DIY dried flower wall hanging

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An easy way to make DIY dried flower wall hanging using wood board, beads, and dried botanical from flower bouquet arrangement. Change your florals seasonally and you can also use artificial flowers if you like.

Hello friends, ever wondered that your love for fresh flowers can go beyond gardening! There are so many things you can do by simply drying flowers. There are many ways to do it and you can read all about What to do with dried flowers? It all started with pressed flowers from my garden which I simply used to make Vintage PRESSED FLOWERS frame of gold in seconds. Now I am addicted to using pressed flowers and dried flowers in my crafts and DIY projects for home decor.

DIY Dried Floral Wall Hanging

Let’s make this beautiful yet simple wall decor with a video tutorial.



For DIY dried flower wall hanging you will need:

Dried florals (I am using natural dried lavender flowers and dried baby’s breath)

Wooden board hanging – this one is from dollar store and it comes with a chain, but you can get a similar one and add you chain.

Acrylic paints – use paint of your choice for the background, I painted it a dark blue to contrast the natural colors.

Wooden stained houses – this one is from Walmart. Here’s a similar option for wood houses

Beads – there is a huge variety of beads to choose, just make sure they have a flat surface to glue to the board. These green glass beads are my favorite.

Glue – I am using tacky glue or gorilla wood glue.

Tip: You can also use straws for placing your florals inside and a longer base for longer stems.



Paint the board and if you like sand it for a distressed look.

Now play with setting the beads and houses on your board. Once you are happy with the arrangement use glue to stick them in place.


Now add your dried flower stems into the beads and enjoy your creation.


These dried floral stems are so delicate that I wanted them to be more sturdy than just fall with normal passage of air. Therefore, I dipped the tips in glue and placed them inside the beads.


I love how it looks. You can hang it in your kitchen breakfast nook or the entryway. Mine ended up in the mudroom where some love for much needed.


Today’s project was inspired by the need to change aesthetics according to the season. And what’s better than a wall hanging that allows changing flower arrangement when you want. This simple project was inspired by the winter scene where everything is subtle and on a bright sunny day you only see a bright blue sky. The colorful beads are for arrival of Spring.



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