Creative uses for pegboards that will excite you

Creative uses for pegboards


Uses for pegboards at



With great varieties from wooden pegboards to steel pegboards (metal pegboards) and innovative organization accessories DIY pegboards are not limited to handyman only. You can organize your craft space (office area) with the help of some peg board installation ideas. Kitchen walls can be enhanced with a pegboard which is ideal for organizing a small space. You can also design your garage storage area with pegboards. Here are some uses for pegboards that will inspire your decoration and organization ideas seeking soul with creativity. These ideas include use of pegboard in gift wrapping, kitchen, office, craft room, baby nursery, decorating rooms, wall art, jewelry displays, kids activities, garage and so much more.


Uses for pegboards


Uses for pegboards



DIY Pegboards


cross stitch pegboard


Painted cross stitch pegboard


pegboard workspace wall 


Pegboard Workspace Wall 


pegboard accessory organizer 

DIY Pegboard Jewelry Holder


pegboard gift wrapping station


PegBoard Gift Wrapping Station


pegboard display rack DIY 


Peg Board Display Rack 


DIY peg board ideas 

How To Install a Pegboard 


DIY peg board 


Make your own peg board 


DIY pegboard Headboard


How To Make Pegboard Headboard 


Peg board organizer DIY


DIY Peg Board Accessory Organizer Board 


peg board office organizer DIY


Peg Board Photo Display


pegboard diy ideas


DIY Pegboard Wall in Potting Shed


DIY omber pegboard


DIY Omber Pegboard 


pegboard gerage storage DIY


DIY Pegboard Garage Storage


pegboard shelving system


How to make pegboard shelves


PegBoard Installation DIY


Peg Board Installation


Gerage storage pegboards


DIY Pegboard for Tools 


water wall peg board 


Peg Board For Kids


rainbow pegboard project runway


Colorful Pegboard DIY


pegboard organizing


Craft room organization with pegboards


kitchen wall pegboard DIY


Kitchen Wall Pegboard Storage

Great idea for space saving storage solutions for small homes.


cross stitch peg board DIY art 


Cross Stitch Peg Board


office and crafts closet pegboard


Craft Closet DIY Pegboard



pegboard organizing ideas


Kids Art Station (upcycled)


pegboard ideas


Pegboard Gallery Wall


Geo board from pegboard


Geo Whiz Board


nightstand pegboard idea


Night Stand Storage Idea


changing station pegboard


Nursery Storage with Pegboard


 I hope you liked these pegboard storage and organizing ideas.  Peg boards are very helpful for small spaces and crowded areas. They can be decorated and used in almost any space indoor or outdoor to keeps things in proper order and avoid clutter.


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