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40 Best Alcohol Ink Art Projects You’ve Ever Seen

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We have gathered the best alcohol ink art projects. These ideas include alcohol ink paintings, use on glass and canvas, and fun crafts like ornaments, mirrors, and more with creative new techniques. If you are new to this art form, you will benefit from How to use alcohol inks?

Alcohol ink is a dye that flows freely to form art. A few drops on a paper moved around or blown around will create stains which look abstract with brilliant colors. Mix a few colors of ink and the magic continues. Some fun techniques include using a paintbrush, air blower, straws, torch, and even spinners.

You can use it in many different ways. Paint on rocks, ceramics, mugs, coasters, and paper to make wall artwork, greeting cards, resin crafts, and more. Before getting started with tutorials let’s read some tips that can be useful.


Now let’s get started with some beautiful and chic Alcohol Ink Craft Ideas.

Alcohol Ink Painting Ideas

Abstract Alcohol Ink Art on Canvas by Artshed.


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Alcohol Ink Landscape by Emma Raven.


Sweet Rose Gold Edged Alcohol Ink Roses by Anne Roos Smink.


Alcohol Ink Wall Craft on Synthetic Board by Itsy Bitsy Craft Store.


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Dynamic Alcohol Ink Painting by Alicja Wotkowska. Use an airbrush to spread inks and top her piece with metallic paints and markers to give it an absolute finish.


Dry Shellac Burn Art Wall Hanging by The Far Pavilion.


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Gorgeous Sun Flowers on ceramic tile by Angie Bryant. Ink blown-out look with the help of straws.


DIY Alcohol Ink for Greeting Cards by Cards by Stephanie.


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Birds Painting with Alcohol Ink by Awesome Fine Art.


Alcohol Ink Painting on a Rotating Table by Pauline Art.


DIY Alcohol Ink Infinity Rings by Artfully Abstract by Lorie.


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Ceramic Mugs Alcohol Ink Art from Pinterest.


Alcohol Ink on Glass

Alcohol Ink Glass Vase Decoration by Lana’s Fluent Art Studio.


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DIY Alcohol Ink on Flat Glasses by Creative Fabrica.


DIY Color-Block Galaxy Mirrors by A Kailo Chic Life.


Alcohol Ink Bottle Lights by The average patch.


Turn average glass bottles into captivating masterpieces by delicately dripping, pouring, and blending vibrant alcohol inks. Infuse your living space with the warm glow of these luminous creations.

Alcohol Ink Mug Craft by Momma Moe.


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Stained Glass Alcohol Ink Art Using Stencils by Brea Reese.


Extraordinary Alcohol Ink Projects

Alcohol Ink Candle Decorating Art by Medicated Housewife.


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Galaxy alcohol Ink Painted Seashells from color made happy.


Amethyst Tumbler with Alcohol Ink by Lisa Marie. Art design is made with Gold, Lilac, Amethyst and Grape Alcohol inks on a Stainless Steel Plain Tumbler.


Alcohol Ink Rainbow Resin Coasters by Doodle Craft.


DIY Alcohol Ink Glittery Ornaments by DIY crafts tutorial.


Gilded Alcohol Ink Pumpkins for Fall Decoration add charm to your Thanksgiving table by Grove Crafted.


Shop Ceramic Pumpkins here

Alcohol Ink Card using Hardware Store Foil by Hopalong Studio. Intricate designs on alcohol ink foil cards using a paintbrush and alcohol inks combined with 99% isopropyl alcohol.


Shop Aluminium Sheet here

Party Disco Ball Ornaments Hand Painted with Alcohol Inks from Etsy.


Alcohol Ink in Resin Sphere by Let’s Resin.


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Mini Notebook with Alcohol Ink on Fabric by Giogio Craft.


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Resin and Alcohol Ink Coasters by Inspired by Memms.


Painting Silk Scarves with Alcohol Ink using a Paintbrush by Debra A Jason.


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Plastic Wrap Alcohol Ink Technique on Bowls by Sarah Jane. Transform plates, jars, and even utensils into outstanding and exquisite pieces.


Alcohol Ink Planters by Lindsey Gilbert. Make resin planters infused with Alcohol Inks.


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Easy Alcohol Ink Crafts

Split Design Alcohol Ink Wooden Coasters by Chroma Yadi.


Shop Round Wooden Plaques here

DIY Alcohol Ink Gold Foil Dishware by Kelsey foremost.


Alcohol Ink Painted Switch Plates by Fiber Artsy.


Alcohol Ink Painted Rocks by rock guide.


No-Mess Clay Earrings with Alcohol Inks using Plastic Bags by Creoclay.


Alcohol Ink Art on the Gel Plate by Tania Ahmed.


Alcohol Ink Art Tags into beautiful bookmarks. You can also use Blending Pens for a more finished look by Tiffany Solorio.



Is Alcohol ink Food safe?

No, alcohol inks are not considered safe for food use, as they may contain potentially harmful chemicals.

Is Alcohol ink dangerous?

While alcohol inks are great for art, it’s essential to handle them with care. They can be a bit tricky – the alcohol content makes them flammable, so steer clear of inhaling fumes or letting them linger on your skin for too long. Make sure your space is well-ventilated and take some basic safety steps when you dive into the creative process.

How to make Alcohol ink?

Sure thing! You totally can whip up your alcohol inks with a bit of a DIY flair. Just mix alcohol with some dye or pigments, and voila! You get to play with your custom colors. Just remember, the homemade vibe might bring out unique results compared to the store-bought ones. Have fun experimenting!

You can refer to my article on alcohol inks for a complete procedure.

Can you use food coloring with Alcohol ink?

You can try mixing food coloring into alcohol inks, but it might not give you the best results. They’re like two different worlds – food coloring is water-based, and alcohol ink is, well, alcohol-based. So, the colors might not blend smoothly, and you could end up with a bit of a creative surprise, not always in a good way. It’s usually better to stick with materials that play well together for a smoother artistic experience.

What is the best blending solution for Alcohol inks?

For top-notch results in alcohol ink projects, consider using a dedicated alcohol blending solution for seamless color blending and precise control. Brands like Ranger, Pinata, or Jacquard offer specialized options tailored to artists’ preferences and needs.

How to draw over Alcohol ink?

After your alcohol inks have dried, feel free to pick up your pens, markers, or other drawing tools. This is your chance to add extra details, outlines, or intricate designs to take your artwork to the next level. Unleash your creativity! Julie Marie recommends using posca pens and markers.

Can you use alcohol inks on mugs and ceramic dishes?

Definitely! Get artsy on mugs or ceramic dishes using alcohol inks. It’s a cool way to infuse vibrant and extraordinary designs. Just start with a clean surface, apply the inks, and for long-lasting charm, think about sealing it with a clear coat.

You can refer to my article on alcohol inks to learn about the various surfaces this ink works on.

Is alcohol ink and acrylic ink the same?

In the world of art, choosing between alcohol ink and acrylic ink is like deciding between two brushes, each with its unique strokes and character. Alcohol ink, with its swift drying and translucent allure, dances gracefully on surfaces like glass or metal, inviting artists to play with dripping and blending techniques, adding layers of intrigue.

In contrast, acrylic ink embodies a slower pace, offering a rich, opaque embrace on paper, canvas, wood, or fabric, where artists can weave their narratives with brushes, pens, or airbrushes, infusing their creations with depth and emotion.

How to make Alcohol inks glow in the dark?

For artists aiming to spice up their work, adding a glow-in-the-dark effect to alcohol ink gives it a modern twist. Blend in some glow powder, mix it well, and you’re set! As you test it out under light, the anticipation grows until the room dims, revealing the cool glow from your creation.

There’s something special about every stroke of the brush and every mix of colors. It’s about the shared laughs and quiet moments as you watch the colors blend. As you finish up your latest piece or plan your next project, remember the warmth and connection woven into each creation. Here’s to more fun, friendship, and creativity with alcohol ink.

Written by: Sabah Aftab

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