90 Cool Pumpkin Carving Ideas to try this Fall

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Pumpkins are a classic Halloween decoration that has been a part of the Fall season decor for many years. For every age, skill level, and theme, there is tons of creative and simple pumpkin carving ideas. We have the pumpkin for you, whether you want it to be cute or scary. However, it’s a good idea to inventory your supply of carving tools, tracing templates and cutting knives before you start carving. A pumpkin carving set can make the work go more smoothly for best pumpkin carving ideas. Think of buying pumpkins in a range of sizes, colors, and textures. Once you have the required equipment and pumpkins, you may enjoy creating the most inventive pumpkin yet that is unique. Trick-or-treaters will be amazed by your front porch pumpkin decor, and their parents will ask you for hard pumpkin carving ideas.

You will also find free printables and free templates with some of these ideas where it is required. For others you can always search for a printable template online. Especially with pumpkin face templates there are tons of ideas. If you search online for Disney templates to print you will find choices as well. Just save the template, print using the inkjet printer at home and stick it using tape on your pumpkin and carve with ease.

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90 Cool Pumpkin Carving Ideas

Cool pumpkin carving ideas are easy pumpkin carving ideas for adults and kids to try this Fall. These ideas are not only pretty or good but cute and creative for carving pumpkins too.

Easy pumpkin carving ideas


Painted and carved Terrazzo pumpkins

Introducing the carved and painted terrazzo pumpkin! It’s quite simple to put together and looks terrific on a nicely decorated front porch.


Basic face pumpkin carving

Carve cute face pumpkins for kids and scary face pumpkins for teen using these simple ideas with free pumpkin face templates.


Kids friendly pumpkin carving

Use kids friendly carving tools to carve spider pumpkin. Use foam stickers, paint, patterns and lights to have more fun in decorating pumpkins with kids.


Carved pumpkin terrarium

I love this idea of throwing a pumpkin carving party and have fun with best pumpkin carving ideas with family and friends.


Drilled pumpkin design

Can drilling be an alternative to carving? Make a Halloween easy drilled pumpkins.


Succulent pumpkin planter

Unique idea involves placing succulents inside a pumpkin planter.


Artificial pumpkin leaf centerpiece

Hosting a dinner party with a fall or Halloween theme? This simple pumpkin centerpiece of a leafy pumpkin unifies the whole table.


Black and white pumpkins for Halloween

When it comes to Halloween, black and white simply have a gorgeous quality for Halloween pumpkins.


Pumpkin Family

Make a pumpkin family that is creative. You can’t go wrong with painted faces and succulents for hair.

Halloween pumpkin carving ideas


Creepy crawly pumpkin

With this original pumpkin perched on it, your doorstep will be the talk of the yearly Halloween party with creepy crawly pumpkin decorating idea.


Pumpkin vampire candles

These DIY candle holders can be used to spruce up a Halloween dinner party with vampire pumpkin candles.


Jack Skellington pumpkin

Carve a scary smile on a Jack skellington pumpkin.


Skeleton pumpkins

For Halloween, these skeleton marquee pumpkins are simply adorable.


Typography pumpkin carving

Make Happy Halloween pumpkin quickly and easily using a rotary tools and carving or engraving kit.


Venus fly trap pumpkin candy holder

You would hardly ever know this unique candy container was previously a foam pumpkin, thanks to a little paint and some fake greenery to make Carved fly trap pumpkin.


Zipper Mouth Pumpkin

Use zip and carving tools to make zipper pumpkin.


Died bride and doomed Groom

Set the stage for spooky fun with these ghastly couple who are prepared for their Halloween marriage.


Witch pumpkin carving

A witch’s stew pumpkin carving idea for your front porch or entry way by David La Rochelle.


Spooky Jail Pumpkin

Check the “Save me! I’m caged with skewers fun idea for kids.


Carved Pumpkin Scarface

On the pumpkin, use a marker to draw eyes, a mouth, and a scar (a horizontal line that is slanted and wraps around). Carve the pumpkin, puncture holes using a skewer on opposite ends of the scar and bend Q-tip into U-shape to make scarface.


Shadow box pumpkins

Make shadow box pumpkin Halloween decorations for your mantle.


Scary pumpkin carving ideas


Easy rotten pumpkins

Simple to construct with spray paints, but spooky to liven up your Halloween decorations with rotten pumpkins.


Carved Pumpkin Eyes

With these scary pumpkin carvings, keep an eye (or two) on the neighborhood. The trick? Get small white pumpkins inside large orange oranges and paint the Pumpkin eyes using acrylic paints and markers.


Simple and scary pumpkin face

Learn how to carve a scary face on pumpkin with this video.


Scary tongue pumpkin

Pumpkin carving video to make a creative scary pumpkin simple idea.


RIP Pumpkin

Create this fun spooky pumpkin with free printables online like this Raven printable from zombie pumpkins.


Pumpkin carving with props

Create a frightful pumpkin sculpture with posable vine arms using wire and foam.


Venom Pumpkin

Discovered this amazing work of art to carve out a venom pumpkin for Halloween.


Black cat pumpkins

Cut out cat ears from toothpicks, paint your pumpkins with spray paint, and add almond-shaped eyes to complete black cat pumpkins.


Dyed pumpkins

White little pumpkin intricacy is enhanced by dipping in a solution of water and food coloring.


Creative pumpkin carving ideas


Carve pumpkin candy jar

How to construct a chalkboard using a plastic or foam pumpkin as a Halloween pumpkin candy dish.


DIY nailhead trim pumpkins

The decorations on DIY nailhead pumpkins resemble furniture from Crate & Barrel!


Pumpkin pirate ship

Make a pumpkin ship for candies to give as treats on Halloween.


Halloween steam pumpkin carving

Turn a pumpkin into a carved steam pumpkin with materials at home like mason jar lids, keys and bottle caps.


Gooey pumpkin face

This is an elephant toothpaste experiment involving materials that can decay the pumpkin. However, this idea is shared to show a gooey pumpkin face effect that can be made using faux foam or gooey materials in the Halloween aisle in stores.


Octopus pumpkin

Add eight legs to a pumpkin to turn it into an easy no accidents octopus pumpkin for kids.


Geometric pumpkin carving with tools

If you enjoy using tools try making a geometric pattern pumpkin using Rockwell Sonicrafter to carve a pumpkin with ease.


Catwoman pumpkin

Use carving tools and template to make a sophisticated faux pumpkin carved catwoman.


No template pumpkin carving

Use tools at home to carve a pumpkin without any template.


Welcome Pumpkin

Carving and etching a plastic pumpkin into a welcome sign for Halloween on the entry.


Robot pumpkin

This robotic pumpkin is the coolest idea for the creative scientist inside you.


Carved Pumpkin Bowl

Carve out a pumpkin dip bowl to fit your ceramic bowl. Use it to serve dip, sauces or other food items with food presentation skills.


Animal pumpkin

Use this idea to carve out fox pumpkin as inspiration to make animal pumpkins for your porch to fascinate kids on Halloween.


Pumpkin treat bag

A pumpkin purse carved out of foam pumpkin won’t be too heavy and your kids may use it as their treat bag.


Carve Pumpkin With Dremel Tool

It’s okay if you are a beginner carver. Carve an amazing pumpkin or Jack-o-Lantern by following the instructions to carve a dog pumpkin with How to carve pumpkin with dremel tool.


Carved pumpkin flower

Flowers add interest to any craft so why not indulge ourselves into pumpkin carving with style.


Cute pumpkin carving ideas


Pumpkin house carving

It can be good to have some cute Halloween decorations occasionally rather than horrific ones like this Pumpkin house.


Cute playhouse pumpkins

Use snowball pumpkins to give them a cute DIY playhouse pumpkin touch.


Farm Pumpkins

Celebrate your favorite feathery companions with this charming and easy pair. Carve out hen and chick pumpkins with free template. Photo by Brian Woodcock.


Pumpkin fairy garden

Carve a dollar tree pumpkin fairy garden with a pumpkin fairy house.


Baby Handprint Pumpkins

Such a sweet way to mark the occasion of the child’s first Halloween with handprint and footprint pumpkins.


DIY unicorn pumpkin

Just cut off the eyes, then paint the rest to make this charming unicorn. Get Faux flowers from Amazon. Image source unknown.


Kids polka dots pumpkin

Use a drill bit to make precise holes, then add stickers for additional flair to make this colorful and enjoyable pumpkin for children. Shop stickers from Amazon or you can paint dots instead using acrylic paints. Image source unknown.


Cross stitch pumpkin craft

Poke holes and pass vibrant embroidery thread through a template design to finish this piece of art. Image source unknown.


DIY shiny pumpkins

Make glittered pumpkins in different colors for a pop in your Halloween decor.


DIY cupcake pumpkin

If you enjoy sweets, carving your favourite dessert onto your pumpkin this year will be a lot of fun like this carved cupcake pumpkin. Also find printable template for cupcake.


Creative carved pumpkin

It will look particularly adorable parked outside a trailer’s front door. But this carved RV trailer pumpkin will be a unique pumpkin carving idea for your home entry way.


Cat carved pumpkin

For all the cat lovers this Halloween drill cat carved pumpkin with step-by-step instructions.


Monster candy bowl

Instead of the usual dish of sweets, kids will adore seeing this DIY carved pumpkin candy monster.


Funny pumpkin carving ideas


Ghost carved pumpkin

Good old fashioned ghost pumpkin for Halloween.


Snail pumpkin

Make a cute snail pumpkin with spiral and gourd.


Funny pumpkin carving idea

Want to entertain your neighborhood families consider carving faces on a funny pumpkin.


Silly scary pumpkin carving

Carve silly and scary pumpkins in three different ways.


Hungry pumpkin

A large pumpkin eating a small pumpkin fun carving idea for family.


One Eye Pumpkin

Make this carved pumpkin that is cute and scary by Ray Villafane.


Sick pumpkin

A funny pumpkin idea where the pumpkin is sick and throwing up.


Small pumpkin carving ideas


House number pumpkin carving

Make a pumpkin with your street address carved directly on the front entry way. Carve pumpkin with hot knife!


Glass marble pumpkin lantern

Insert glass marbles into carved holes to create a glass bead pumpkin with more artistic flair. To make them appear like lanterns, put a candle inside glass bead jack-o-lanterns.


DIY carved pumpkins

Here is another quick and easy method to make carved pumpkin lanterns for window display.


Carved pumpkin topiary

Calling all ambitious people: Use pumpkin topiary concept to take things to the next level for your front porch.


Plaid pumpkin planter

This lively DIY creates a pleasant, floral decor by painting and carving plaid pumpkin.


Leaf pumpkin carving ideas

Bookend your front door with these enchanting carved leaf and painted pumpkins from Martha Stewart.


Owl pumpkin

The whole process would take 20 minutes only with owl pumpkin free template.


Yarn Ball Jack-O-Lantern

Show off your love of yarn by carving a creative yarn pumpkin. This idea is great for crafts hobbyist to carve things they enjoy doing.


Soccer pumpkin carving idea

Use polyhedral pattern to carve out a soccer pumpkin.


Pumpkin carving with Cricut Vinyl

Use SVG files as stickers and cutout your easy pumpkin or just enjoy it uncarved.


Alarm clock pumpkin

Get up, it’s almost Halloween! Although this clock can’t tell you the time of day, it will undoubtedly be a unique pumpkin clock.


Music note pumpkin

Carved or rather drill music notes to make a pumpkin that is great for a musician or music teacher.


Gnome house pumpkin

Little hands will enjoy helping to build this adorable little gourd cottage and watching out for the gnomes who will undoubtedly move in pumpkin fairy house.


Seahorse drilled pumpkin

Don’t reside close to the ocean? This adorable coastal drilled pumpkin appearance is adaptable to any shape.


Galaxy pumpkin carving ideas

Are you determined to carve a pumpkin that is out of this world? Use sponge to create a night sky appearance that is more realistic for galaxy carved pumpkin.


Stenciled pumpkin carving

Replace spooky faces with an artistic tile stencil that is often used for DIY projects. A more sophisticated design is the end outcome of stencil carved pumpkin. Shop stencils online.


Monogrammed stencil pumpkins

Carve your initial into a pumpkin using a printable paper stencil. You can write anything using a stencil and monogrammed pumpkin.


Pumpkin carving with a Lino cutter

A pumpkin edging using Lino cutter produces great results. The easiest technique to throw a delicate, warm light on the pumpkin is to barely scrape the surface.



Tribal gold pumpkins

Make modern carvable geometric pumpkins for Fall season table decoration.


Disney pumpkin carving ideas


Fairy magic pumpkin

This year carve a fairy magic pumpkin that is the sweetest and most magical with fairy dust.


Mickey Mouse Pumpkin

Bring Disney characters straight to your house with Disney carved pumpkins if you can’t make it there for Halloween.


Hello kitty pumpkin

A cute pumpkin idea to carve your favorite character like hello kitty on a pumpkin.

poke-ball-pumpkin pokeball-pumpkin-carving

Poke ball pumpkins

Paint and carve a poke ball pumpkin and add Pokemon printables to the pumpkin.


Spooky pumpkin diorama

Tell a story with a pumpkin diorama or add a set of pumpkins for a whole theme for an enhance story experience.


Cookie cutter pumpkins

Make neat designs using cookie cutter on pumpkins to shape and carve out with a knife. You will need a hammer to press cookie cutter into pumpkin skin.

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