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DIY Box pouch sewing tutorial

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Today’s guest shares a very useful tutorial on sewing a box pouch for beginners. Make a DIY box pouch, a simple beginners sewing project. Make a zipper box pouch with fabric DIY sewing tutorial with pictures to help you make it with step by step instructions.

DIY fabric box pouch

fabric box pouch

box pouch

Hi, lovely readers at Craftionary. This is Kaelin from The Plaid Scottie. And I am sharing my very well detailed tutorial on fabric box pouch today.

box pouch sewing instructions
I am using pink print for exterior and purple solid for interior of the pouch in this tutorial so that it is easier to understand.

Material to make box pouch

  • 2 exterior fabric pieces (8″x10″)
  • 4 interfacing pieces (8″x10″)
  • 1 zipper (12″)
  • Twill tape or 2 linen pieces for zipper pull (3″)

This will make a finished pouch of dimensions 6×4.5×3 (length x width x height).

DIY fabric box pouch

Box Pouch step by step instructions

Iron interfacing on both the pieces of the fabric, this will act as the support to the box shape of the pouch.

Draw the seams (1/2″) on the front and back of the exterior piece (using water-soluble pen), on the left and right side (and not the top and bottom).

This will guide you when you start sewing.

fabric with pin needles for sewing

 Now layer the lining (front side up), zipper (front side up) and exterior panel (wrong side up).

zipper and fabric photo for sewing

Now stitch the zipper to the fabrics using your zipper foot leaving 1/8″ distance from the teeth of the zipper.

Note: you have to start and end on the 1/2″ line on the left and right side of the fabric. This is important.

instructions to stitch a zipper

Fold, iron and front-stitch leaving 1/8″ distance, starting and stopping at the 1/2″ marks.

stitching zipper instructions

Repeat the same method to sew the zipper on the other side of the fabric.

sewing box pouch

Now carefully fold the fabric and pin, so that the two lining panels are facing each other and the two printed panels (exterior) are facing each other.

Sew the print panels together leaving a 1/4″ seam line (do not worry about leaving 1/2″ at the end).

When sewing the lining panels together, remember to leave 2 1/2″ opening in the centre. This will be used at the end to turn the bag right side up when we are finished.

zipper pouch with fabric instructions

Pull the lining panel out, fold and center over the zipper; finger crease to flatten it. Repeat the same with the printed panel.

 box pouch step by step instructions

At the end of the zipper, fold a piece of twill/ linen tape in half and pin it at the center of the zipper. Make sure the loop is facing in and when you pin it to the zipper you do not catch any lining.

fabric box pouch 2

Flip over and sew the 1/2″ seam, be careful not to include any lining in the stitch or you will not get your box shape perfectly in the end.

Fabric box pouch

sewing machine and fabric to stitch zipper

Now repeat the twill sewing on the other side of the pouch. Remember to open your zipper a little before sewing, otherwise it is very difficult to turn the box right-side-up.

box pouch 4

Your bag should now look like this. Trim the excess seam and zipper.

Note that you should be able to pull the lining and exterior apart at this point

sewing fabric to make a pouch

As demonstrated, pull one of the corner.

box pouch

Measure 1 1/2″ down and 3″ across and carefully draw a straight line.

sewing pictures to make fabric pouch

Pin and sew the corner in place. Make sure your fabric is lying completely flat before you sew it, otherwise the corners will be pinched out.


sewing images to make a fabric pouch

Repeat the same with the other 7 corners of the fabric. Trim the seam when you are finished.

Tip: Do not trim the seam along the way but wait until you sew all the corners so that if something goes wrong you can rip off the seam and fix it.

box pouch 2

Before turning the box right-side-up you will have to sew the lining and exterior together at the zipper.

Find and flatten the side seams as much as possible and sew your seam 1/4″ above and below the zipper.

sewing tutorial for pouch

Pull right-side-out from the opening in the lining. Hand stitch or machine sew the opening in the lining before pushing it in. Poke all the corners of the box.

sewing box pouch
Congratulations! You have made a box pouch.
box pouch 3
Thanks for sharing such a well explained box pouch tutorial with us Kaelin.

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