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Nylon flowers material

  • The basic material for every nylon flower is the same.
  • Nylon/ stocking net is available in a variety of colors. Choose  any according to your project. They come in single as well as dual colors.

  • Constructive rings come in set of 8. Gives you a perfect petal every time, also used for making leaves. If you do not have these rings. You can use the ring sizes I have mentioned as the diameter of the circle. Use lids, caps, glasses etc to wind the wire.

  • Nylon Thread binds the net perfectly. You can use white thread for every project but they are also available in colors. I have also heard from a few readers that they used ordinary thread for the purpose and it worked perfectly

  • Pliers are available in many shapes and sizes. Buy a plier that is smooth and works with less pressure application. As making so many petals continuously dries your fingers resulting in minute cuts that hurt when your finger gets pressed.

  • Scissors for cutting

  • Stem Wire as the name says it all, used to make the stem of the flower. Comes in two sizes. I use #2. As the stem is covered with floral tape you can also use stems from dried flowers in your garden, the natural shape makes it look real.
  • Wire comes in many colors and sizes. I have used silver wire in all my projects, you can also use colored wire of same color for your flowers. The higher the number the thinner the wire. #22-#24 gauge wire is used for making petals of the flowers and #26 gauge wire for leaves usually.
  • Floral Tape to cover the wires and thread, once the flower is complete.

  • Stamens and buds are a part of every flower. They give the flowers a natural look. Stamens for flowers like sunflower are also available but you can always make your own or use a real sunflower bud.

  • Leaves made of plastic can be used but you can always use leaves made of  nylon, they look more beautiful.

You can find all the required material online at:

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    8. Helen Sullivan says:

      Thank you so much for you kindness giving me the instruction for tulips and roses. You have made my day.
      You have a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend. God Bless you and your family.

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    Nylon flowers material

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