Make Stocking Flowers (Girly tutorial)

One thing while working with wires to make stocking flowers I learnt! Is that you can make any flowers  Being make with wire and thread, these flowers are very strong  They do not break easily  And therefore they last forever


I am sharing a tutorial on making Hibiscus using nylon (stocking net) today!


Nylon flowers (stocking flowers)  Both the appropriate terms used for the same handmade flowers

However, they were very popular in 70s  They are no longer crafted like crazy

Since flowers are not used to decorate spaces like before  I still see nylon butterflies and fairy wings are quite popular

I would love to see these flowers come back, may be with a modern touch  Who knows!


Let’s get started with the tutorial to make these flowers

They are pretty cool girly girl flowers


stocking flowers
Are you loving the curly petals of the flowers above! They are really easy to make

Make Stocking Flowers


  • Ring size (5) (or circle with diameter 5)
  • Dark yellow stocking net
  • Floral tape
  • Nylon thread
  • Stem wire
  • Wire
  • Plier
  • Red Stamen


You can find all you want to know about Nylon Material, here!


stocking flowers


Make It:


Coil the wire around a pencil tightly  And then uncoil it by stretching both the ends of the wire using pliers

Stretch until you are satisfied with the waves  This will help you determine how much wavy you want your petals?

Now wind the wire around ring size 5 (or any round thing with diameter 5)  Twist and cut to make structure of petals  You will need 5 petals for each Hibiscus  And stamens to make the center part


handmade girly flowers


Thread stamens on stem in any colors you like  (I chose red and yellow) Roll and glue a scrap of nylon around the stem

This will hide the stamen ends  This will make the bud (or the center) of our flower


girly nylon flowers


Now thread each petal tightly  And continue till the flower is complete


If the above instructions were not clear! Follow the tutorial to make basic nylon flowers


handmade flowers


Once you have threaded all petals  Now open the petals to shape the flower


I think these flowers will be adorable for decorating a baby girl’s nursery

Or use them as embellishments  On a girl’s shoes, headbands, hair clips and so much more

These are great for spring decorating as well  Make flower wreath or garland


{Handmade flowers}


For more beautiful flowers made using Stocking  Check out the link below:


stocking flowers

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