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25 Valentines Day Wreaths (DIY Tutorials)

Making wreaths to celebrate an occasion is wonderful. It looks all decorative and full of love, warmth and affection.

How about making a cute valentines day wreath to celebrate this holiday of love!

There are lots of great ideas to decorate valentines day wreaths.

Most of these are easy to whip up in just minutes. But some require more time.


25 Valentines Day Wreaths


valentines day wreaths


Wreaths are so creative. You can use almost anything to make beautiful wreaths.

Like tulle, ribbon, sequins, felt, fabric, paper, wood, flowers and so much more.

Today’s post contains some of the creative wreaths incorporating these materials.


Lovely wreath ideas


bouquet valentines day wreath

A cute tulips bouquet wreath with bow for hanging.

DIY bouquet wreath via Etsy.


cupcake liner wreath

Use cupcake liner to make a cute and festive wreath.

Valentines day cupcake liner wreath


cupids arrow wreath

A sequined heart wreath with cupid’s arrow.

DIY Heart wreath


diy valentines day wreath

Elegant pink and white wreath with buttons and paper flowers.

DIY valentine wreath.

unknown source


family photos wreath

My most favorite valentines day wreath idea. A circular family photos wreath made with cardstock and ribbon.

Family photos wreath


felt heart wreath

Make a heart foam wreath with pins and circles of felt.

DIY felt heart wreath


heart succulent wreath

Another personal favorite of mine.

Succulent heart wreath


valentines day wreaths heart tutorial
hearts polka dot fabric wreath

I am loving the hearts fabric and cute bow.

Valentines day wreath


ornaments wreath

Utilize ornaments from Christmas into making this sparkling wreath.

Valentines day ornaments wreath


valentines day wreaths paper straw wreath
valentines day wreaths ribbon wreath
valentines day wreaths
pom pom heart valentines day wreaths
ribbon valentines day wreath
rosettes xo wreath

Another cute wreath made with circles of burlap pinned onto the foam. And rosettes glued onto the letters “xo”.

DIY XO Wreath


rosettes valentine wreath
tulle valentine wreath

Tulle ‘be mine’ wreath.

unknown source


valentine door wreath

Valentines day wreath via Etsy.


valentine hearts wreath
valentines day burlap wreath

Burlap DIY wreath via Etsy.


valentines day wreath tutorial
valentines day valentines wreath
wooden love heart wreath
DIY xo wreath tutorial

DIY Creative letters wreath.

unknown source


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25 Valentines Day Wreaths (DIY Tutorials)

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