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50 Best Homemade Christmas Card Ideas – new crafts

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Best homemade Christmas card ideas new crafts. Making handmade greeting cards for Holidays is special and exciting. I am sharing elegant and easy DIY ideas with simple instructions for kids, grandparents, friends, neighbors and family.

You will find handmade photo Christmas cards, funny, personalized, and diy ideas using watercolor as well as Merry Christmas cheers. Use a variety of craft supplies like pom poms, pressed flowersrock paintingacrylic pouring, and so much more. Handmade cards possess a unique charm that store-bought ones can’t quite match. This holiday season, it’s all about spreading love, and joy, and creating those special moments. Christmas is that wonderful time when families gather, and what better way to show your affection than with handmade, personalized cards!

Find the FAQs at the end useful to read before making your greeting card. Some interesting questions are:

  • What are some good Christmas quotes and sayings?
  • How do you make a Christmas card stand out?
  • How to make an interesting Christmas Card?
  • What is a good sentence for a Christmas Card?
  • What is the good message I can write on Christmas cards?

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Best Homemade Christmas Card Ideas:

You will find ideas for these special handmade Christmas cards:

  • Melting Snowman Christmas Card
  • Christmas Cards with Washi Tapes
  • Origami Christmas Tree Card
  • Candy Stick DIY Christmas Card
  • Fabric Scrap Christmas Cards
  • DIY Snowman Card
  • Simple Hand Drawn Christmas card
  • White Paper Christmas Cards
  • DIY Hand drawn Christmas Baubles Card
  • Calligraphic “JOY” Christmas Card
  • Hand Lettering Christmas Card
  • DIY Christmas Cards with Embroidery
  • Pop-Up Snowman DIY Christmas Card
  • Pearl Snowballs DIY Christmas Card
  • Christmas Tree Pop-up Card
  • DIY Christmas Boots Card
  • Finger-print light cards
  • DIY One Stroke Christmas Tree Christmas Card
  • Handprint Christmas Card
  • DIY WaterColor Christmas Card
  • Watercolor Christmas Tree and SnowBall Card
  • Nature Printed Christmas Card
  • Crafting Houses Watercolor Christmas Card
  • Paper Snowflakes Christmas Card
  • Sparkling Christmas Shaker Card
  • Huge Pop Christmas Card
  • DIY Pressed Flowers Christmas Card
  • Curtains with Tree Christmas Card
  • DIY Pearl Doily Christmas Tree Card
  • Easy Christmas Tree Lacing Card
  • Snow globe photo Christmas Card
  • Pipe Cleaner Christmas Card
  • Pearls with Paper strips Christmas Card
  • DIY Paper Quilling Christmas Tree Card
  • Pom-Pom Christmas Card
  • DIY 3D Christmas Card
  • Peek-a-boo Christmas Card
  • Sparkling Christmas Card
  • Button Ornamented DIY Christmas Card
  • Santa Christmas Card
  • Torn Paper Christmas Card
  • DIY Gemstone Bauble Christmas Card
  • DIY Cupcake Liner Christmas Card
  • Nature Craft Christmas Card
  • Pop-up Gifts Christmas Card
  • DIY Christmas Step Card
  • Gate Fold Latch Card
  • DIY Yarn Christmas card
  • Tissue Roll Paper Craft Christmas Card
  • Glue Gun Tree Christmas Card
  • Handmade Wreath Christmas Card


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Popular Handmade Christmas Cards

These one-of-a-kind greeting card collection for Holidays will cheer you up!

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Get religious Christmas cards


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DIY Melting Snowman Christmas Card

Blue paper, colorful buttons and naughty pipe cleaners are all you need to make this funny yet cute DIY Christmas card. Use this Artycrafty graphic to inject some humor into your Christmas cards. The melting snowman not only makes a great card that you can write on and send to someone, but it also functions as an ornament.

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DIY Christmas Cards with Washi Tapes

Stick washi tape horizontally, diagonally or vertically and make some mesmerizing Christmas trees, snowflakes, or ornaments.

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DIY Origami Christmas Tree Card

Fold some origami Christmas tree cards by Lisa’s.

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Candy Stick DIY Christmas Card

Utilize your last year’s Christmas colored cards by The Little Crafties.

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DIY Fabric Scrap Christmas Cards

For this easy and eco-friendly card, all you required would be scrap pieces of clothes, some glue and cardboard by Happy Hooligans.

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DIY Snowman Card

Use wavy scissors to cut white cardstock. Glue it together to make DIY paper cutout snowman card by Nilta Crafts’.

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Hand Drawn Christmas Card Ideas

Simple Hand Drawn Christmas card

Draw something sweet and simple like this Christmas wreath with all the products available at home by nordic bee.

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White Paper Christmas Cards

Make a tree with green marker, and add a golden star on the top. Add some glittery stars to the sky and your plain white cardstock is now an adorable Christmas card by Plenty Tempty Crafts. Add merry Christmas greetings inside the card.

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Hand drawn Christmas Baubles Card

Try this colorful garland card with markers and white papers by Suvoman Creative.

Shop adult color markers


Calligraphic “JOY” Christmas Card

Incorporate calligraphy and doodling by Rumi’s Calligraphy in your greeting card.

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Hand Lettering Christmas Card

This Vial Designs’ way of creating a Christmas card with hand lettering techniques is a must-watch. You will need a brown cardstock paper, black and white gel pens.

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DIY Christmas Cards with Embroidery

Embroidery variety of stitches or chain stick for beginners on your card by welcome to nanas.

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Simple and Cute Christmas Card Ideas

Pop-Up Snowman DIY Christmas Card

This cute DIY Christmas card will never fail to amaze the recipients and will surely bring a sense of joy and refreshment to their faces by Cardology.

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Pearl Snowballs DIY Christmas Card

All you will need are some pearls and a hot glue gun by Lucy Patrick.

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Christmas Tree Pop-up Card

Pop-up cards are trickier to create but a pure joy to receive. Prepare your easy Pop-up Christmas Tree DIY Christmas card with Wiki how Robert Sabuda method and spread love among your favorite people instantly.

Shop colored cardstock


DIY Christmas Boots Card

One of my dearest and easiest ideas this season has to be these beautiful snowman socks cards. You only need brown card paper, red and green felt sheets and some strings.


-Take a brown card sheet, cut it into a rectangular shape and fold it into half.

-Take green and red colored felt sheets and cut them into the boot shape. Add face, scarf and hat details according to your preferences.

-Punch some holes in your card and pass a string through them.

-Stick or hang the boots on the string.

You can get more ideas to adorn the boots from this my arts and crafts.

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Hand-Painted Watercolor Christmas Card Ideas

Finger-print light cards

Use finger paints in colors red, green, blue, yellow and orange. Dip your finger in paint and dab the paper. Repeat with every color after wiping your finger with a paper towel. Let it dry.

Make strings with black pen and write your greetings.

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One Stroke Christmas Tree Christmas Card

Easy watercolor cards by nordic bee.

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DIY Watercolor Christmas Card

Make watercolor wreaths on Christmas Cards by neginz art.

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Watercolor Christmas Tree and Snowball Card

Colorful Snowballs and a Cute Christmas tree with the magic of watercolors by Nianiani’s.

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DIY Nature Printed Christmas Card

Use leaves and hammer to press pigment and make Christmas trees by mud and bloom.

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Crafting Houses Watercolor Christmas Card

Make colorful Christmas village card by Art Studio by Yem. Cut out paper houses and make fun patterns with paints and markers.

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Beautiful DIY Holiday Card Ideas

Paper Snowflakes Christmas Card

Idea by little basket’s.

Shop dimensional snowflakes cutouts


DIY Sparkling Christmas Shaker Card

Craft shimmering shaker cards for Christmas Eve, filled with glitter and sequins to bring a dazzle to your loved ones’ celebrations by Craft with Mei’s.

Shop Sequins here


Huge Pop Christmas Card

A pop up Merry Christmas scene by Ezzy Hacks’ method.

Shop festive coloring markers


DIY Pressed Flowers Christmas Card

Make cute flowery Christmas trees using pressed flowers by Bloomist’s.

Shop pressed flowers



Curtains with Tree Christmas Card

You will love the positive and vibrant hues this bright red card gives by TZeasy.

Shop colored construction paper



DIY Pearl Doily Christmas Tree Card

Idea by Kate beayvis.

Shop paper doilies


Easy Christmas Tree Lacing Card

Use your leftover Pepperell Vinyl Craft Lace to make this amazing card by artsy craftsy mom.

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Friends and Family Christmas Card ideas:

Snow globe photo Christmas Card

Make a personalized photo ornament or snow globe card by a beautiful mess.

Shop snowflake stickers


DIY Pipe Cleaner Christmas Card

Idea by The Craft at Home Family.

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Pearls with Paper strips Christmas Card

Use paper strips and glue pearls by Craft Genik.

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DIY Paper Quilling Christmas Tree Card

Idea by my nourished home.

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Pom-Pom Christmas Card

Pom-pom Christmas trees by Create and Learn with Ana.

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DIY 3D Christmas Card

Cute idea by Things in My Style.

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Peek-a-boo Christmas Card

This is the best peek-a-boo design for the DIY Christmas card you were looking for by Hmade boutique.

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Creative Holiday Card Ideas:

Sparkling Christmas Card

Glitters and Sequins Christmas craft by diyay.

Shop glitter sheets


Button Ornamented DIY Christmas Card

Idea by Crafty Bug.

Shop colorful buttons


Santa Christmas Card

Creative Santa folding paper fan card by Craftz Talent’s.

Shop colored cardstock


Torn Paper Christmas Card

Add googly eyes, sparkly stars, and pom-poms to transform a simple card by made to be a momma.

Shop wiggle eyes


Gemstone Bauble Christmas Card

Idea by Crystal Best.

Shop gemstone stickers


Cupcake Liner Christmas Card

Idea by crafty family.

Shop cupcake liners


Nature Craft Christmas Card

This eco-friendly card inspired by mother natured is simple to create and guilt-free. Use leaves and popsicle sticks to craft a tree or any scene you desire.

Shop glue sticks


Pop-up Gifts Christmas Card

The pop-up gift card for Christmas is easy to make but be careful when cutting the folds by Einat Kessler’s.

Shop glittery stars


Christmas 3 Step Card

This distinctive 3D card from Lisa’s Stamp Studios is bright.

Shop Christmas foam stickers


Gate Fold Latch Card

Idea by Einat Kessler.

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Tissue Roll Paper Craft Christmas Card

Recycled cards by 4 plus mama.

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Glue Gun Tree Christmas Card

Draw with hot glue gun and use paints and glitter to decorate your Christmas card by paki 83.

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Embroidered Christmas Tree

Use thread and needle to make this adorable Christmas greetings by Quinns Arte.



What is the good message I can write on Christmas cards?

Because we usually share different kinds of bonds with each relation, different messages and heartfelt notes are written for each one of them. Like expressing love and gratitude to parents, sweet little memories with siblings, and fond memories with cousins and friends.

Here are some ideas of messages you can write on your Christmas card.

For your parents, a personal and heartfelt message could be:

“To the two incredible souls who fill our home with love and warmth, thank you for being the guiding light in our lives. Wishing you a Christmas filled with endless joy, beautiful memories, and all the love in the world. Merry Christmas, Mom and Dad!”

For your Friends and Loved Ones:

“To all the amazing individuals who bring light to my life, Merry Christmas! Your being here means everything. May this festive season be filled with shared moments and treasured celebrations. Here’s to joy, togetherness, and creating lasting memories.”

For Siblings and Relatives:

“To my siblings and cherished relatives, as we come together this Christmas, may our hearts brim with joy and our bond grow stronger. Here’s to a delightful holiday season, abundant in laughter, love, and unforgettable moments. Merry Christmas!”


What is a good sentence for a Christmas Card?

Here are some examples of good sentences for Christmas Cards:

-“May the festive season bring you peace, love, and endless joy. Have a Merry Christmas!”

-“Cheers to a season of love, celebration, and a joyful Christmas for you and your loved ones!”

-“May your Christmas be merry and illuminated with joy and delight!”


How to make an interesting Christmas Card?

Creativity and Customization are two major steps involved in making your Christmas Card interesting.

Here are some steps to make your card fascinating:

Choose a theme: For example whimsical, humorous, or classical depending on your feeling and message you intend to write.

Select good quality materials: Especially for final touches like glitters, stickers, and gems.

Design a layout: Select a format like pop-up cards or different types of folding and leave enough space for each drawing/message.

Add personal touches and meaningful messages: It can be family secret or any inside joke. It can also be something you always wanted to share or a moment that means a lot to you and you want the receiver to know.

Minor details: Review your card and add final touch-ups like envelope seal, borders etc.


How do you make a Christmas card stand out?

Designing a Christmas card that stands out involves creativity, uniqueness and traditions.

Mixing all these elements with your love and affection along with customized notes and photos can make a memorable card for your special ones.


What are some good Christmas quotes and sayings?

You can also add some Christmas quotations to add warmth to your cards.

Some famous quotes are:

  1. “Christmas is not a time nor a season, but a state of mind. To cherish peace and goodwill, to be plenteous in mercy, is to have the real spirit of Christmas.” – Calvin Coolidge
  2. “Blessed is the season which engages the whole world in a conspiracy of love!” – Hamilton Wright Mabie
  3. “Christmas is the day that holds all time together.” – Alexander Smith
  4. “At Christmas, all roads lead home.” – Marjorie Holmes
  5. “The best of all gifts around any Christmas tree: the presence of a happy family all wrapped up in each other.” – Burton Hillis

These quotes capture the essence of love, joy, and togetherness during the holiday season. I hope you found your perfect greetings with these Christmas card ideas!

Written by: Sabah Waqas

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