Easy Boys Costume (Happy Halloween Ghost with free printable)

Easy Boys Costume (Ghost costume with printable).

My 4 year old is so fascinated by Halloween and all the cute scary spookiness that comes with it.

He keeps talking about witches, friendly ghosts and pumpkin faces.


We bought him a spider man costume for Halloween. But he insisted that he wants to be a ghost.

So he was a spider man at night going trick or treating.

But a happy Halloween ghost at school.


Today’s tutorial is about making a cute scary ghost for little boys.

I am also sharing a free printable/ template for Ghost.

This printable is good for so many fun projects like stenciling, vinyl and fabric decorating projects.

You can even use this template to make stenciled pumpkin face.

And the ideas are countless.


Happy Halloween Ghost


happy halloween ghost printable


Easy Boys Costume


This was a very easy project.

You will need:


  • Ink effects paint (black)
  • A printable ghost face (flip the image before printing)
  • T-shirt
  • Brush
  • Sharpie (fine tip marker)
  • Accessories to complete the ghost-look


Easy Last Minute Costume Tutorial


Make It:


halloween ghost printable template

Free Ghost Printable

Start by printing the ghost template.

Use ink effects to paint the ghost on the paper.

Place it colored side facing the fabric/ t-shirt.

And iron it on the fabric.


You can find complete tutorial and information about ink effects fabric painting


Then I outlined the blurry ghost face with sharpie to complete the look.


Since the weather is pretty cold here. I accessorized it with a hat, gloves, black jeans and a ghost puppet.

You can also paint the hat or stick cutouts on it. Saying “boo” or something like that!


There! My job was done as he was pretty excited for the morning.

easy boys costume


Happy Halloween

from our family.

Hope you had fun.

And keep an eye on those candies your little ones get.


Happy trick or treating.


Just for a fun recape, enjoy these fun ideas from this year.

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  1. Chris says:

    Thanks, Hani, you’re amazing! I don’t know how you find the time to do it all!!

  2. Smart with the accessories. I wish my mom was more creative in that department when she’d dress me for Halloween. I’d be bundled in so many layers that people would ask me what I’m supposed to be and I’d have to unzip and remove all my layers to show them -.- I appreciated staying warm though!!

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