Cardboard wall holders a recycle home office project

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In my previous post I shared a tutorial to make multi task weekly planner board.
Today I am sharing with you how you can recycle cardboard wall holders?
DIY cardboard wall holders

Cardboard wall holders

DIY cardboard wall holders
This is an inexpensive easy tutorial to recycle cardboard into useful stationery holders that you can hang or stick on the wall.
You can use them to hold pens, pencils, paint brushes, paper, sticky notes, receipts and more.

Things to make cardboard wall holders

  • Cardboard (you can use any sturdy cardboard box)
  • Wrapping paper or decorative paper of your choice
  • Super glue or any strong glue
  • Stickers or hooks for hanging

Tutorial to make cardboard wall holders

Place you papers on the sheet to make an estimate about the width and height of the final box. Mark these two widths, “paper’s width” and “stack’s width” leave a seam area for easy sliding. Remove the paper and mark the two width’s alternatively. So, that it closes into a box. Cut the excess side.

cardboard diy

Crease the lines with pressure using ruler and scissors. If you have a bone that will be perfect. Now decide what height you want your holders to have. Mark and cut. I divided the cardboard into 3 holders. You can make according to your cardboard size.

make cardboard boxes

Now wrap the entire piece in the pattern paper like you wrap a gift and glue the ends. Make sure the ends meet down and inside the holder.

recycle cardboard into boxes

Fold and super glue the side. Leave it to dry.

cardboard boxes

Cardboard stationery holder tutorial

Now take another piece of cardboard to close one end of the holder. Place the holder over the piece of cardboard and sketch the boundaries with a pencil. Cut the corners as shown in the picture and crease the lines. Glue wrapping paper over it and push inside at the bottom. Use super glue and hold with your fingers to firmly glue the ends.

recycle cardboard into stationery holders

Here’s the final look when the glue dries.

Cardboard wall holders

Keep your sticky notes, and papers.

Cardboard paper holders

Pens or any other stationery items. They are also good for keeping receipts and business cards.

Cardboard pen holders
Now what I like more is a small pocket size calendar on the board. So that I can note days and dates associated with it. Schedule and manage my weeks and months with ease. You can print a calendar online for free.
Moreover, I found this interesting site where you can customize and organize pocket notebook. You can make and print at PocketMod for free. You can make memos, lists, organizers, calendars and much more and drag the pages on to the notebook.
When your done, print and fold it. Now I am all set to organize and manage everything. Time to put it to practical use. Till next week
Love and be loved
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