Nylon flower daisy (flower tutorial with full instructions)

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Nylon flower daisy and other stockings flowers have instructions to make nylon flowers. Make stockings flowers or making nylon flowers with nylon flowers tutorial and nylon flowers images makes it easy. Stocking flowers making using stocking flowers material and flowers instructions.

These are all the terms that are relevant to making these flowers. And the collection of tutorials found at craftionary. In this post I am sharing a tutorial to make nylon flower, daisy.

Before we get started, check out this image:

Make nylon flower daisy

Daisy is a low-glowing plant widely found in Asia and Europe. Usually, daisies have a bright yellow centre with pink or white petals. The word “Daisy” is a contraction of the phrase “Day’s Eyes”, as it closes every night and then again opens in the morning, like an eye opening to greet the new day.
There are about 20,000 varieties of daisies and they make almost 10% of the flowing plants.
These amazing flowers are very easy to make using nylon net. Let’s get started with the tutorial:

Nylon flower daisy

  • Rings sizes (3) and (4) {use circles of diameters 3 and 4}
  • Stocking net in various colors
  • Daisy bud {you can make you own by sprinkling and gluing tea over a plastic or paper and painting it over}
  • Floral tape
  • Nylon thread
  • Wire and stem wire
  • Plier and scissors
For complete information about the material and it’s use see NYLON MATERIAL.

Nylon flower daisy

  •  Wind the wire around the ring, twist at the end and cut the remaining using the plier. Wrap nylon over it, thread and cut the excess. Stretch the circle to give the petals a ray-shape. You will need 11 petals of ring size (3) and 13 petals of ring size (4) for each daisy. Leave a longer wire at the end to thread on the stem wire accurately.
  • Follow step-by-step instructions for making each petal in the basic flower tutorial.
  • When all the petals are ready. Start threading each petal on the stem wire, below the bud. Keep shaping and securing the petals in position tightly as you go threading all of them.
  •  When your done threading all the petals, wrap floral tape around the stem to hide the wire and thread. Make leaves and attach to the flower.
  • You can also glue the petals inside the bud following the technique used in making the Nylon Sunflower.
 The daisies are ready to brighten up your summers and greet you everyday.
Hope you enjoyed the tutorial
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Nylon flower daisy

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  2. Farah Muzaffar says:

    Hello Hani… your flowers look very beautiful, so colour ful and delicate… Daisey in real is on of my favourite flower… And yes your blog new appearance is also great…It looks so nice and light…http://craftaworld.blogspot.com/LoveFarah

  3. HANI says:

    thanks.. 🙂

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    lovely crafts

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    you have done a great work your flower looking so nice and attractive please keep it up.
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  7. Nela says:

    This is a cute and fun tutorial.. I love working with nylon!! I tried one and it came out so cute… Thank you so much for sharing this :o)

  8. Alice says:

    I have made fairy wings. but I was wondering were I can get the nylon fabric to make the flowers. When I made the wings I use a pair of white nylons. Can you help me on this?

    1. Hani Shabbir says:

      Hi, I usually buy my material online. You can find good deals on Amazon and eBay. If you think shipping is expensive, you can dye white nylon to any color you prefer. Hope this helps!

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