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Best winter gardening solutions and protection for plants

This is a collection of the best of the best winter gardening solutions, which emphasize on each and every aspect of winter gardening ideas. From preparing your green houses to preparing your soil and from growing winter plants to covering them up. This year learn and implement these techniques to gain the best results from your gardens. Ideas that emphasize protection of plants, flowers and trees from cold and freeze are also of interest for winter gardeners.


Winter Gardening


Winter gardening solutions


Generalized Winter Gardening Guide


a comprehensive guide to winter gardening

 A comprehensive guide to gardening in winter by hortzone:-

This info graphic tell you exactly how to plan for, prepare and protect your gardens in winters. It is a complete guide to how, when, what and where to grow plants in winters.


5 ways to extend your growing season

5 ways to extend your growing seasons by sel freliant school:-

The link gives you 5 ways to let your plants survive the winters and stay green and healthy all year round. Find more details about low tunnels, cold frames, hoop houses, unheated green houses and heating the soil (such as mulch and soil cover/ row cover). You can also additional use cloche and hot bed.



winter and urban gardening solutions

Winter and urban gardening solutions by scoop it:-

Learn everything you need to know about container gardening, so you can keep your surroundings clean and green when ever winter is coming.


Best crops for Fall and Winter garden

How to plant fall and winter garden? by family food garden:-

Great tips on year round crops and cold hardy crops with different types of season extenders and solutions for great yield of plants that grow in Fall and Winter.


Top ten winter garden plants

Winter garden plants by garden therapy:-

Top ten garden plants for Winter includes emerald colonnade holly, cherry dogwood tree, Japanese maple tree, berry poppins winterberry, hydrangea, winter jasmine, cotoneaster, bamboo, witch hazel, magnolia, hellebore, and manrovia.


Preparing Your Green House For Winter Gardening


time to clean your green houses for winter

 Time to clean your green houses for winter by express:-

Deborah Stone explains us how to prepare your green house for the upcoming rainy winters. Learn the do’s and don’ts of the green house cleaning before winter takes control.


how to build unheated greenhouse for year round gardening

How to build non-heated green house for year round gardening? by tree hugger:-

In this video based link Eliot Coleman teaches techniques to build a green house in such a way that you could grow green veggies all year round.


4 ways to heat a greenhouse

4 ways to heat a green house by bio prepper:-

Every winter brings a change in the temperature that causes damage to your beautiful plants with the link above learn 4 different ways to heat your green house in winters and find the right one suited for your green house.


Protecting Your Greens From Winter Frost


preventing damage to trees and shrubs in winter

 Preventing damage to trees and shrubs in winter by thrifty fun:-

Learn all about different types of wraps used in winter to protect your trees, and learn how to apply them correctly. These include paper tape, duct tape, plastic spirals (guards), aluminum tape, biodegradable wraps, white paint and wooden boards.

how to protect plants in winter

 How to protect plants in winter? by hgtv gardens:-

The link gives tips and reasons for wrapping your plants in winter and for the sticky honey dew found on your plants.

the cold hard facts of protecting potted plants

 The cold hard facts about protecting potted plants by hgtv gardens:-

HGTV has a lot of winter gardening tips and ideas, but this one specifically emphasizes on the potted plants. There are tips and tricks on where to start and how to prepare your pots and your plants for the winter.


5 Ways to Protect Potted Plants in Winter

 5 ways to protect potted plants in winter by grow for age cook ferment:-

Five basic techniques you should consider if you plan on protecting your potted plants in the winter.

  1. 1. Bring them inside
  2. 2. Cover potted plants with mini greenhouses
  3.  3. Bury potted plants into the ground
  4.  4. Cover the tops of the plant with mulch (leave,straws and whatever organic material you can find)
  5. 5. Create wind breaks and heat sinks by creating a wall around the pot of rocks, planks, cinder blocks, bricks etc.


How To Keep Your Winter Blossoming


plants to grow in winters

 Plants that bloom in winters by good house keeping:-

Know the 9 different types of plants you can grow in winters without worrying too much about taking care of them or protecting them from frost. These include holly bushes, pieris japonica, honeywort, kaffir lily, sweet alyssum, winter honeysuckle and camellia.


how to protect your evergreens in winter

How to protect your evergreens in winter by rodales organic life:-

Protecting your evergreens is not the only thing you should worry about in winters. There’s always the danger of being slam dunked by a tree bent due to heavy load of frost above you.


Winter gardening chart for vegetables

Winter garden chart via territorial seed.


How to prepare roses for winter?

Winterizing your rose bushes by dirt empress:-

Keep your roses protected through winters with these guidelines that help you in preparing your roses for the harsh winters. See what you can do to protect your favourite cold climate roses during the winter months, prevent die back, and have more flowers next year. There are several options including burlap wraps, rose collars, hilling, mulch, and an unusual method called tipping.


winter care for azaleas shrub

 Winter care for azalea’s shrub by gardening know how:-

The beautiful looking delicate azaleas need a lot of work to survive in winter’s, from preparing the soil to covering the shrubs, all you need to know about azaleas in winters is right in this one place.


Maintain Your Nutrition Supply In Winters


Protecting citrus trees from cold

How to protect citrus from frost? by sunday gardener:-

Everything you need to know about protecting your citrus trees from freeze attacks in winters is right here.

how to wrap a hardy banana tree in winter

 How to wrap a hardy banana tree in winter? by vancouverson:-

Larry Wick tell you everything about how to wrap a hardy banana tree from list of materials to the techniques of wrapping.

caring for raspberries and strawberries in winter

 Caring for strawberries and raspberries in winter by gardening channel:-

Strawberries and raspberries are the best fruits to grow in the winter seasons but even the hardiest plants cannot withstand the harsh frosty winters. This link gives you the easiest tips on how to protect your strawberries and raspberries in winter.

how to prepare grape vines for winter

 How to prepare grape vines for winter? by gardening know how:-

Protecting grape vines in winter mostly needs emphasis on covering techniques and proper pruning. a greater emphasis is given on overwintering the grape vines.


head start to tomatoes in winter

Head start to tomatoes in winters by gardening channel:-

If you plan on planting your tomatoes or peppers early this season than learn how to protect them in winter with these easy tips and tricks.


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Best winter gardening solutions and protection for plants

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