Build with brothers started in January 2020. Build with brothers is the brand under craftionary created by Hani and run by her two sons. Abbas and Ali love to create amazing projects with lego, magnetic tiles, pattern blocks, and tangrams. They enjoy all sorts of engineering toys and science activities as well.

The boys love to makes amazing projects on the weekend and are super excited to share their video on their YouTube channel and have it written by their mom to be published here at Craftionary.

Build with brothers

Since, craftionary is about crafting everything handmade and homemade for home, garden and kids; it was easier to welcome the kids into the brand’s umbrella. I started craftionary when they were just babies and I am super excited to have them onboard and show to the world that creativity is not limited to girls only. Boys are equally creative and love to arts and crafts.

You will find them involved in making fun little projects and designing little figures using lego. They also love to create beautiful scenes with pattern blocks and use their imagination to bring tangrams to life. They also enjoy playing video games and minecraft is what fascinates them. They have been busy building their farm. What I really love is their amazing house which is surrounded by water stream. Wow!

Lately, my older one has started building engineering toys by Meccano. He is working on it and would be sharing updates soon. I hope you enjoy their crafts and activities for kids as these are kids crafts by kids for kids.