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How to make baby shoes with fabric and leather that are cute and comfy

Finding the perfect shoes for your babies is sometimes hard. Especially when you want it to be unique and special. Making baby shoes isn’t as hard as one may think. Therefore, today’s post contains tutorials on how to make baby shoes with fabric and leather? These styles are great to choose from and the best part is they are cute and comfy. We believe that babies adorable little feet need the right kind of shoes, therefore, comfort with style is the key. Have you ever thought about making handmade baby booties? There are so many possibilities that we have categorized as baby girl shoes, baby boy shoes and gender neutral shoes. You can easily follow these free patterns to make baby shoes even if you don’t sew. With a few simple steps and instructions you can make baby shoes or booties matching to their dress. I am going to share some free tutorials on how to make baby shoes with fabric (cloth) and leather. They are super easy, I bet you will love these baby bootie ideas.

How To Make Baby Shoes

How to make baby shoes that are cute and comfy


Baby Girl Fabric Shoes

DIY Mary Jane inspired baby shoes
baby shoes making
baby shoes fabric rosette
baby ballet shoes
cute baby girl shoes
red baby shoes
cute baby shoes
cute baby shoes making
DIY mary jane baby shoes

DIY Mary Jane Baby Shoes an easy tutorial for non-sew people.

Simply revamp white shoes with paint and felt additions.

How to make baby sandals
Making baby shoes with bows and ruffles

Making baby shoes from thrifted purses

This is a great idea to recycle old purses made with fabric or leather.

baby shoes with patterns

Baby Moccasins Free Pattern with Tutorial

Make these cute shoes with fabric, felt and leather.

Baby Girl Leather Shoes


unknown source

baby leather shoes tutorial
baby girl sandals made with faux leather

DIY baby girl sandals

Baby Boy Fabric Shoes

little man shoes

 Little Man Shoes Tutorial

Baby Boy Leather Shoes

Baby mocassins
felt baby shoes
DIY leather superhero shoes
leather baby boy shoes
DIY leather baby boy sandals

Baby boy faux leather sandals

Gender neutral baby shoes

Reversible fabric baby shoes
baby cloth shoes
free pattern for baby shoes
tom inspired shoes

 Soft Baby Shoes Pattern & Tutorial

These shoe ideas and tutorials are not only adorable but easy to make and comfy on baby’s feet. These soft shoes are made out of cotton fabric, felt, leather, velvet and soft cloth. You can gift these little handmade booties to your family and friend’s babies or make for your own little ones. I hope you will find inspiration through these ideas. The best part is these patterns are free to download and use for personal use. Enjoy!

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