DIY Paper Lanterns Best Ideas for colorful and bright projects

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DIY Paper Lanterns best ideas are new and fresh. These latest paper lantern ideas are one of the most elegant and sophisticated part of home decor and parties.

Hang them in kids bedroom and baby nursery. Or use them to decorate for parties.

I have gathered some of the best Paper Lantern ideas today.

You will be amazed how easy paper lanterns are to makewith tutorials!

Today’s Features

Here are some fabulous ideas for:

DIY Paper Lanterns

DIY paper lanterns

Bunting Lantern

What a fun Bunting Lantern. Great for parties!

Make a paper bunting or garland and mod podge it on the lantern.

bunting paper lantern

Lace Lanterns

Simple and elegant paper lanterns made with flowers and ribbon.



Chinese paper lanterns

These Chinese lanterns are perfect for a girl’s room makeover or even a fun craft over the weekend to decorate the porch or patio.


Doily Lantern

WOW! Make a doily lantern by sticking cute doilies on paper lantern.

DIY doily lantern

So creative! Fold paper flats to make a paper plate lantern.

DIY Wallpaper lanterns

DIY wallpaper lanterns, don’t you just love them.

Fold loops of paper onto round plates and glue  staple them to make these.


Coffee filter lantern

Use coffee filters to make this fabulous lantern.

Glitter lantern

Glitter disco ball made from a paper lantern and mod podge. So much fun!

Cute project for table decoration. Roll paper pillars and snip at the center. Very easy two minute paper lanterns.

diy paper lanterns easy and new

Butterfly lanterns

Sweet and simple idea! Stick paper butterflies to make a Butterfly lantern.

Lotus flower lantern

Great idea! Make lotus flower shaped lanterns with paper petals.

Light paper banner

Lighted paper banner so cute. Make cute letter shapes with paper. And use party lights to hang them.

Love this idea for night party banner.


Decorative paper lantern

Make a decorative kid’s roompaper lantern decor tutorial. Use fun elements to match the rooms scheme.

This can also be a fun activity for your kids.


Cute dotted paper lantern made with crepe paper circles.



DIY paper lanterns for kids via A.C. Moore.



I hope you enjoyed these easy ideas to make paper lanterns. Update: Some links were broken and therefore removed. If you find the original source leave it in the comment section.

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  1. Jutta says:

    Hi Hani
    thanks so much for featuring my lantern in your beautiful selection! Am the newest follower of your blog.
    Lots of love

  2. Melissa says:

    These are all so pretty! I just made up a bunch of paper lanterns as decorations for my daughter's Rapunzel party:)

  3. Nirupama says:

    I am following you back 🙂 Thanks for visiting my blog.

    I love lanterns and they look like a great new obsession to move onto after my garland craze of 2011.

  4. Cameron Meerdink says:

    Thanks for collecting up all these great ideas – I had to pin a couple to hopefully try soon!

  5. Melanie @ bear rabbit bear says:

    Nice collection of ideas. Happy you linked to Things I've Done Thursday this week.

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  7. Alison @ Oopsey Daisy says:

    I think the bunting paper lantern is my favorite too! Thanks for sharing Hani! Love your ideas!

  8. Kristi says:

    Oh, that bunting lantern is to die for! They are all super cute…love the glitter one, too!! Would be delighted for you to link up to Mop It Up Mondays (open through Friday):


  9. Jessa says:

    All these great lantern ideas! I just made one with paper flowers, of course I hadn't seen these other great ideas. Cute, cute!

  10. Tales of a Trophy WIfe says:

    Great round-up. I like the butterfly one best.

  11. Karen at says:

    I love them all!!!

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