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Make DIY Acorn Crafts for Decorating

Make DIY acorn crafts for decorating…


I love how nature brings beautiful things to us in the form of seasons. Each season has its own charm. But of all the seasons, Fall (Autumn) is different. It brings to us unique leaves, pinecones, acorns and various variety of twigs/ sticks. We have a stunning valley near our home. And it’s my little boy’s favorite place. Apart from other things he does there, he loves exploring all the seasons there.


I love going with him on nature exploration. And he loves to talk about the changes in Fall (Autumn)!

Today we went searching for pinecones and acorns.


And I thought why not share some ideas to make DIY acorn crafts for decorating home.

There are also ideas apart from decorating that are fun to try with acorns.


These are the best acorn crafts I have found:


Make DIY Acorn Crafts


make diy acorn crafts


These 25 ways to use acorns for decorating comprises of ideas to make acorn wreaths, acorn art, acorn ornaments, acorn napkin rings, acorn vase, acorn flowers and more. Even ideas on how to clean acorns? And how to paint acorns?



DIY acorn art

Make a stunning DIY Fall Art using wood slice, pinecones and acorns.

unknown source


make acorn box holders


Reinvent ordinary boxes by using acorns as knobs.


DIY acorn candle holder

Make a candle holder by gluing acorns on a ring.

via BHG



I love these acorn cap floating candles.

via Etsy


DIY acorn crafts make a fall shadowbox

An easy and simple idea is to make a specimen art with wooden acorns.

Fall DIY acorn craft


make acorn flower vase

Make DIY  acorn flowers with wire.


make DIY acorn napkin holder

Napkin ring made with acorns. I love the idea to replace acorn body with a pearl.


make DIY acorn napkin rings

Make felt acorn napkin rings. These are amazing!

Autumn Acorn Napkin Rings


acorn picture frame

Make DIY acorn photo frame by gluing acorn heads on the frame.


acorn rings
acorn toadstools kids crafts

DIY toadstool made from acorn. I’m thinking acorn mushrooms will look cute too!


acorn vase fillers decorating

Decorating for Fall/Autumn with acorns and pillar candles.

via Pottery Barn


DIY acorn wreath natural
DIY acorn ornaments Christmas
diy acorn mirror

DIY Acorn Statement Mirror


diy acorn necklace
diy acorn wreath
diy fabric acorns
diy neon acorn magnets

Make DIY magnets with neon painted acorns and wood slices.


diy felt acorn tutorial

Super easy felt acorn tutorial. I think felted acorns can also be made with pom poms.


glittered acorn wreath

Glittered acorn wreath made by gluing acorns together in a circle. I love the bow on top!


make acorn vase

DIY Acorn Vase recycled by gluing acorns onto a plastic container.


painted acorn crafts

I love these DIY pumpkins crafted from acorns.

DIY painted pumpkin acorns


how to paint acorns

A tutorial on how to clean, roast and paint acorns?

Acorn tutorial


make diy pinecone acorn

Make DIY acorns from pinecones.

Pinecone Acorn Craft


make DIY acorn crafts votive tutorial

I love this Fall decoration idea using acorns as mason jar fillers!

Make DIY acorn mason jar votives


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7 responses to “Make DIY Acorn Crafts for Decorating”

  1. Kelley says:

    These are such cute ideas! Pinned for sure!

  2. Now, if I only had some acorns…
    Too many cute ideas! wow 🙂

  3. Tricia says:

    What adorable ideas! I’m so glad I found your site. My son and I just found a bunch of acorns this morning. I can’t wait to start crafting with them.

  4. it’s a beautiful ideas! Thank you!

  5. Carol Woodward says:

    I picked up alot of acorns. Thanks for the ideas!

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Make DIY Acorn Crafts for Decorating

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