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25 DIY Witch Halloween Crafts and DIY Witch ideas

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25 DIY witch Halloween crafts and DIY witch ideas. Today I am sharing some awesome ideas to create crafts for decorating home this Halloween. These crafts are so much fun to make. I have selected the best witch inspired Halloween ideas. I hope you will enjoy these ideas as much as I did.


Home decor and craft ideas for Halloween witch hats, witch legs, witch broom, witch cauldron and more. Let’s have a look at these witches.
(insert witch laughs)


DIY Witch Halloween Crafts and DIY Witch Ideas

In this post you will find the following DIY witch Halloween crafts:

  • Halloween treats witches vitamins
  • DIY witch hat banner
  • Witch Halloween crafts door decoration
  • Rustic window pane turned Halloween decor
  • Witch Halloween lampshade
  • DIY witch hat
  • Witch Halloween table runner
  • There’s witch in our fireplace
  • DIY witch Halloween treats
  • Halloween witch silhouette
  • Witch crash into the door
  • Witch Halloween crafts burlap wreath
  • Enchanted witch broom Halloween craft
  • Witch hat Halloween pillow
  • Halloween craft witch legs
  • DIY Halloween witches broom
  • Halloween witch potion craft
  • Make a pumpkin witch
  • Broom parking Halloween sign
  • Witch Halloween crafts melting fingers
  • DIY Halloween pillow
  • Hat countdown witch crafts
  • Witch Halloween printable decor



Halloween treats witches vitamins

A very creative and easy way to make Halloween treats festive with paper witch hats.

DIY Witch hat banner

Make a fabric witch hat banner with pennant turned upside down.

Witch Halloween craft door decoration

Make glittering Halloween witch door decoration using printable halloween witch template.

Rustic window pane turned Halloween decor

Turn a rustic window pane into a flying witch Halloween decoration for your home.

Witch Halloween crafts lampshade

I am loving this witch’s hat lampshade. Turn a black lampshade into witch’s hat with purple ruffled ribbon glued around the base of the lampshade.

DIY witch hat

Make polka dot witch hat decoration or centerpiece.

Witch Halloween crafts table runner

A cute table runner with ruffles and witch legs sewn at the end of the fabric.

Theres witch in our fireplace

Hang witch legs at the mouth of fireplace. Love the humour in this Halloween craft.


DIY witch Halloween crafts witch treats

Dressed up jello cups witches. So cute!


DIY witch Halloween crafts Silhouette

I am loving this witch silhouette outdoor decoration for Halloween.
Use a spotlight to cast a shadow on the wall at night.

Witch crash into the door

DIY Halloween wreath using supplies from dollarama.

Halloween burlap wreath

Halloween bubble burlap wreath inspired by witch via Etsy (sold out).

Enchanted witch broom Halloween craft

Make an enchanted broom to decorate your fireplace and fascinate kids with glitter and ribbons.

Halloween pillow


Halloween craft witch legs

Use cupcake toppers inspired by witch’s magic wands and witch’s legs to top your Halloween treats.

DIY Halloween witches broom

Halloween witches broom centerpiece or twigs witch broom home decor idea.

Halloween witch potion craft

Witch silhouette on green drink for Halloween party bottles and witch decor for Halloween.

Make a pumpkin witch

Turn a pumpkin into a witch with pumpkin witch tutorial.

Broom parking Halloween sign

Make a Halloween broom parking using wood board and stencil.

Witch melting fingers

Melt crayons with kids to make witch fingers.

DIY Halloween pillow


Hat countdown witch crafts


Witch Halloween printable decor

Don’t let the polka dots fool you, free printable wall art.


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  1. Jodie @jbmaryn says:

    OMG, the sand witches is ridiculously adorable. Thanks for the great list of ideas!

  2. I know I may be (a smidge) late, but I must say, these witch crafting ideas are adorable! I thought the polka dot Halloween witch hat was my favorite!

    I made a WICKED inspired witch and put her up in a fancy Ikea wall frame. I’ve loved the musical for awhile now, so I thought it would be perfect for Halloween!

    I think I’m gonna’ use that polka dot witch hat idea at next year’s Halloween party for the kids.

    Thank you for the roundup of cute ideas!

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