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Stocking net butterflies made easy and cute

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Stocking net butterflies.

BUTTERFLY is an insect with slender body, knobbed antenna and four broad colorful wings. Butterflies are beautiful and colorful. Everybody loves butterflies, they define the happiness in your garden. Butterflies have always been a part of craft, so why not make stocking net butterflies. I tried to make many different types of butterflies, so you all have a lot of variety in this post.

Make stocking net butterflies


These stocking net butterflies especially become look adorable as little girl’s accessories and baby girl’s nursery / little girl’s bedroom.

Think about making a nylon/ stocking net butterflies mobile, garland, wall art…

Or refashion a headband with stocking net butterflies. May be add it as a feature on a pink lamp.

And so much more…

These butterflies are sure to look crazy adorable and cute.

Makes me wish for a baby girl! 😀

Here’s how I tried to make stocking net butterflies for the first time.

Stocking net butterflies tutorial



  • Ring size (4) and (5)
  • Stocking net/ nylon
  • Floral tape
  • Nylon thread
  • Wire
  • Plier
  • White glue or mod podge
  • Tissue paper or wipe
  • Acrylic paintsFor complete nylon flowers material information see NYLON MATERIAL.


Stocking net butterflies tutorial


  • Make 4 wings. 2 wings of the size (4) and 2 wings of the size (5) for each butterfly. Now thread the pairs of wings together. In this way you will have 1 pair size (4) and 1 pair size (5) wings for your butterfly.
  • Follow the instructions for making petals in the post Basic Nylon Flower.
  • Now I have 3 different types of butterfly bodies for you to try out.

Lets check them out:

(1) Stocking net butterfly with the shaped body

Take a piece of napkin/ tissue paper and shape it in any way you want the body of the butterfly. Also use some water to make the surface soft and easy to mold as you like. Now cover it up with stocking net and thread it at the back. Dab a lot of glue on one side and press against the wings on the side showing wires. For best results use strong glue. Hold it with pressure for a while to secure it in place. Leave it to dry over-night.


(2) Stocking net butterfly with glued leftovers

Secondly, you can try cutting some scraps of nylon and gluing them to the body of the butterfly where the wires are visible and this way also looks really pretty and original. The white glue becomes invisible on drawing. I took the picture when it was wet which makes it look messier in the picture.


The easiest and most natural look comes from wrapping a piece of tissue/ napkin paper over the wires and glue the ends over. Let it dry and paint it. I used acrylic paints to paint the body of the butterfly.

When done simply use wire and shape the antennas and fit over the body. I wanted to make the butterflies with it’s original colors, you can also use different colored nylon and paints. I am sure it will look more beautiful.

Your little-tiny-cute butterfly is ready. Shape the wings the way you like and your butterflies are ready to fly.



3) More ways to make butterflies

You might also like these pretty butterflies that I made earlier as Christmas tree ornaments.

Wave the wings of the butterflies before covering it up with nylon gives your butterfly the look the white butterfly has in the picture below.

~ Roll around the pencil to make waves.


To make this one I used green wire to make the wings. Now loop a wire so that the 2 ends will become the antennas and twist the other end so that the beads don’t run down the wire. Then thread in some pretty beads on the wire and glue it over the wings to form the butterfly’s body. You can also use glittered markers to make fancy motives on the wings.

This one has body made with cotton and glitter sprayed all over it. When your wings are ready simply pinch in the wires into the body and glue them to secure in place.

A big colorful bead perfectly fancy the body of butterfly. For the wings apply some glue on the sides of the wings and sprinkle some glitter, shake and remove the excess of glitter and let it dry.

I hope you enjoyed all these different types of stocking net butterflies. Let me know your work when you try your hands at making them and if you already have made some! I would love to learn some more creative ways to make these butterflies.

I also made a wall art with stocking net butterflies.

You can check it out:


Make stocking net butterflies specimen art

Make nylon butterflies

{Handmade flowers}

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    how lovely! I have never thought about making these. now I just have to find out what stocking net is and where to get it!

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    The butterflies look beautiful… especially love the white one …

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