How to get rid of split ends

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The most common problem that mostly women face  is split-ends. Now what actually causes split-ends? Split-ends are the result of damage to the tips of the hair, mostly caused by sun rays and excessive use of blow dryers, hair straighteners, hot rollers and strong chemicals. When I was in high school, I streaked my hair. It was looking great but the problems began when I discovered damaged hair after a few months. I got so frustrated I goggled for hair expert’s advises and used almost every product in my reach to bring back healthier hair but in veins.

get rid of split ends

 How to get rid of split ends

  • Finally, now I can say what actually helped. The strong chemicals from the streaking procedure took all the life from my hair and it took me four years to realize that the best cure for this type of damage is not to TRIM but to CUT your hair about 2 to 3 inches. But the pampering does not stop here. You have to be careful when exposing your hair to sun rays and limit your use of hair styling tools.
  • Another tip that really proved itself is to take shower in WARM and not HOT water. The heat from the water not only damages the tips but also causes dryness of the skin and scalp resulting in itchiness and other various problems.
  • Comb your hair most often, combing increases circulation and keeps the scalp clean so your hair can breathe.
  • Last but not the least keep oiling your hair. Either you love to use coconut oil, almond extract or any hair conditioning oil product, make it a habit to use oil once bi-weekly.

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