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1st Birthday- Race car theme

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I can not believe my baby boy turned a year old a few months back. I know! don’t be mad, I seriously wanted to share this happy moment with you but something always came up. Long story short I thought it’s better late than never.
He is the 1st baby in our family so everyone was super excited. But for us, our extended family does not live in US and we moved here only a year ago from Canada so we hardly knew any one.
But we did manage to have a small party with friends to celebrate this serene moment. 🙂
Though it was a small party, I wanted it to be special and memorable. So, I did all I could on a short notice, staying awake at nights (after all that’s what mother’s are prone to do 🙂 ) as we had cancelled and re-planned his birthday many times…
I made this Signature Frame
A very easy project. Bought all the supplies (the frame, the writing board and the cake stickers) from Michaels. I had to cut and resize the board to the frame’s size.
These candle stickers are so cute, aren’t they?
You can also make these yourself using scraps of paper
I had this idea to share the beautiful memories we have with our baby boy.
So, I had a few things in mind

  • A birthday poem
  • A collage
  • A video (I could not successfully make one on time)
  • and the birthday bunting
So, here goes
A Birthday Poem
This simple idea came to me randomly because I love quotes and poems as you can tell from my Mother’s Day idea 
You can find this amazing collection at Michaels again. Simple take a pattern paper of your choice, arrange and stick them over
If you are into scrap-booking you can definitely make amazing stuff like this
I love this cradle
Next I took another contrasting piece of paper and wrote this beautiful poem over it and stick it inside the card. Want to print one for your baby, get a free printable here
There you have a special timeless gift for your baby (you can later use it for his room decoration or his memory book)
First Year Baby Collage
I still have to bring a white frame for this collage to complete the look. But for while it’s a thick drawing paper (yellow to match his race car) with black and white ribbon on the sides. I used double sided tape to stick the ribbon to the paper
I then stick the pictures of different milestones he crossed in his first year and decorated it with stickers, colorful writing, smiley faces and messages.
Baby shower gift boxes sticker
and finally his initial on the top of the collage, simply a painted wooden letter.
To make this car-shaped bunting. I sketched and cut a paper and used it as my stencil
Using an exacto knife I cut out letters and black circles to make wheels
Then I simply folded the top with thread inside and glued it to make the bunting.
In the same way I made the “Happy Birthday” bunting with alternate big and small cars
I am kind of enjoying this vintage look these days.
I used these cards for invitation and decorating the rest of the room
and cut some car shaped veggies like green pepper and carrots for food presentation (sorry guys I really don’t have those pictures, I wish I was not that busy serving)
We had a great time!

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  1. Suzana says:

    Happy birthday! Amazing story!

  2. Ashley says:

    darling. love everything:)

  3. Plateful says:

    Everything's awesome…I mean, EVERYTHING! Your baby's so lucky…mashaAllah! God bless.

    Btw, Happy Belated Birthday, Abbas!

  4. Houses Built of Cards says:

    Looks like a very special party!!! I'm sure you will always remember this milestone!!! Thanks for linking up with Patches of Pink!

    [email protected]

  5. CREATIVE MIND says:

    Ohh..congrats my dear,your kido is awesome,wish him good luck & success..

  6. Michelle says:

    How fun! I love the little bunting. Thanks for linking up with DIY under $5!

  7. LambAround says:

    You did a wonderful job! Happy birthday, Abbas! 🙂

  8. 989803139301 says:

    Happy birthday! Nice buntings! Love it!

  9. Mindie Hilton says:

    What a cute cake. I am in charge of the b-day cakes around my house.

    I would love for you to link it up to my party that is running now. Any linky goes.

    Come strut your stuff.

  10. Emreen says:

    Love the cute bunting you have made… Thanks for sharing these ideas !!

  11. Walking by Faith says:

    Awww, such cute ideas! My baby girl is turning a year old next month, and as I'm now in the process of making everything I can for her special day, I absolutely loved looking through some of the things you did for your sweet boy. Thanks so much for sharing! 🙂

  12. Anonymous says:

    it look unusual, i like it so much and i love your exclusive ideas, thank you 🙂

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