17 Creative DIY Map tutorials

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I have been wanting to make a world map for a while now. It was fun making world map wall art using vinyl stickers and vintage frame from thrift store. And then the urge to find more ideas to make the real world map set in. I search for world map of countries and world map pictures. Do you know you can buy high resolution world map labeled or blank world map? It would make such a fun addition to your home. However, these can get expensive. So, I am here to share 17 creative world maps that will wow you.
Just recently a guest at my home praised my world map on which we have marked the countries we visited with a sharpie heart. It looks personalized and unique. The ideas here are one piece world map. You can use these ideas to make a classic vintage old world map. People literally use coffee to bring old effect with books. It must be an interesting technique to try. You can also make State or Province wall art or a country wall art. Simply use world map outline using world map image and you are ready to roll.
Make a world map to record your world travel or test your kids world knowledge. There are interactive world maps out there. I bought one from amazon and my kids love it. However, the intend of these world map wall art projects is to decorate your home. You can make wooden maps, vinyl maps, printable maps, large wall maps or even chalkboard  magnetic maps. Finally, be sure to find accurate world map for your projects.

DIY Map tutorials

DIY map tutorials

World Map For Kids

creative map idea
World map with continents
Make a rolled up wall art world map for kids.
DIY map chart tutorial
Country map with labels
A green canvas vintage world map for school hanging with wooden poles and string.
DIY map table
Blank world map
Make a world map table top with paint and abstract art. You may need a stencil and have fun with running paints in all direction and mixing shades to make Creative Map Table.

World map wall art

DIY map tutorial
World map no labels
DIY travel map craft
Black and white world map crafts
Make a world map or country map with chalkboard paint and chalk pens on a steel or iron sheet. Stick magnets to show places you have visited. DIY Travel Map Chalkboard
Fabric map tutorial
Fabric world map
Have some fabrics scraps use them to DIY map wall art.
DIY world map tutorial
Holiday World Map Frame Art
 A world map wall art made for only $6 to mark the holiday around the world.

World map to scale

Kids magnetic map puzzle
Magnetic map puzzle
Magnetic world map tutorial
Canvas world map
A creative magnetic world map. This is great for kid’s playroom  bedroom.
DIY license plate map
Recycle world map wall art
Make a map with old license plates.
make printable map wall art
Large world map
Large Printable world maps can be printed at staples or office stores using architect print services.

Travel diaries on world map

easy travel map bulletin board
Easy country map wall art
 Spray paint using a stencil to create a world map on cork board. This makes a cool travel DIY map bulletin board.
DIY map tutorials
Nail World Map Wall Art
This popular technique using nails and thread to make art using world map image to trace and hammer in the nails.
canvas world map
DIY canvas world map
Make a huge world map wall art with canvases and printable map. Simply align, cut and decoupage to complete the project with modpodge.

Blank world map ideas

world travel map
World travel map
 Make a world travel map with burlap and paper cutouts. Print a world map picture and outline using the pencil on paper. Cut it out and stick to the frame.
modern world map print
Modern world map art print
Use ombre technique to make background on the canvas. Trace and color the world map image.
easy canvas map art
Canvas world map picture
 Make a painted world map on canvas to pin your travel.
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