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Kids Winter Sewing (23+ DIY Tutorials and Tips)

I am sharing Kids winter sewing projects today. There are tons of winter clothing for kids but this roundup is specifically DIY tutorials and tips for sewing at home. There are ideas for homemade winter clothes for kids.


Whether you like sewing small winter projects! Like scarfs, capes, hats, gloves, mittens, mufflers and slippers.

Or just like to save some money on winter clothing with tips to refashion last year’s kids clothes.

We all know kids grow faster and the clothes stay newer.


If you are an expert at sewing you will also enjoy winter clothing ideas for kids. Both girls and boys.

We have got ideas for sewing winter dresses, leggings, pants, pajamas and coats.

You will love the tutorials and DIY how-to’s to making these for your children.


As Winter is approaching so is Christmas.

Speaking of which, these lovely kids  children winter projects will also make great Christmas gifts.


Kids Winter Sewing


kids winter sewing


1. Winter Scarfs


DIY bow scarf
Kids winter sewing

Hooded scarf sewing pattern


2. Winter Capes


DIY winter cape
no sew kids cape

An easy tutorial to make a no sew fleece poncho for car seat.

No sew poncho


3. Winter Hats


lining winter hats
DIY winter hats
DIY kids winter hats

Kids snowman hat


4. Winter Pajamas and Pants


sewing pajama pants
kids pants with lining

Kids pant lining tutorial


5. Winter leggings


DIY winter leggings

Turn last year’s tights into leggings for this winter.

DIY winter leggings


DIY leg warmers
Kids winter sewing

Cute winter leggings


6. Winter Accessories


sewing winter slippers
kids monster mittens
DIY no slip socks

This is such a fun project using Tulip slick paints.

DIY no slip socks


DIY kids gloves

A genius idea to turn gloves into long “smittens” with socks.

DIY long gloves


DIY muffler with pockets

A muffler with sewn-up compartments for keeping hands warm or holding objects.

DIY pocket scarf


DIY pocket scarf

Another easy to sew kids scarf.

Pocket scarf tutorial


Kids Winter Sewing

7. Winter Girls Clothing


sewing kids coat
sewing DIY girls dress
DIY wool kids coat
diy winter dress
pompom sweater tutorial

DIY Pom Pom Winter Sweater


8. Winter Boys Clothing


DIY boys vest
DIY kids hoody sewing

A cute bear hoodie tutorial for ladies and kids. Boys and girls alike!

DIY Winter Bear Hoodie


winter hoody tutorial

DIY Boys winter hoody


I hope you enjoyed these Kids winter sewing projects.


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Kids Winter Sewing (23+ DIY Tutorials and Tips)

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