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Wall Art

15 Clever ideas for Home on budget

clever ideas home

 What’s not to love about home projects on a budget? We all love clever ideas. Ideas that are happy on our pockets and home together.   Today I am sharing 15 Clever ideas. Good to decorate, accessorize and organize our home.     So let’s get started:

Baby food jar vases and candleholders for Spring


Baby food jar vases vases and candle holders made for indoor and outdoor garden spaces. There are lots of recycle projects out there. But of all the ideas I have found so far. These baby food jar vases are the cutest. You can also use them as candle holders.   The food jars are the […]

DIY Mirror wall decor

diy mirror wall decor

Ever thought about decorating with those plastic framed door mirrors? You will be amazed by this modern mirror makeover by Lilikoi Joy that got linked up at our link party.   DIY Mirror wall decor   To make this modern mirror: A cheap plastic framed door mirror was glued onto the MDF  Stripes of wood and jewel embellishments were […]

How to make custom Frames for less (Guest Post)

Alexandra is going to share an easy tutorial to make custom frames for less, with us today. You will love how she made these custom frames so neat and inexpensive. So let’s welcome her!   Hi everybody! This is Alexandra from DoctorOnTheSide. I’m a pediatric resident and like to describe myself as an art and […]

DIY Nautical Seashells Craft

Nautical to me means peaceful and adventurous just like the sea! Just like a few nautical accents like sailboat, sailor, seashells and color can bring a peaceful effect in the bathroom!   DIY Nautical Seashells  

Picture frame gallery

Picture Frame Gallery

Looking for an extraordinary inspiration for displaying a collection of memorable snapshots. You will be amazed by the beauty of this    Colorful Mini Picture Frames Gallery.      All you need is a whole lot of wedding favor placeholder picture frames, command strips, your collection of snapshots, spray paint and Cheryl’s awesome Gallery wall […]

Gallery Wall Reveal (Family Room)

I made my gallery wall with wall decor ideas that are easy to make.  The 9 Easy wall decor ideas I have shared here are all very different.   You can easily DIY these wall art to match your decor at home. So, finally the   Easy Wall Decor Series   ends today. And I […]

Handmade Finger Knitted Art (Embroidery Hoop)

embroidery hoop art finger knitted

I had been working on a Series of wall decor for Summer recently. And I came up with a Wall Gallery.  The series comprises of easy wall decor tutorials and ideas.   Handmade Finger Knitted Art (DIY Embroidery Hoop).   Today I am sharing with you a simple technique to knit on an embroidery hoop using braids. These […]

Family Rules Subway Art Canvas (Tutorial)

family rules subway art wall decor

This wall decor project is art of the Living room Wall Gallery.  The series comprises of handmade wall decor tutorials and ideas that are easy and cheap to make.     Family Rules Subway Art Canvas    Today’s project is very special because if you look at it, it makes you realize what a family is all about! […]

Family Birthdays Embroidery Hoop (tutorial)

DIY family birthdays embroidery hoop

The Living room Wall Gallery has been almost completed. Today I am sharing a tutorial to make easy and custom DIY wall decor using embroidery hoop.   Family Birthdays Embroidery Hoop    The inspiration for this project comes from the birthdays.  You can use this idea to craft a birthday art in your own style.  There are a tons […]