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Floating boat kids science experiment (Stem Activity)


Floating boat kids science experiment is a stem based activity for Kindergarten and Montessori children. Kids get the opportunity to learn about the floating characteristics of a boat using coins or pennies. I am sharing various materials we used to make the boat float with coins and how to make paper boat, Lego boat and […]

DIY Shadow show for kids (Build projector at home)


We love simple ideas for kids that build remarkable memories. Today, I am sharing DIY shadow show for kids that requires you to build projector at home. This idea is almost a no brainer and you don’t even need a tutorial for it.   But don’t forget to see the shadow show our kids have […]

Lego helicopter building instructions for kids


As promised earlier, today we are sharing Lego helicopter building instructions for kids. These lego instructions include written information regarding Lego bricks, tiles and plates that you require to complete this Lego project. It also includes video tutorial that guides you through step-by-step procedure as Abbas makes the helicopter. This kid made project will encourage […]

Lego plane building instructions plus Lego CN Tower


Building with LEGO® bricks is so much fun. Our boys love to create fun and interactive LEGO® projects. They create their own LEGO® version of things and play imaginary with it. Today I am sharing Lego plane building instructions. The LEGO® planes are made by a five year old who loves to make paper planes […]

Spring tangrams for kids – wooden puzzle ideas


Spring is here and so is all the excitement that comes with it. To us, spring means the arrival of all beautiful and colorful things. The flowers start to bloom, butterflies fly around, the birds are chirping, the days are bright and the nights are starry. The ducks and rabbits start showing up in the […]

How to make bleyblade spinner from scratch using LEGO


Making bleyblade spinner from scratch using Lego is easy and fun. The best beyblades are the ones that are tested for bleyblade burst challenge. A fun activity where the best one wins as it spins till the end. The one that stops spinning loses the game. My boys love building things, today they are sharing […]

Boat activities – Math manipulatives in science


Boat activities – Math manipulatives in science Boat activities use math manipulatives like pattern blocks. It teaches kids about number patterns using imagination. It also introduces fun science concepts through play. This weekend, our boys made ocean scenes utilizing the theme ‘Row, row, row your boat’. They each have their own ideas and therefore, we […]

LEGO beyblades make with Lego at home | Let it rip!


LEGO beyblades make with Lego at home | Let it rip! Lego beyblades or lego bleyblades? I would like to know what you call them? In our home, we have a debate going on about which term to use and our two boys like to stick with their own one. So, we have a beyblade […]

Best flower patterns | Stem activity for kids

Getting creative with geometric patterns and beautiful colors to make flower patterns is an excellent stem activity. It boosts the imagination and enhances their ability to use shapes into making various objects using brain coordination. Ali started using these wooden patterns when he was in preschool. He still enjoys playing with these as a kindergartner. […]

Tangram Train – Tangram Puzzles for kids

Learn how to make a Tangram Train. Easy tangram puzzles help kids learn by play. Tangrams have been used for educational purposes in Montessori and kindergarten for a long time to train children to create geometric shapes using their imagination and ideas. Enjoy this fun project made by a kindergartner. I would like to share […]