Make Painted Magnetic Board with foam board

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Make a stencil painted magnetic board, a decorative home project. Easy foam board magnetic paint tutorial with how to instructions and step by step images. I am so excited to finally share my most bragged about project. The painted magnetic board.

You know how it feels when you imagine a project. And it turns out that good too. I felt great when I completed this stenciled magnetic board. I coated foam board with magnetic paint. Painted it white and then stenciled the surface. The painted magnetic board can be styled in many ways. You can use it as a photo display or decorative accent.

painted magnetic board

I like to call it my magnetic photo frame.  As I am in L.O.V.E with it, especially every morning when it takes me into regular glimpses of wonderful memories. When I look at all those cute old pictures. What’s more interesting is the fact that I can keep changing the pictures and have fun doing so.

painted magnetic board

I am also very excited and honored to review one of many beautiful Royal Design Studio stencils. I tell you, it was so hard to choose from all the stencil variety they have! Each and every stencil has it’s own charm. And a whole lot of imagination is accelerated when you look at them. I was pretty confused about choosing between large hollywood squares and the encantada damask stencils. But I finally ended up choosing the second one.

 I found the stencil rolled and very well packed in the box.

painted magnetic board

Material for Painted Magnetic Board

For making this project, you will need:

  • Stencil
  • Acrylic paint- Turquoise (I used delta paint)
  • Turquoise beads (I bought mine from Michaels- Bead Gallery collection)
  • Aqua colored ribbon
  • Foam board
  • White spray paint
  • Magnetic paint and magnetic disks
  • Mod Podge and some strong glue

painted stencil board

Step by step instructions to make magnetic board

Paint the foam board with nice two to three coats of Magnetic paint. Use roller to paint. The coats determine the strength of the magnetic field. You will need to check the strength you require, before moving to the next step. Let it dry and then spray it with two-three coats of white paint. When finished arrange the stencil on the board.

UPDATE: The magnetic field was temporarily developed but failed to work after few days, I then ended up using two magnets to hang the photos.

One at the front and one at the back.


An easier method will be to use two magnetic disks. One at the front to hold the pictures and one at the back to create magnetic field. It works! I tried it out and it’s also a budget friendly trick.


How to stencil paint on any surface?

Use the stencil adhesive spray as per directions. And stick the stencil to the foam board. Then using a sponge brush, paint the stencil. It is best to dab the excess of paint off the brush. This prevents the paint from bleeding out. Start by painting the edges first and then continue to the center. Dab the paint over the stencil.  Don’t drag the brush and keep the brush straight while dabbing and not tilted in one direction.

Note: I highly recommend using stencil adhesive spray. My first stencil project (the without version) was a disaster.

The paint had spread out and it was ugly.

how to stencil paint

The final result is a Beauty.

One thing I like about acrylic paints is that they dry quickly. Just as I was done painting the stencil, it was time to peel it off.

When removing the stencil make sure you go very slowly and carefully. Follow the instructions to clean the stencil. It is better to clean it as early as possible. As the paint is not completely dry and it is easier to remove.

I cleaned my stencil in the bath tub.

how to stencil paint

I like to decoupage the painted layer using mod podge. As, it seals and protects it well.

how to stencil

I found these turquoise jewelry beads from the Bead Gallery collection at Michaels. And it was instant love.

Finally use some strong glue to stick the magnetic disks on the back of the beads.

painted magnetic board


The Magnetic photo display board is complete.

painted photo display

Stick the ribbon on the sides to give it a more complete look.

magnetic board

I am pretty confused about framing the board.

Do you think I should frame it or not?

And if so, which color would you suggest I should go for!

The red, black, white or blue? Please, help me sort this out. Thanks so much!!

painted magnetic board

It was a great fun project.

painted magnetic board

painted magnetic board

Another most popular way to make Magnetic Board is with:

Metal Sheets

Add a sheet of metal into a frame and voila! Magnetic board is ready. You can also cover it will fabric or burlap. Looks decorative and complete. If you have old baking trays they are also good to use.


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  1. Elise Engh says:

    Hey, I love our magnet board! Awesome! And who knew there was such a thing as magnetic spray paint? I sure didn't know. I think your board looks good with the white frame.

  2. Kassi @ Truly Lovely says:

    LOVE this!!! 🙂 I definitely need one of these for my craft room/office space! Off to pin it now!!

  3. Deborah March says:

    BEAUTIFULLY done! What a pretty colour too.

    Deborah, visiting from

  4. Wendy says:

    Great idea! I can't believe that is made from foam board & magnetic paint! I am definitely going to have to try that!

  5. Danielle says:

    I love this. Anything with a damask print is fantastic in my book, but this one takes the cake. Love it. Thanks so much for linking up!

  6. Danielle says:

    new follower!

  7. Lindsay says:

    This is so pretty! I love the damask print & the color is fantastic! Great job & so creative!

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    Love the color and the print!! SO CUTE!

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  10. Jessa Smith says:

    I love the stencil you used! It's so pretty and perfect and I love magnet boards! This turned out awesome!


  11. Sara says:

    Oh my goodness!! How GORGEOUS!!! Would LOVE for you to link this up at my brand new turquoise lovin' party!! 😉 I want to learn this so I will be marking for pinterest!

  12. Elegantpaws says:

    beautiful stencil and colour choice. I love damask.

  13. Mariaelena says:

    loving the magnetic board…great idea and sooo pretty with the choice of stencil….nice to meet you…come on over and visit me too…following now…Mariaelena

  14. Karen says:

    I like the white frame best. Great job!

  15. Karen says:

    I love the white frame best. Great job! Inspirational.

  16. Claire says:

    love this magnetic stencil board-I'm your newest follower!

  17. Ty and Whitty says:

    wow I love that stencil and it looks so beautiful on that bored. Thank you so much for sharing and for linking up to Show and Share #2. I hope you are having fun at the party 🙂

    A mommy's life…with a touch of YELLOW

  18. says:

    Gorgeous. I can't believe it started as foam board.

  19. Marie says:

    That turned out beautiful! I love the stencil! Thanks for linking up at Show and Share!


  20. Jennifer @ Delightfully Noted says:

    What a fabolously unqique photo frame! You also stenciled it in one of my favorites colors!

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    This is great! What a cool idea. I'd love if you stopped by my blog and checked out the giveaway I'm having for a Dremel Trio!

  22. Melanie says:

    I love what you did with the Encantada Damask Stencil Hani! Thanks for creating such a great project with it. As for the frame-it's hard to say because they all look good! Best-Melanie

  23. Cheryl @That's What Che Said says:

    Love this! I alwasy forget about magnetic paint! Genius Your board turned out beautifullly! Thanks for the inspiration and the tips about the spray adhedsive!

  24. gail says:

    Your magnetic boards look great!
    I love that stencil.

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    this is so pretty! I love the blue color! thanks so much for linking to handmade tuesdays

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  31. stricksonne says:

    love the stencil you used!!! greetings, angie

  32. Milla says:

    What a pretty stencil! And it's Turquoise! Love it. It looks easy enough for me to try. It would look perfect in a little girl's room

  33. Sanket says:

    It's beautiful. The choice of color is very good. I like the way you created those magnets.If you ask me, I like it the way it is- frameless!Thanks for linking up at Tea Time Thursdays @ Kreative Korner and adding to the fun. The party for this week is going on… hope to see you there again 🙂

  34. SFMama says:

    So cool! I am hoping to mash this tute up with a Better Homes & Garden (I think)tute using acrylic panels and transparent photos… What an awesome idea and beatuiful, beautiful product. I think it looks grand without a boarder. I think it would look awesome in a dorm. My cousins would die for one. Thanks for posting such a great project.

  35. Self Storage says:

    Well magnetic photo frame is a right name that suits this texture must say, it looks amazing.

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    Oh Wow, that looks so stylish, what a great job you did, Karima

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    I love red with this color. I am going to search for the magnetic paint, how neat!

  39. Diane says:

    Do you make a custom board with a magnetic surface, frame and a painted initial? I’m looking for a large size such as 30×40

    1. Hani Shabbir says:

      You can go to home depot and get a steel sheet and have one of the workers cut it to your custom dimensions. You can then spray paint it and put inside of any frame. I made one for my crafts room, it works perfectly. Hope this helps!

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