wall using string, wooden sticks and washi tape.


DIY industrial jewelry organizer rack

DIY industrial jewelry holder by made in a day

Make this cool and sleek designer jewelry organizer rack that is sturdy and impressive.


diy jewelery holder

 DIY Jewelry Holder by Julie Ann Art

Give your wall an eco-friendly touch with this DIY which involves using a twig to organize jewelry.

coat hanger jewelery organizer

 Coat Hanger Jewelry Organizer by Morning Creativity

A coat hanger, few hooks and a little wire, that was all it took to create this non-space occupying, showcasing jewelry organizer.

arrow jewelry holder

 Arrow Jewelry Holder by Lemonade Makin Mama

Give this stylish touch to your wall while organizing and for everyone to see your love for jewelry.


Customize it jewelry blocks

Wooden Jewelry Blocks by Style by Emily Handerson

A Classic look that involves the use of a few wooden blocks and a few Brass Dowels. Your wall could use this unique touch in addition to organized jewelry.

diy jewelery board

 DIY Jewelry Board by Rebecca’s DIY

A fun and creative jewelry organization idea is just what your little girl needs to spend time with you while decorating her room with her beautiful jewelry.

simple jewelry organization

Simple Jewelry Organizer by Sugar Bee Crafts

If your have lots and lots of jewelry than i’d prefer you use this diy to organize your jewelry. Your jewelry can stay hassle free by hanging simple chains and hooked wooden slabs.


DIY jewelry organizer

DIY jewelry organizer by fynes designs

I am in love with this girly jewelry organizer made using a frame and door knobs. Love the wall color and organizer’s contrast on it.


Cabinet Jewelry Organization Ideas

shadowbox jewelery holder

 Shadow Box Jewelry Holder by Martha Stewart

Shadow box is a beautiful way to showcase those beautiful pieces of jewelry that have been neglected for a while. Plus you get a chance at de-cluttering all your jewelry at the same time.

jewelery cabinet

Simple cabinet into a jewelry organizer by unknown source

DIY Jewelry Organization Case

 DIY Case Jewelry Organizer by Shanti 2 Chic

Make your own jewelry cabinet from scratch and learn how to declutter all your jewelry.


DIY mirror jewelry storage

DIY mirror jewelry cabinet by craftionary

silverware tray upcycled into jewelry organizer

 Silverware Tray Jewelry Holder by Sadie Season Goods

Use a worn out Silverware Tray to make this gorgeous looking jewelry organizer for your wall.


Framed Jewelry Organization Ideas

diy wall jewelry organizer

DIY Framed Jewelry Organizer by Landee See Landee Do

If you’re in a crafty mood. If you have an OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) for organizing things. Than try out this frame and jewelry organizer to create a beautiful place for your beautiful jewelry.

antique frame jewelry holder

 Antique Frame Jewelry Holder by Elli

Your antiquities can surely use a good display with this DIY Antique frame jewelry organizer.

chicken wire DIY Jewelry Organizer

 DIY Chicken Wire Jewelry Organizer by Consumer Crafts

Whether you buy a new chicken wire or whether you already have a spare one at home, this jewelry organizer is a must try.

fabric covered necklace holder

 Fabric Covered Necklace Holder by Zovie Style

Make a beautiful looking jewelry organizer for your wall to show case your collection to your buddies.


Table Top Jewelry Organization Ideas



clay ring holder

 Golden Clay Ring Holder by Adventures in Fashion

All the ring lovers out there, You have to make a few of these to make sure your beautiful collection never gets lost. It’s a simple roll and color trick with the clay.

DIY necklace and bracelet holder

 DIY Necklace and Bracelet Holder by Life Ann Style

An easy and Decorative technique to organize your bracelets and necklaces. Just use paper towel rolls and long candle holders and you’re good to organize.

DIY stud earring organizer

DIY Stud Earring Organizer by I am Your Daughter

Now you can give your stud earrings an organized look same as the kind that you love to see in a jewelry store. Just follow the pictorial and you’ll be ready to organize your studs.


DIY repurposed jewelry teired tray

DIY jewelry teired tray by artsy chicks

Repurpose thrift store finds with glue and spray paint into a piece worth displaying.

New jewelry organizer

I simply love these earring and necklace holders. And the cute ring box with squirrel top found at design dump.

$2 Hanging Organizer

Dollar store jewelry organizer by Craftionary

Make this handy organizer for everyday accessories. Cute and easy to make for teenagers and girlish stuff.


DIY travel jewelry organizer

DIY travel jewelry organizer by the home steady

A foldable felt jewelry holder that can keep it secure and tangle-free for your trip.


DIY travel jewelry clutch

DIY travel jewelry clutch by craftiness is not optional

A fabric sewn jewelry clutch that is perfect for organizing your jewelry.


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I hope you liked these new jewelry organizers. Some links were broken and therefore removed. If you find the original sources please leave them in the comment.

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New jewelry organizers (DIY jewelry organization ideas)

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