20 Valentines Day Photo Ideas for Family and Kids

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Valentines day photo ideas (photography, photo session, photo shoot, pictures, posing) are all appropriate terms for snapping memorable photos. In search of some cute valentines day family photo ideas, I found these 20 best valentines day photography ideas. These are cute and adorable photo ideas for valentines day kids and babies photos. These creative photo ideas are not only limited to professional photography. But anyone can create these fantastic backgrounds for self-photography.

There are beautiful photography ideas using props. Anything can be used as a photo prop. Whether big or small. A few ideas I adore are using smaller props such as balloons, confetti, umbrella, streamers and letters. And slightly bigger scaled ideas like backdrops, cupid arrows, angel wings and photo booth. Photo props are the easiest to make and use to make a photo unique. There are many printable photo props available on the internet as well.

Valentines Day Photo Ideas

valentines day photo ideas

Kids Photo Ideasvalentines day photo shootValentines day photo shoot.

This will make great gift for dad and grandparents.

Heart shaped rings these make beautiful photo props and loop them to make garlands.

valentine kids posing ideas

I love this cheerful and simple red photo idea.

Valentine kids posing idea


kisses booth valentine

Cute kisses booth made with wooden boards.

Kisses booth photo idea


hearts ponytails photo idea

I love how creative this hearts ponytail photo is!

Hearts photo idea


falling hearts valentines day

Another fun and cheerful idea using umbrella and strings of hearts.

It looks like hearts falling from the sky!

Falling hearts photo idea


cute valentines day photo

Adorable siblings photo idea at home. Extremely easy to do using balloons, marquee letters and box.

Love is in the air.

Siblings photo idea


cute heart kids photo

Valentines day hearts photo.


Baby Photo Ideas


valentines day photos

Sew paper circles to make background strings and love blocks for this cute photo.

Baby photo idea


valentines day kids photo

Adorable display created using ribbons, wooden blocks, candies and red chair.

Valentines day kids photo


valentines day cupid photo

Cute cupid photo


love baby photo idea

Love newborn photo idea.


kisses boy photo idea

Kisses boy photo idea.

Covered in kisses little man photo idea.


baby covered in kisses

Covered in kisses adorable baby photo idea.

Happy Valentines day


cupid baby photo

Cute baby cupid photography.

via vbh photography


crochet valentines day baby

Crochet heart baby photo shoot


balloons parachute photography

Parachute Baby Photo.

A cute parachute created using balloons and baskets.


Family Photo Ideas


blowing kisses hearts photo idea

Blowing kisses photo idea.

This is a great idea. Simply stick some paper or foam hearts on the wall. And blow kisses!


blowing confetti photo idea

Blowing confetti photography.

A very simple and sweet idea for everyone.


goofy family photo idea valentines day

Funny valentines day photo idea for family.

Goofy family photo


orton heart photo idea

Sunset photo idea

Photo using props like heart at sunset.


diy bokeh photography

Additionally a fun photography trick.

And last but not the least an amazing photography technique for valentines day photos.

Use paper cut various shapes like heart, stars, circles and more.

DIY Bokeh Photography


Some of the original sources to these great photo ideas were missing.

If you know the right people to be credited, please leave a comment.


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