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17 Creative DIY Map tutorials

DIY map tutorials

I have been wanting to make a map for a while now. I made a vinyl world map. And just yesterday I was looking at other possibilities to create one. And I found fabulous DIY map tutorials.   Make a map to record your world travel or test your kids world knowledge. These projects are […]

Creative Wooden Earrings with chalkboard

wooden earrings

Look what I got in mail! OMG, it’s a surprise from Pick Your Plum. I was so amazed to see this in my mail.  As soon as I saw their cute logo on the box, I knew I’m getting a treat today.     I love their daily deals. So I knew the box will […]

Chalkboard Globe Tutorial (Guest Post)

DIY chalkboard globe tutorial

  Here’s a tutorial from our today’s guest blogger to make Chalkboard Globe.   Hi, my name is Chrissy and I blog at Hoot Designs. I’m a creator by nature and love so many things and to make so many things, so much so that i’m all over the place crafting, so I started my […]

DIY Chalkboard tutorial using foam boards

DIY chalkboard tutorial.  Who doesn’t love a Chalkboard at Home these days? I think, we all have chalkboard in our spaces in one way or another. For kids to play on.  For us to get organized.  Or just because we love it. I wanted to make a chalkboard for my living space for a while […]

DIY Chalkboard Crafts (Best Ideas)

chalkboard crafts

Chalkboards are a great way of organizing at home. You can chalkboard just about anything you like. I am sharing some of the best ideas to chalkboard projects. A few of the DIY chalkboard crafts today. These can also be great handmade gifts.   chalkboard crafts   Here are a few fabulous ideas.

Baby Food Jars+Chalkboard Paint= Coin Banks

baby food jars

Baby food jars crafts { Recycle Coin banks}. I love random discoveries especially when they are useful. I had been thinking about two things at the same time. I wanted to do something with the baby food jars. And wanted to keep coins safely away from my little boy. So, just by default this is […]