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25 Everyday Bathroom Cleaning Tips

Procrastinating to clean your bathroom can lead to tougher tasks. Instead cleaning bathroom everyday is a good idea! Today I am sharing 25 everyday bathroom cleaning tips and tricks, that can make your bathroom sparkle clean in no time and less effort. You will also find some hard and impossible-looking spots left with no evidence with chemical-free solutions.

Bathroom cleaning tips

Bathroom cleaning tips at craftionary.net

Everyday cleaning solutions

Keeping your bathroom clean

Good tricks to keep your bathroom clean in just 5 minutes a day.

clean your loofah

Clean your loofah regularly by soaking it in a diluted bleach solution for 5 minutes and then rinse thoroughly.

shower tub cleaning wand

We use this wand to clean our dishes, now it’s time to use it in our bathrooms. Use this shower and tub cleaning wand, when you shower.

The dish soap and vinegar works just fine for this task. Keep your bath tub clean with this easy trick.

DIY toilet refreshing fizzies

DIY homemade toilet bomb fizzes keeps your toilet looking fresh and clean.

use dryer sheets to clean toilet

Dryer sheets remove the rings on the toilet with a gentle swipe. And leaves behind a fresh scent.

how to clean a toothbrush

Clean your toothbrush naturally with white vinegar.

how to prevent water spots on shower doors

Prevent water spots on shower doors with Rain-X glass treatment and squeegee.

how to remove hard water stains from your toilet

Easiest way to remove hard water stains from your toilet using pumice stone and some elbow grease.

That’s about it all!

how to remove soap scum from shower doors

Remove soap scum from shower doors with bounce (dryer sheets) or Mr. Clean magic eraser.

make your own poo poo spray

A life saver all natural Poo poo spray. Spray this miracle worker before you poo. The spray traps the stink in the toilet water.

Super genius!

Hard to clean areas made easy

3 step faucet shower head deep clean

3 Step faucet head deep clean using vinegar, baking soda and dish soap.

unclog a sink naturally

An all natural way to unclog sink (drain without chemicals).

remove tough rust stains from the toilet

Remove stubborn rust stains from the toilet using foam brush and acid magic.

how to remove calcium buildup

Remove calcium buildup in your faucet with this simple bathroom cleaning tip.

All you need is CLR (Calcium Lime Rust) and Magic Eraser.

Tips to clean grout

homemade grout cleaner

Remove grout from the tiles naturally with bleach and baking soda.

get rid of moldy grout in the bathroom

An easy way to remove grout from the tub’s sides using cotton coil and bleach.

Soak the cotton coil in bleach and leave it on the grout overnight.

Remove the coil and brush it away with an old toothbrush.

clean grout with bleach pen

Use bleach pen to clean grout between the tiles.

clean shower curtain and mat the easy way

Why waste time scrubbing the pink scum from the shower curtains!

Put some laundry detergent and baking soda.

Through them into the washing machine on a gentle cycle. And you have brand new vinyl and fabric curtains to hang in the bathroom.

how to clean kohler tub?

Clean the base of the kohler tub with this tip, so that it looks new using ROG three proprietorial.

step by step tutorial on cleaning bathroom drain

Clean the bathtub drain.

Unscrew it and clean it properly, so that it flows freely again.

clean faucet with lemon

Use lemon to bring back the shine on your faucets.

clean bathroom exhaust fan

Clean the bathroom exhaust fan with canned air while the fan blows.

know your facts about black mold and how to clean it!

Beware of the black mold and know how to easily remove it.

Bleach, ammonia, lemon, baking soda and vinegar are proven chemical-free ways to remove the black mold.

via tilebar.com

Update: A reader suggested not to use bleach and ammonia together. It can cause a reaction more worse than the mold itself.

Thank you Karla!

how to clean rust in the bathroom

Secrets to cleaning rust off the chrome light fixture and bathroom rod.

I hope these bathroom cleaning tips and tricks prove useful in your home.

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14 responses to “25 Everyday Bathroom Cleaning Tips”

  1. Karla says:

    The mold cleanup list has bleach and ammonia on it. Please remind not to mix them together or it will be worse than mold!!!!

  2. Can’t wait to go home and try this.

  3. cunninbm says:

    Just a note: you don’t want to “remove the grout” from your shower. Grout is the cement like material that holds your tiles together. The dirt and mold that gets on the grout is not referred to as “grout.”

  4. Voinevier says:

    Thanks a lot for the cleaning tips!!! My faucets have a white patch due to hard water. I will try to clean it with lemon and will see the change.

  5. Andrew says:

    Thanks for the tips. I’ll use the rust cleaner on the chrome breakfast bar pole in our kitchen. I’ve been trying to gently clean the rust of it for ages without resorting to a wire brush!

  6. Mariëlle says:

    Bleach and ammonia are NOT naturally and chemical free cleaners. They are very toxic and dangerous. You telling the people who read this not the right information.

    • Hani Shabbir says:

      I am not saying anywhere that the ideas are chemical-free only. However, I mentioned “some” ideas are free of chemicals. Thanks!

  7. Trindy says:

    Please let everyone know not to mix bleach and vinegar it creates toxic fumes.

  8. Becca Liley says:

    I attempted to use the bounce dryer sheets to remove the soap scum from a shower door and it did not work.

    • Yen says:

      The bounce is also not working for me either. My bath door is plastic not glass door. I used the bleach on the faucet and it turned rust. I used vinegar on the counter top, it made all white spots on the counter.???

  9. Linda says:

    Yes, ammonia and bleach form ammonia gas which will kill you fairly quickly after breathing it for a few moments.

  10. Tools Specialist says:

    I really adore this site since it’s a huge help for me because I tend to delay cleaning my bathroom, but thanks to the tricks and tips you provided here. I’m thrilled because it can instantly liven up my bathroom. Knowing individuals who actually love procrastinating, they don’t want to accomplish things that take a long time, thus this is a huge assistance for me. I also love how you offered chemical-free cleaning products. Thank you very much for providing this!

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25 Everyday Bathroom Cleaning Tips

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