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Toddlers Sports Theme Party (11 Great Games for Kids)

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Toddlers sports theme party with 11 Great games.

One of the things about living far from family is missing out on the big events. So, this year when I visited my family, we decided to throw a party celebrating his 18 months. We came up with the sports theme, because of the little guys energetic personality.


Toddlers Sports Theme Party

toddlers sports theme party


Sometimes the simple joys of life are “All that we need”. Like a party that is “Just For Fun” and has no one sitting but running, jumping and dancing around.


My son like all other boys is the kind who loves to play especially outdoors. He loves all sorts of games we can play outdoor. Even a walk “which actually is more running and less walking” in the nearest park makes him feel like he has the best parents in this whole wide world.


Let’s get started with a few Toddlers Sports Theme Party ideas:


Sports theme Cupcakes

toddlers sports theme party


Cupcake Toppers


I cut circles of paper and used stars to decorate them. The 18 (which describes his 18 months celebration) was written with pen. And glitter beads were glued below the number.

Finally a toothpick was glued between two circles. I left the circles to dry overnight pressed under heavy books.


toddlers sports theme party 2


The cupcake toppers were used as sandwich toppers.


Toddlers Sports Theme Party


and Pizza Toppers.

Glued antennas (glitter stamens) on the top. And taped crepe paper around the number.

The circles were assembled as above.


Cupcake Stand

DIY cupcake stand tutorial


The world’s most simplest and quickest “cupcake stand” made at no cost.

You can read all about it and a few more great ways to make tiered trays HERE.


toddlers sports theme party


Here’s a display of cupcakes on the stand. A few taken already!
We also placed “unblowable candles” on each cupcake. It was So Much fun watching everyone trying to blow it off.


Toddlers Sports Theme Party


I also painted a simple glass vase using lead liner and glass paints to make it match the party.

This was made to hold the “Party blowers”. Tutorial HERE!


Toddlers Sports Theme Party


And finally a simple basket fancied with beads and party wire to hold game acts.


toddlers sports theme party


Since I do not have party pictures to share as I was busy managing and most of the event was video taped.


Great Party Games for Kids and Toddlers

best kids party games ever


Here are the PARTY GAMES that we played


These games are SURE to make yours kids/toddlers have the best time!


fun party games for kids


1) Musical Chairs


(This game has a lot of versions)


First (Good for All)


Place a number of chairs in circle with their backs to each other. The number should be one less than the number of people playing in the game.

Ask the players to stand in a circle around the chairs before the music begins. Once the music starts, they should move in a line around the chairs.

Stop the music. All players must try to take the seat closest to them. The player left without a chair is eliminated and one chair is removed from the circle after the remaining players stand up.

Continue till the last person sitting in this game. Award that person.


Second (Fun for kids)


Play the chair-less version of this game known as Musical Bumps. In this game, players sit on the ground as quickly as possible when the music ends. The last player to sit is eliminated from the competition.


Third (Fun for kids)


Try Musical Statues if you prefer to stand. In this version of the game, players must maintain their pose when the music stops until the music begins again. Any player who moves while the music is stopped is eliminated from the game.


Fourth (For older kids and adults)


Put colored circles on the ground in place of chairs and have the players stand in the middle of only certain colors as they are called to increase the difficulty of this game.

(Have fun acts written on a paper and have them in a basket for the left person to pick. This is very entertaining)


2) Treasure Hunt


Hide various items and have the toddlers search for them. Also, give the toddlers an opportunity to hide the items and let the adults look for them.


3) Donkey Tail


Have the kids Pin the tail on the Donkey. Here is a free printable donkey and tail in colored and black/white version.


4) What’s in the basket (a memory game)

For a little older kids


Set different things in a basket, you can sort them up color wise, or just a collection of random stuff. Have each kid alone with you in the room, show them the basket full of random things and clock it. When the time is over, hide the basket away! Now ask them what it contained. The one who recalls the most wins.

Have the kids watch cartoon or play music so that they can have fun waiting for their turns.


5) Passing parcel or pillow


For this toddler party game, you will need to buy two or three little (toys) presents and wrap them up to the number of kids playing this game. Write an act on each wrap. Also have music on hand. Then seat the kids in a circle and have them pass around the presents while the music is playing. When the music stops have that child rip open the present and do whatever is written. Keep it going around the circle till the present is opened. Whoever opens the present all the way gets that prize. You can even have two presents going around at the same time.


(For this game, you can also safe time playing passing the pillow. Instead of wrapping the parcel you can write acts on paper and put them in a basket. Shuffle them and let the person pick)



6) Guess who Am I


Indoor- Equipment: None

A toddler party game for the 3-4 year old. Think up in advance some characters or animals. With the kids all seated at your feet you then start to silently act out one of the characters or animals. Gradually you introduce some noises and the children then have to guess who or what you are. For example if you were a cat you could run around on all fours, play with a ball or imaginary mouse and then meow.


7) Pair them up


Indoor- Equipment: Pairs of objects, clothing

For the 2-3 year old restrict this toddler party game to one room but for the older children you could spread out a bit. In advance, collect pairs of a number of items such as socks, spoons, pencils, hair slides, toy cars or whatever you can think of. Place one of the pair of each object into paper bags or boxes equal to the number of kids that there are. The kids don’t all have to have the same items and some you could repeat and allow 5 or 6 items per child. Hide the other halves of the pairs around the room(s). Issue each child with a bag or box and get them to go on a hunt for their matching halves. First to get a complete collection wins.


8) Cat and Mouse


Indoor- Equipment: Music

This toddler party game is rather like musical statues. Put on some music and the kids have to squeak and scuttle about like mice. The moment the music stops, the kids must be as still and as ‘quiet as a mouse’. Anyone seen moving or making a noise is caught by the mouse (you) and is out of the game.



9) Bowling Ball

You can use those plastic bowling toy set or arrange some plastic bottles upright in a row and have your toddlers roll the balls to hit the targets. Toddlers enjoy seeing their targets drop and they can continue until they get tired of it.


Toddlers Sports Theme Party


10) Bubble Blowing

Have the adults blow the bubbles while the toddlers chase after them, trying to catch or pop them.
Also, be sure to give the toddlers opportunities to blow the bubbles too.


11) Tell me about the picture

Show everyone a picture of an object and ask them questions that pertain to that item. For example, a ball might have these questions:
Is in this picture?
Can you do with a ball?
Color is it?
Shape is the ball?

12) Sack Race

Get the kids into the sacks and make them race to the finish line, hopping all their way.

Here’s my little guy collecting the party poppers from the floor and putting them back inside, when the party was over.



It was a fun toddlers sports theme party.

Toddlers Sports Theme Party

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