Table top ironing board (Guest Post)

Welcome Danielle, she is sharing a DIY ironing board tutorial (Table top ironing board).

My name is Danielle and I am the creator of the Minimoz blog. I am really excited to be here today. Thanks Hani! The real minimoz’s behind my crafting is Zac 4 and Ella 2. I love the inspiration I get from them.

Today I am showing you how to make,

 Portable Table Top Ironing Board.


table top ironing board

Ironing board


When I first started using pinterest, I pinned this!

I have a small laundry and keep my ironing board away in the cupboard. I love to sew but hate that I have to get the ironing board out for a small project. This new ironing board is perfect!

I even leave it next to me while I’m sewing.


table top ironing board

 Table top ironing board tutorial


You will need:
ironing board
Foam (mine was approx an inch)
Nail gun or stapler
First cut the plywood and foam to the size you need.
Place the fabric wrong side facing up and lay the foam down.
Make sure you have plenty of fabric to wrap around. And place the plywood down too.
DIY ironing board
Fold the fabric over twice, it gives it more stability. Begin to staple, be careful if you are using a power tool!
Make a hospital bed fold on the corners and pull it tight.
ironing board tutorial
table top ironing board
I also added some felt padding on the corners.
Ironing board
All done  It should look like this.

I will be leaving mine on top of the washing machine!


table top ironing board


Thanks for such a useful idea to make a table top ironing board.

I love it because it makes ironing easy. And is a great idea for small spaces.


Useful Tips:

Use 100% cotton fabric  And 100% cotton batting.

Synthetic blends are a fire hazard. Avoid using foam and other synthetic stuffing for ironing boards.

(Suggested by our reader Michelle Thanks!)


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  1. Michelle says:

    Love the concept. I suggest using 100% cotton batting instead of the foam. Foam is highly flammable as it is synthetic. The fabric also needs to be 100% cotton. A synthetic blend fabric is also a fire hazard.
    Another good option for fabric is the silver teflon coated fabric made for this purpose. It helps reflect heat back onto what you are ironing for a very efficient ironing.

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