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Eid decorations ideas and crafts

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I always love Eid decorations ideas, crafts and parties. This year I am on the move to celebrate Eid with my family. Yay! I was too busy packing and shopping for my friends and family. And found featuring a few spectacular ideas my best bet. I am writing this post in advance. And really hope it helps generate some great creative Eid decoration ideas. May this Eid be creative and decorate a beautiful welcoming home for your friends and family.

Have a wonderful Eid.

Eid Decorations

(wishing you all Happiness and Love for the coming year in advance)


Let’s get started:

Eid Decorations Ideas, Crafts and DIY Projects

DIY Eid Crafts for Home

Make these cute Eid buttons. Great for projects at home or even sew them on your shirts.
You can make these buttons with printable paper and resins (envirotex).
A very useful idea to make a Greeting card for Eid that can be planted, handmade plantable greeting card.
Beautiful Quilled Crescent card with cute stars and a mosque.
What a wonderful idea, I love the color combination. Very cute idea over at Quilling card.
Make Falling star strands.
Hang them around your house for Eid decor. You can also make these strands with crescents.
The Candle light lantern made from wood. This is a great night time party idea. Candles with look beautiful in them at the entrance. Make one following this easy tutorial at Star Wooden Lantern.
Paint your plain shirt using a freezer paper. This is a very fun idea.
Cut a pattern and iron the freezer paper on the fabric. It will stick. The use paint to customize your shirts.
I can think of tons of ideas using this technique.
Like an Entrance Welcome Flag made with fabric. And painted message greeting every one. “Happy Eid”.
Eid Door hanging made with ribbons and wooden spray painted letters.
Great idea at Crafting with intentions.

Eid Decorations using Stars

Star garland made with paint chips.
Make Orchids or flowers with Nylon. Make a centerpiece with candles and accent stones.
A simple Eid decoration idea. See how you can make it Flowers decorating idea for home.

Ramadan Treats Eid Time

I wanted to share this Ramadan Calendar idea, because it is very creative.
On Eid it can be used for placing party favors or Eidi to kids in a more special way.
Cuteness. The Paper stars are so much fun to make. Even your kids will love making them.
Kellie shares good step-by-step instructions at Paper star tutorial.
Do you like that Beautiful sticker at the top of the gift box? I am sure you do.
This and many more amazingly cute and vibrant downloadable free printables are available at Ramadan Challenge (no longer available).
Make Place cards on this Eid, cute and inviting.
Make stars for hanging on the table using five paper cones. Cut them in cone shape at the end. Glue them together to complete one star. Spray paint and add glitter.
Make a star napkin holder. I think this one is made with cardboard or thick paper.
Make a glitter star for decorating. Cut a paper in star shape. And sprinkle glitter on it.

Eid Decorations – Dinner Table

A few Decoration ideas by Martha Stewart.
The stars and colorful centerpiece hangings symbolize Eid.
A beautiful purple and blue decoration set-up.
Rhinestones are very popular nowadays. Apply half moon Nail design, it will look spectacular on Eid.
See some tips and ideas and half moon nail designs can be found on IG (update).
Cute Stars sprinkle around the table runner. And center piece idea.
Make these stars out of card stock using paper punch. Or you can cut them using scissors.
I love the teepee trees with stars. Easy to make with sticks and paper.
A colorful Butterfly mobile as the centerpiece. Cut felt butterflies.
And use thread and pom poms to sew this mobile.
This decoration in the room will look amazing on Eid celebration.
Candles give so much warmth on every ocassion.
Make this beautiful candle centerpiece.
Burlap and paper rosettes are glued onto a vase.
Easy to make and looks amazing.
Simple wonderful idea.
Candles and glass for decoration.

Eid decorations

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These are updated regularly whenever I find unique ideas.

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