Flu season remedies with Free Printable Checklist

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Winter is here.

I don’t know how cold it gets in your part of the world but here in Toronto it’s time for snow.

With temperature/ weather fluctuation flu season is sure to come.


Our family has been very ill since last week.

Runny noses, coughing, sore throat, fever and cold.

Yep, I know you get the picture!

I had to make my little one skip school for a week.

Since, I know this will be the story of many homes at this time.

I wanted to share some home remedies that are proven to work like a charm.


flu season remedies


Make sure you have all the necessary items to keep yourself warm and safe.

And also make sure all the ingredients you need for fast relief are in your pantry/ kitchen.

For an easy reminder, I have created a free printable checklist.


Flu Season Remedies


flu season checklist


Flu Season Checklist


(for personal use only)


I would also like to share my two cents on the checklist items.

Here are a few things I always do and they are super effective:


  • Drink lots and lots of water to get the virus out of your system.


  • Tea is a great solution for flu and cough. It aids in getting the mucus out for fast relief. Drink green/ ginger/ lemon and mint tea. All these are herbal teas and have no side effects. You can also add sugar/ honey to sweeten it. It’s very famous amongst Asian people.
  • Homemade Tea: Another great solution is to mix all or few spices from the list above, in boiling water and drink it. It’s an amazing reliever for night cough and ease of sleep. Try to make your kids drink some of the solution, using a tablespoon.


  • Vix VapoRub works like a miracle. Applying Vix under your nose and on chest makes it easier to breathe. Make sure you cover up to keep the vapors from vaporizing over night.
  • An excellent tip from my grandmother that has been going long in our family and I always share with everyone! Apply Vix VapoRub under the feet before sleeping. This is a perfect way to avoid getting very sick, when you see the initial symptoms. But if you are sick already, you should do this every night as well. You will be glad you did this, trust me! : )
  • A combination of humidifier and Vix VapoRub is simply perfect for steam. Or you can always boil water and take steam under a towel if you like it that way.


  • While it’s not only hard to eat but you lose you appetite in sickness. Some of the foods are recommended to keep you healthy. Especially for kids who tend to lose weight and energy pretty fast.
  • Boiled rice and lentils: I always like to soak rice and lentils over the morning and boil in the evening. Remove the water as starch is not good for health. Put some more water in the cooked rice and lentils. Let it simmer. Add salt and pepper to taste. When soft mix with a spoon to mess it a little. This meal with some milk in it is super nutritious for kids. And adults also if you like the taste. : )



  • A teaspoon of honey soothes your throat.
  • Drink warm milk with a pinch of turmeric powder and cinnamon powder.
  • If you are sick of coughing over night and can not sleep. Take one clove in your mouth and suck on it. Try sleeping with it in your mouth. Tried and proven to work by me.
  • Always keep cough drops in your handbag on the go. Suck on cough drops whenever your throat gets dry.


cough honey drops pops

I found these honey pops such a great idea by Carolyns Homework.

Make honey pops


These home remedies for quick relief from Flu, cough and cold are great for kids, pregnant woman and breast-feeding moms.

And for anyone who can not take medicine/ antibiotics to get well soon.


Take care my friends!

I hope you found flu season checklist helpful.

And stay tuned for some delicious recipes for instant flu relief this week.


Update: As promised, here are some healthy recipes for flu season.

flu cold fighting recipes

These recipes are great for immunity boost. And to keep you energetic while you are sick.

Flu and Cold Fighting Recipes


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