Halloween. July 24th, 2016

DIY Ghost Tutorials (Handmade Halloween Crafts)

DIY Ghost Tutorials. Do you like scary Halloween decorations or cute? You can make DIY ghosts for home decoration for Halloween both.

Ghosts are so easy and fun to create. And you can simply create them with the least number of supplies. Halloween ideas are so many but I wanted to share some ghost tutorials for a ghostly Halloween setup today.


DIY Ghost Tutorials


Let’s have a look at these Halloween crafts.


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DIY Ghost tutorials


Handmade Halloween Crafts


trapped ghost tutorial

This is hilarious. A naughty ghost is trapped in a jar.

Trapped ghost


paper ghost party bags

Make cute googly eyes paper bags for treats.

Paper ghost treat bags


mason jar ghosts tutorials

Make these cute ghosts with painted mason jars and googly eyes.

Mason jar Halloween crafts


Halloween ghost headband

Ghost headband


Halloween feet ghost

DIY Ghost Feet

Make this ghost wall art with paint on your feet. Fun for kids to try.

Ghost wall art


ghost treat box halloween

Cute Halloween Treat Box

Make this paper treat box with easy origami instructions.

Ghost treat boxes


Ghost halloween topiary tutorial

Halloween topiary

Ghost topiary made with styrofoam, wooden dowel rod and cheesecloth.

Ghost topiary tutorial


Halloween ghost stenciled pillow

Ghost Pillow

Stenciled pillow of ghosts, bats, witches, spiders… Tons of cute stenciled pillows you can make like this!

Stencil ghost pillow


Ghost pillow tutorial

Halloween ghost stuff toy for kids.

Halloween kids craft


DIY halloween ghost tutorial

Halloween decorations

Make hanging little ghosts for decorating a chandelier or front porch on Halloween.

DIY hanging ghosts


DIY Halloween ghost tutorial

Scary Halloween ghost

Make a scary Halloween ghost with chicken wire and cheesecloth.

DIY Ghost Tutorial


DIY ghost tutorial wreath

Halloween wreath

Make a ghosts wreath with felt. You can also find a free printable for scallops.

Ghost wreath tutorial


DIY ghost wall art

Ghosts on glass

Make frosted ghosts on glass. Great for decorating Halloween mantel.

Halloween ghost art


DIY ghost tutorials garland

RIT dyed lighted fabric ghosts garland on the mantel. Loving it!

DIY Ghost Garland


bulb ghost wreath tutorial

Handmade Ghosts Craft

Halloween wreath made with ghosts from bulbs.

Bulb ghosts wreath tutorial


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    Fun collection of ghost ideas! Thank you so much for including my skeleton ghost! 🙂

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