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Winter Storage Solutions and Organization Ideas that make life easy

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 Winter storage solutions and organization ideas that make life easy. Winter storage solution and organization ideas will help you prepare your entryway, mudroom and garage for cold weather.


Reduce the mess created by frosted outdoors and icy walkways. Utilize unused space to create a mudroom in small spaces. When it is time for the flowers to bloom these storage ideas will make spring cleaning easy. Storing ideas for the winter collection of sweaters, boots, jackets, mittens, scarves, caps, snow pants and more.



Winter storage solutions and organization ideas

The winter storage solution are categorized and sub-categorized for your convenience as follows:

  • Winter storage solution – DIY bench
  • Hidden boot storage in entry bench
  • How to build an entryway bench?
  • How to build a storage bench?
  • Hidden storage solutions
  • Sliding storage system on ceiling
  • The coat closet
  • Under the bed storage system
  • Winter organization ideas
  • Outwear organization solution
  • DIY coat rack entryway organization
  • Snow gear organizer
  • Winter accessories organizer
  • Upcycled hat and glove organizer
  • DIY ladder wardrobe
  • Mudroom winter storage solution
  • Simple entryway storage solution
  • Entryway organizer
  • Simple DIY Garage Mudroom
  • Built-in mudroom
  • Easy upcycled yardstick mitten holder
  • Winter shoe organizer
  • Shoe organization easy shoe storage project
  • Shoe peg organization
  • DIY drawers into wall storage
  • DIY crate boot rack shoe organizer
  • Make DIY boot rack
  • Built-in under the stairs shoe storage
  • Skates and skis storage solution
  • Winter drip tray solutions
  • DIY boot drip tray
  • DIY tray for snowy muddy snow boots
  • Scarf, mitten and hat winter storage solutions
  • DIY winter gear organizer
  • Winter gear storage solution




Winter Storage Tips

Before we start let me share some useful winter storage tips:

  • Best places to find winter storage organizers and solutions at convenience and good price are amazon, walmart, dollar store and IKEA.
  • The ideas shared below are great to make storage spaces in the attic and basement as well.
  • Open shelving and use of bins (plastic bins, woven bins or wooden bins for instance) works best for family and closet space.
  • Use lavender sachets to keep your space feel fresh.
  • Next winter store winter clothes in vacuum bags. This will also keep them safe from moisture and humidity.
  • Use acid-free tissue paper to fold and store delicate winter wear.
  • Make use of garment bags instead of dry cleaner bags.


1. Winter Storage Solutions – DIY Bench

Hidden Boot Storage in Entryway

Store and organize winter wears also.


How To Build An Entryway Bench

To keep your entryway clean and organized use cubbies and hooks via house updated.


How To Build A Storage Bench

You can also store away your winter gear in bench via not just a housewife.

2. Hidden Winter Storage Solutions

Sliding Storage System On Ceiling

Make use of your garage ceiling to store away all your winter stuff via family handyman. Also make sure to label the plastic storage bins.


The Coat Closet

You can organize and store your seasonal clothes, coats, snow pants, winter garments and cold weather accessories in a decent manner.


Under The Bed Storage System

You can optimize your bedroom storage space by making drawers. These drawers can be placed under the bed to store away your winter gear via martha stewart.


3. Winter Organization Ideas

Outerwear Organization Solution

You can make your entryway look grand with a statement coat rack.


DIY Coat Rack Entryway Organization

Organize your coats and scarves in your entryway via polished habitat.


Snow Gear Organizer

A board with hooks and baskets to store winter gears.


Winter Accessory Organizer

Organize your coats and mufflers.


Upcycled Hat and Glove Organizer

Create a mud room or entryway storage center via projectophile.


DIY Ladder Wardrobe

An elegant way to reorganize your entryway for Winter. This will work perfect for farmhouse style home or rustic decor.


4. Mud room Winter Storage

Simple Entryway Storage Solution

Organize your entryway with storage bins, baskets and buckets this winter via sycamore blog.


Entryway Organizer Winter Storage Space

Wire racks and hooks to create a family command station.


Simple DIY Garage Mudroom

Rearrange your garage with easy steps via simply organized.


Built-In Mudroom Winter Storage

Utilize the narrow space to build a mud room via the creativity exchange.

Easy Upcycled Yardstick Mitten Holder

Make this easy mitten holder with clothespin and yardstick.


5. Winter Shoe Organizer

Shoe Organization – Easy shoe storage project

Make shoe pegs organizer to organize your shoes at the entrance of your house via sawdust girl.



DIY Drawers into wall storage

Transform your entryway into a shoe storage.


DIY Crate Boot Rack Shoe Organizer

Create your own mudroom in your cozy little home via infarrantly creative.


Make DIY Boot Rack

Organize your winter snowboot without a mess. Use cloth rack to dry winter boots.



Built-in under the stairs shoe storage

Make a sturdy and professional storage under the stairs and make your life easy.


Skates and skis winter storage solution

Organize winter gears, sporting gear and supplies in garage for convenience.


6. Winter Drip Tray Solutions

DIY Boot Drip Tray Winter Storage Solution

Keep your entryway organized with movable boot tray. Install casters to your drip tray.


Drip Tray For Snowy/Muddy Snow Boots

Make your very own drip tray to keep the mess out of the house with pebbles and plastic tray.


7. Scarf, mitten and hat winter storage solutions

DIY winter gear organizer

I love this over the door organizer that can be used for multiple purposes.



Winter gear storage solution

This idea to use IKEA curtain rods with rail hooks is simple. Organize scarfs, hats, mittens, gloves and leg warmers for each family member on the budget.



I hope you enjoyed these ideas. Some links were unknown.


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  1. I always seem to not have enough space for storage, so these were very beneficial! I particularly liked the “sliding storage system on ceiling”, I think my husband will be able to help me install that! If all else fails, I can always have a storage unit though! Thanks for these tips!

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