Natural dark circle remedies

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Are dark circles irritating you? Then natural remedies are a good bet for you. Why? Because they have no side effects, and they are inexpensive. So, a package like this must be given a choice. The only problem is it’s natural, so it’s naturally a slower process. Give it 4-5 weeks and you will start seeing the results.

A life without technology and less sleep is not possible! But a continuous use of natural dark circle remedies with patience is!

natural dark circle remedies

I am sharing 5 most effective dark circle natural remedies. Choose the one that sounds the most promising to you. And continue to use it twice a day. Ideally, in the morning and night.

Natural dark circle remedies

Vitamin E

Vitamin E goes a long way in rejuvenating your skin. Split open a Vitamin E capsule use half under your eyes. And swallow the other half. It also helps reducing wrinkles in the long run.

natural dark circle remedies

Vitamin C

Mix Vitamin C into your moisturizer. That’s it. Now use it everyday.

natural dark circle remedies

Tomatoes and Lemons

This one works wonders, I mean it, seriously! Mix a splash of tomato juice, a squeeze from a lemon, a dash of turmeric powder and a pinch of flour to make a paste. Leave the mask under your eyes for 15 minutes and wash off.

dark circle remedies

Tea Bags

Soak tea bags in water and refrigerate them. Place cool tea bags over your eyes and relax. A friend of mine tried this one and we made fun of her. But it worked wonders for her.

dark circles solution


And off course the most famous remedy of them all. Refrigerated cooling effect of sliced cucumber. Sounds as promising as it is!


I hope these tips help you reduce the dark circles. Which one are you leaning more to try?

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