HolidaysMother's Day. October 27th, 2010

Mother’s day nylon flower greeting cards

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How can someone define the importance of a mother. All that I can say is a Mother is a Mother. She is the only one who will be there for you always. She is so important that even the brightest star in the sky can not match her existence. 
“On Mother’s Day if you will just wish her, she will be the happiest being on Earth. That’s how simple her heart is. But if you give her something special and let her know how extraordinary she means to you, she will not only keep but will embrace your gift with so much love that you will literally cry with happiness. That’s what a mother is!”
I still remember once I had no pocket money and I just bought my mother a picked rose from our garden. She kept it in the vase till it dried and then saved it in the book. She still has it. That’s one moment I will never forget. 
So, that’s why Mother’s Day is so special for me. 
This Mother’s Day show some emotions and tell your lovely mom how special she means to you, with this
cute greeting card that is one of a kind. To make this you will need:
  • Stocking net purple and rose colored (or your choice)
  • Wire
  • Nylon thread
  • Plier
  • Scissors
  • Constructive rings
  • Double sided paper or transparent tape
  • Glue
  • Glass stones
  • Stickers
  • Crayons
  • Drawing paper
For more information about the material click here.

  • Make petals following the instructions from the post Basic Nylon Flower
  • Cut the card paper to the size you want for your greetings. Now stick the double-sided tape on the card where you want to form the flower. Stick the ends of the petals above the tape to form the motive. Tape the ends of the petal over. Glue the stone and hold it for a while so that it sticks strong. You can also use small amount of gorilla glue for this purpose.
  • Here I have used a vibrant color like bright yellow and formed a pink and purple alternate petals flower
  • Stay purple and form border for your message. Use a double color paper for example this one is pink on the back. Perfect for a personalized baby girl greetings. Isn’t it cute?

  •  Or form a pink adorable flower for your lovely mother.

  • Be bold and try an opposite color like blue and make a butterfly

  • Instead of presenting a card, we can also frame this piece of art in a shadow box.  It will look lovely. This will also look unique in girls and craft room decors. 

I hope you like the idea. Let me know your thoughts and ideas on Mother’s day.

Till Next Time

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