DIY Christmas Candy (Lollipops) Guest Post

Please welcome Kathy today, she is sharing this wonderful tutorial to make DIY Christmas candy {DIY Christmas Lollipops}. I love how she also shared her first tutorial which failed and how she managed to make them perfect finally!
Hi Friends! I am so thrilled and honored to be a guest on my sweet friend Hani’s awesome blog. A huge thank you to Hani for having me. My name is Kathy and I blog over at Life on Lakeshore Drive. I am married to a wonderful husband of 25 years and the mother of 2 college students. I teach third grade during the day and craft at night. I would love to have you stop by for a visit. Now let’s get crafty!

DIY Christmas Candy


Christmas candy lollipops
I guess I can thank our HOA lawn man for this project! Otherwise, I would have never had the materials needed to make this project.One Saturday we were sitting in the family room when we heard what sounded like a shotgun. The weed eater threw a rock into the window on my front door and shattered the glass inset. It crackled for over 30 minutes and I loved my front door! Long story short, we went to Home Depot to get supplies to fill in the holes until the door could be replaced. The temperatures were in the 100s and we tried to keep the cold air in and the hot air out. This is what we purchased.
When the door was repaired, we had lots of this foam left. The crafty side of me couldn’t throw it away and I kept to in the closet to make something later! While on vacation, I visited a year round Christmas store and saw some adorable lollipop decorations, and they looked like they are made from foam. I finally knew what to do with the foam and how hard could it be? Well, this is where I am so thankful for Hani’s patience. I tried over FIVE different kind of glue and nothing would stick to it! I got so desperate, I even tried plain old Elmer’s glue.
See the photo below:
DIY Christmas candy
I went to the Home Depot website and searched for clues. I found my answer ~ Caulk! Even though I had a brand new tube of caulk that wasn’t what I anted to use  How messy would that be? So, then as I was about to throw in the towel, in total desperation the answer finally came to me. Floral Wire!
Let me tell you this turned into the easiest project ever.
Before we get started, let me tell you one of the best tings about this cute little project.
A bag of this foam in my area costs $3 for 25.
One of those lollipops in that Christmas store sold for almost $30!!
Depending on the size you make, using this foam you can make a lot for a fraction of the cost.
Make It:
You can make these in less than a minute or two! Start with heavy floral wire, mine I purchased at Hobby Lobby. I found that starting with a slanted edge works best. Now begin rolling the foam very tightly and push the wire through it as you go. Keep rolling until you reach the size you desire for your lollipop. I made different sizes just to give you an idea!
DIY Christmas candy
When you reach the desired size, snip the wire, bend and push it back into the foam. This holds it very securely. TIP: If you want to hang it as an ornament, just leave the wire longer to make a loop at the top  It’s ready to hang on the tree.
There you have it! I then decorated mine with spray paint and acrylic paint. They both stayed with no peeling  problems at all! Now if they only made this foam in pretty colors.
Here are my Lollipops. I wish to use them to make a wreath!
DIY Christmas candy
The white lollipop has glittery glue on it and it’s very pretty! I wish the glitter showed up well in the photo.
I just packed a planter inside my Christmas wreath and I had an instant centerpiece!
Christmas candy lollipops
I had so much fun with this foam that I am planning on making a Christmas tree with it. Yes, I have plenty of it left. I hope you enjoyed my Christmas Lollipops. Please! stop by my blog sometimes to see what I am doing. Thanks Hani for the privilege of guest posting for you today!
Now isn’t that the cutest decoration for Christmas and the easiest too! Thanks for the lovely idea to make DIY Christmas candy, Kathy!
Check out her blog for more interesting ideas like:
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  1. Lindsey says:

    Thanks for the post! I wanted a Candyland Christmas theme this year because I was inspired by a Raz Christmas theme from last year but the lollipops are so expensive. This means I can actually do it now.

  2. Barbara nickels says:

    You mentioned you wished they made it in differnt colors..well ive made the same idea with pool noodles. Then u wrap colored duct tape around then for stripes. And ive secure it with hotglue gun. Takes longer but same idea. Worth a try.

  3. Anita Villasenor says:

    Where did you buy the foam? What kind of wire do l use? Thank you.

    1. Hani says:

      Hi Anita, the post is a guest post. I am sorry but I won’t be able to help here, please follow the link to her page and ask her. Hope this helps!

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